If You Don’t Like the Indiana Weather…

Originally posted March 15, 2008

…just wait a few hours, it will change…or so the story goes.  The weather has fluctuated so much here the past few weeks.  It has been as warm as 60 and as cool as single digits.  We received heavy snow fall the first week of March, getting close to 8 inches.  With the blowing and drifting, it reached nearly two feet in spots.  The kids loved it, of course; and we were able to get in a couple more trips to the snow hill before it all melted away!! 

Speaking of the kiddos, they are all doing well.  Luke continues in pre-school and just got signed up for baseball!  Abby continues to be involved in two dance classes, one of which is a competition team.  She just got signed up for softball as well and recently received straight-A’s again this semester!  (Way to go Bu!!)  Matt continues to be involved in band and take private drum lessons.  He is active in track & field and likes the shot put / discus competitions (less running, I’m sure!).  He is also excited to get started playing baseball soon.  The kids all had the flu this winter at one point or another.  In fact, it seems we’ve all had some medical issues throughout this entire winter season.  The time change has also been hard on everyone this week, as we all seem to be dragging…although it could be the weather…

Matt’s birthday is next week and we are getting him the most expensive gift we could find…removal of his tonsils / adnoids!  (Sorry, Matt!!)    He will miss a few days of school and then have all of the following week to recover…not exactly ideal for spending a birthday or Spring Break, huh?    Luke has really gotten into Legos recently.  The funniest of his creations is below.  He made an anotomically correct LegoMan!  We fell out of our seats, laughing!!   

Mom & Dad Bryan are moving to Florida next week as well.    We will miss them dearly but are thrilled that they are living the dream.  We got to visit with them this past weekend when they came down to visit.  We had a great time with them as always, but there were a few tears when they left.  We tried to take a nice family portrait.  You will see a few of the results below.  We shot about 25 pictures and never seemed to get it quite right…it became quite comical after about 15!  Below are the best of the lot. 

And finally, you will see the creative side of the children at it’s best, as they became the, “ScheuBots” for one afternoon with the use of empty soda boxes! 

 AbbyMarchSnow MattMarchSnow LukeMarchSnow LegoPenis FamilyTake1 FamilyTake2 FamilyTake3 FamilyTake4 FamilyTake5 FamilyTake6 ScheuBots

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