Ch-Ch-Changes (Turn and Face the Strain)

Originally posted on 10/27/08…

  Ah, the change in seasons in Indiana…there’s nothing quite like it.  The weather has been nuts lately.  We have fluctuated fifty degrees in four days – between the upper 80’s and rain (Tuesday afternoon) to the mid 30’s and frost (last night).  …talk about football weather!  J  …And speaking of football, Matt closed his season this past week.  The heartbreak kids were at it again.  Matthew again started at center and played on the kickoff-return team.  Matt again drew the biggest dude on the defensive line.  This kid was easily the biggest kids we’ve seen all year.  He was at probably 6’4″ and 280 lbs.  Matt barely came up to his armpit!  Matt didn’t win every battle, but he handled  him really well overall.  Matt has gotten better with each game at center and it’s been fun to see him develop his skills this year at this new position.  The first half, Greensburg had Brookville’s number.  They held them to less than 35 total yards for the half while the Pirates had nearly 200 and forced a safety!  The second half, however; was a different story.  It looked like an entirely different game.  We couldn’t move the ball nor stop them.  We went from having a shutout at half time to being down 6 points with only 2 minutes to play.  That’s when we finally woke up.  Greensburg got the ball back and drove the ball to midfield and completed a long pass to the 20.  The receiver celebrated by spiking the ball.  It wasn’t meant to show up the other team or anything negative; he was genuinely that excited!  However those world-class referees didn’t see it that way.  They couldn’t see that a 12-year-old, 7th grader just caught the longest pass of his career during a clutch moment that might help his team win the game…and so they were moved back 15 yards to the 35 yard line for the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.  The crowd went berserk and although there were no obscenities shouted from neither this writer nor the other parents, we made sure the zebras could here us and called in to question their decision-making abilities.  From there, our star quarterback did an end around to the far side that got in to the endzone despite the momentary setback!!  But wait…there’s that officiating crew again – making a decision that would ultimately decide the outcome of this game!  Yes; a controversial holding call that didn’t even figure in to the play caused the touchdown to be taken off the board.  Elation quickly turned to anger and disbelief as the crowd again laid in to the referees with an aural assault that had built up for this crew over the past month of bad calls.  A run for loss, a sack and an incomplete pass brought up 4th down and forever.  With 5 seconds left on the clock, a desperation pass to the endzone ended up in the other team’s hands as the horn sounded to end the game at 16-10.  As with the entire season, the boys had fought with everything they had right up until the end.  As a side note, there was an absolutely incredible house overlooking the field that reminded us of a James Bond villain’s lair!

MattFballBrookville1 MattFballBrookville2 MattFballBrookville3 MattFballBrookville4 MattFballBrookville5 MattFballBrookville6 MattFballBrookville7 MattFballBrookville8 MattFballBrookville9 MattFballBrookville10 MattFballBrookville11 MattFballBrookville12 MattFballBrookville14 MattFballBrookville

  What would the Halloween season be without watching the Great Pumpkin??  J  We enjoyed watching the Peanuts gang with our popcorn earlier this week…even Lola got in to the spirit.  We deliberately hold off on watching this movie (as well as the other Charlie Brown seasonal specials) until October each year, despite having it on DVD.  Otherwise, it would lose its magic.  You know, it’s hard to believe that we are already done with the first 9 weeks of school.  Report cards come out next week.  The cool thing with our school system is their parental access to the kids’ grades via their website.  We were able to determine that Matt is going to be close to all A’s & B’s (somehow) and that Abby is confirmed to have straight A’s again!!  The end of the 1st nine weeks also meant fall break.  The kids had Thursday and Friday off from school.  Wednesday night, our sitter’s daughter hosted a going-away party for one of Matt’s friends (whose father was the varsity football’s head coach and recently resigned under a swirl of controversy in the middle of the season).  His family is moving out of town this weekend.  When we saw Brandi the next morning, we asked how it went and her reply?  …Simply, “Never again…”  J  Matt said there were about 50 kids in her little house.  Matt heard there were plans to toilet paper several homes in the neighborhood, including our own.  So, Matt hid in one of our trees with the garden hose and scared them away.  Once the plans were foiled, he joined up with them around 1030 and ran around the neighborhood and played until about midnight.  However, sometime after midnight, the kids did soap the windows to the minivan.  So, Matt and I washed the windows Thursday night…which they actually really needed!  Matt also earned a little extra money by doing some yard work for Ann at her work during the two-day break. 

