But Baby it’s Cold Outside

Originally posted February 3, 2008

  Things got back to normal this week.  We started it off celebrating Ann’s birthday (is 40 really that close??)  : )   We had a simple party with cake, presents and euchre…I ask you – what more is there in life? 

…Unfortunately, Lukey snatched off a heart and a “Y” from the cake before we could get the picture snapped.  Abby baked the cake all by herself (under Grandma’s watchful eye) and made the icing and did everything except take it out of the oven.  Grandma was quite proud of Abby’s abilities and we all enjoyed the fruits of her labor!  : )  Thanks again Bu; it was really yummy!

snowwheels2 snowwheels2

  The weather was really funky this week.  We had tornadoes on Tuesday and ended up at WTRE with Gigi when the sirens started going off.  Tom and Matt hit the Greensburg airwaves, aiding Sandy with the emergency broadcast around 8 pm.  The winds got so bad that it actually ripped the cover off our pool, taking with it 5 of the posts that held it in place and putting a really nasty bend in it on one side.


  In this picture, you can also see a few of the new homes that have gone up in the field behind the house.  There are currently seven homes at varying stages of development.  The temps then took a nosedive, falling over 40 degrees total – within 24 hours – to right around zero and freezing the cover in place, half buried in the water!  We had a winter snow storm advisery, but we ended up getting a little ice and that was about it…we were really wanting the snow so we could finally get in a little sledding this season.

  Matt earned a 2nd place in his science fair project this year!  He did an experiment on plant growth and development and we are very proud of him for putting in many hours of hard work over the past couple months.   You can see in the picture below that he got a letter jacket on Thursday, so he’s now officially cool…


  Abby attended a cheerleading / dance clinic on Saturday morning and performed at halftime of the Greensburg varsity basketball game that evening.  She was really cute and looked like an old pro in front of the few hundred people in attendance.  Matt liked hanging out with his buddies and Luke enjoyed cheering on the team to an overtime victory and getting one of the little promo balls the cheerleaders threw into the stands! 

snowwheels2 snowwheels2 snowwheels2 snowwheels2 snowwheels2 snowwheels2

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