Happy 232nd Birthday, America!

Originally posted July 13, 2008…

  Ahh, how we love the leisurely, carefree days of summer!  We always seem to have so much fun during this time of the year.  We have been enjoying the outdoors with bike rides, walks, swimming and car washing.  Matt began football camp this week in preparation for 7th grade ball in the fall.  He proudly brought home today a ribbon for the 1-Man Sled Drive Drill!  J  Abby enjoyed going fishing for the first time.  She went with Chad and Gracie out to David & Donna’s pond.  Abby caught a fish on her first try!  Luke ended his ball season last week and both he and Matt received their league awards.

BuGraceFish CarWashBu CarWashMatt CarWashLuke Luke1stCatch LukeAward MattTomBballAward

  We had a nice, long Independence Day holiday weekend.  Thursday night, we went to Tom’s work in Columbus and played security guards for the business.  The Columbus city fireworks display was held just a couple blocks away, near the airport again this year.  We arrived early and camped out and played catch, a little trac-ball and of course we had to play Frisbee out in that huge front yard!  Even Lola came out and enjoyed herself.  Unfortunately, Greensburg also held their city display that night, so we missed out on those.


CBC4thMattDisc CBCTomBu CBC4thBabll CBC4thGroup CBC4thGroupNight CBC4thMattLuke

  Keith and Rosie drove in from Buffalo that same night.  We ran in to them the following day, as we made our annual pilgrimage over to MaryAnn & Sandy’s house in preparation for the big parade.  Matt decided he was too big to be in the 4th of July parade this year, so he helped Sandy broadcast the event on WTRE.  Luke rode his 4-wheeler while Abby decided to walk Lola.  She was joined by Gracie (walking Muffin) and her BFF Baili (who walked her dog, Bubbles).  Unfortunately, Lola didn’t want to play nice at first…but eventually settled down and was really good after the initial shock wore off.  During the parade, Bubbles decided she had been through enough and stopped walking.  Poor Baili was in tears, as the dog was too heavy for her to carry!  Megan wasn’t feeling well and decided to sit out the parade.  She began running a fever later that day, so we postponed the big party to the next night (5th).  Chad and Tom decided they couldn’t go a 4th of July without a fireworks display.  So, they promptly ran out to the TNT fireworks stand with the kids and took care of business!  J  The “Earth Shaker” was an especially cool aerial display that wrapped up the evening’s hour-and-a-half display with a big bang (3½” shells!)…thanks again Chad!

FourthParadeGroup FourthParadeGals FourthParadeTomLuke FourthParadeDogs FourthParadeMegan FourthParadeMattGigi FourthGigi

  The best was yet to come…  The next day, everyone was feeling better and we had our cook-out, pool party and big fireworks display.  We played some cornhole, did some catching up with the New Yorkers and laughed at Ann falling on three occasions (poor Keith got blamed for one of the episodes).  It was an absolutely gorgeous day.  The kids enjoyed catching the firework parachutes, including a cool one called “Normandy Invasion” that shot out 37 little guys.  We had some big festival balls, loud rockets, lots of firecrackers and the other staples of any display – oh, and of course Megan’s infamous “Golden Shower” fountain!  J  But the finale to the two-hour marathon display was the “War Drum” that did not disappoint.  I don’t think our backyard will ever be the same again…

FourthBuGrace FourthKeithHole FourthGigiMattHole FourthGmaMegan FourthRosieMegan FourthLola1 FourthLolaPool1 FourthLolaPool2 FourthLolaPool3 FourthGigiLola FourthLukeMegan FourthMeganATV FourthSpread1 FourthSpread2 FourthParachutes1 FourthParachutes2 FourthSmoke FourthSmokeLuke FourthBoys FourthSparklersGroup FourthBuSparklers FourthLola2 FourthKidPic FourthLolaMegan

  Finally, we also celebrated Gracie’s 8th birthday at Chad & Deanna’s house last night.  We had a fun time with those guys, but Chad had the most fun…while “holding his Wii” as Sandy dubbed it…see the picture below! J  Gracie actually received that along with many other very nice items for her birthday.  The fair opens tonight, so I’m sure we’ll have some fun pictures from this coming week to share soon.  Keep cool and we’ll check in next time…

GraceBu8th GraceDee8th BuKingGigi8th AnnBu8th ChadWii

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