GreatPumpkin1 GreatPumpkin2 GreatPumpkin3 MattTPtree

  Friday night was the annual YMCA Halloween party.  Luke went as The Dark Knight (Batman) and Abby went as (in her words), “the sassy witch!”  J  They met up with Baili (and Amy) and entered the costume contest and enjoyed all the activities.  They did the rock climbing wall, pin the face on the mummy, ghost bowling, skeleton basketball and others.  Luke loves his costume and would wear it constantly if we allowed him.  As I picked up an extra shift Saturday morning, Ann took the two little ones to Chucky E Cheese to celebrate Abby’s straight A’s on her report card.  Luke is so excited to have his first loose tooth.  He’s been wiggling and working it out the last couple days.  He’s been talking with the other kids and determined he needed $5 for his first tooth.  When we offered a quarter or two, he wouldn’t hear of it.  He said, “I know the Tooth Fairy will bring me two five dollar moneys!”  J 

HalloweenYMCA1 HalloweenYMCA2 HalloweenYMCA3 HalloweenYMCA4 HalloweenYMCA5 HalloweenYMCA6 HalloweenYMCA7

  Time for the Way Back Machine…

First up, we have a classic picture of Gigi working at WTRE in February of 1988:



Next up is a great current photo of Katie and her son Brody, taken this month.  I know it’s not a way back photo, but it’s so good I had to include it!!



In a tribute to Matt’s last game, here’s a picture of my senior year in high school, taken in the fall of 1986.



Next up is a photo from December of 1969.  This was taken in the living room of Grandmaw & Grandpaw Brown’s house in Lafayette.



Here’s the last of my top 10 all-time favorite pictures.  This is Matt in 1998, taken at Greensburg Camera on the square.



Here’s a great one of the kids taken in 2001 with Grandpa Scheu.  This was taken at Grandpa’s pub, The Parkside Deli in Lafayette.  He was teaching them to play a Bavarian version of the stumpf fiddle.



Next up is a photo of one of our trips to the Magic Kingdom.  This one is from 2000.  We were staying with Grandmaw & Grandpaw Bryan.  I think Grandmaw had Abby outside during this one.



Next up is a classic that Ann & I both laughed at for a long time.  This is Matt & his best friend Brayton.  This appears to have been taken in late 1997 or early 1988.  This was taken in the dining room of our home on Main St.  If you look close enough, you can see Natalie in the mirror…



Next up is another from 1997.  This time, we are outside of Grandmaw & Grandpaw Bryan’s 2nd house in Rossville.  Notice the Tampa Bay Devil Rays hat!  Go Tampa!!



Next up is a young, fun Grandmaw Bryan from 1968.  I assume this must be in her first apartment after high school graduation?  What a mighty nice deck of cards you have there, Mother! 



Here’s Ann from 1995, coming home to our townhouse from work at Lerner’s, just across the street at the Fair Oaks Mall in Columbus.



Next is a picture of Ann with her good friend from college, Stacy…circa 1989.



Here is a clipping from the LaPorte Herald Argus newspaper from 1989.  Grandpaw Brown was responsible for this funny!



Next up is a classic of my very good friend Bill at my Batchelor Party.  The boys took me out camping at Atterbury.   Notice the keg of Budweiser…  Sadly, this was the last time I would see him alive, as less than a year later, he would slip in to a diabetic coma while driving and be involved in a fatal car accident.



This is a picture of Matt & Bu with Baili on her horses after the Fair Parade in the parking lot of WTRE in Greensburg.  I had just returned home from a business trip to Tennessee only moments before this photo was snapped.  This was taken in July of 2003.



Here is a picture of us in the Gulf of Mexico in 2000.  This was the same trip as the one above with Mickey.  This is outside of Mom & Dad’s condo, The Sand Pebble, in Treasure Island.  This is the view you see when you look out the windows or sit out on the patio at their condo!  Just incredible!



Here’s a classic of Granny and myself at Jason & Erica’s wedding.  This was late in the evening after a few cocktails…I believe they were married in 1999.



Next up is Abby in late 1999, showing everyone what she really thinks!



Finally, here’s a great picture of Matt & Aunt Dee Dee from Y2K (I think) at our house on Main St.



Well, that’s it for this week.  Thanks as always for reading.  I always look forward to any entries on the comment page, here at the bottom.  So if you have something to say, let me hear ya!  Have a great week and we’ll touch base with you next time.

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