The Winds of Change

Originally posted April 25, 2008…

  A wise man once wrote that when it rains, it pours.  Never before have these words had more meaning than they have had over the past couple weeks for us…

  First, the bad news…  Grandpaw Bryan got sick again and had to go in to the hospital for a few days due to dehydration.  We were relieved that it he was able to recuperate very quickly.  He is now done working up here in Lafayette and has joined Grandmaw Bryan in Florida.  We sure miss them and wish they weren’t so far away; but can’t wait to go visit them soon and wish them well in the next phase of their lives!  Cheers!  On a more somber note, Tom lost a close friend at work yesterday.  Daniel Clark worked closely with Tom at Columbus Behavioral Center and they shared an office together.   It was unexpected, as he was in top physical condition.  However, he suffered a severe stroke and died a couple days later, never recovering.  He was 41.  We are very sad at this loss and the staff at Tom’s work are still devastated.

  However, there was also good news…  On a brighter note, we were ecstatic to hear the news that Dick’s quintuple bypass went off without a hitch and he is now recovering at home under Phyllis’ watchful eye.  We wish him a speedy recovery…  We recently went to the Muddy Boots Cafe in Nashville, IN to see Tom’s other work buddy, Tommy Lee Simmons play and sing a blend of acoustic folk rock with a blues edge.  The kids had fun and the music was great!  Matt is doing well in track, throwing the discus and shot put.  He is getting in to good shape running track and now playing baseball as well as taking drum lessons!  This past weekend, he helped Tom with mowing the backyard for the first time!  Tom is trying to help assist with coaching, but practices seem to overlap with the other two who actually need watching over…  Abby continues with both her dance classes and is set to perform at a competition in Indy this weekend!  She also began softball practice last week too!  Tom is helping to assist with coaching duties on her team as well.  Little Luke continues to love playing with our new puppy, Lola.  We swear they are two peas in a pod!  The two of them run each other to near exhaustion whenever possible.  Luke also began baseball practice last week!  (What were we thinking!?)  Tom is assistant coach of this team, too.  Ann just returned from a short but sweet vacation in Florida.  Of course, if you ask her, it was work!  (Yeah right!).  LOL!  The doctors were very generous in allowing the girls to take off and go stay at their condo in Panama City Beach for a 5 day staff retreat.  We are so thankful for Grandmaw Owens and Gigi!!  If it weren’t for the two of them, we would never be able to get everyone to where they need to be!  Thank you guys for everything you do for us…we appreciate you more than you will ever know.  We love you!!

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