All is Quiet on New Year’s Day

  We enjoyed a much-needed vacation this week.  It has been quiet and relaxing.  On Monday, we took Luke to Riley for his annual allergen check-up.  Unlike in years past, his skin test came back negative!!  We are waiting for the results from his blood test to come back.  In the past, they have come back negative, so we are hopeful that this time will be no different.  That sets us up for a peanut challenge.  This is a very scary procedure, where the doctors & nurses at Riley will feed him peanut butter to see if he has a reaction.  While we were there, we took Lukey for a tour, showing him all the sights – including tropical fish, giant stuffed animals and a glass elevator.  On Tuesday, it warmed up, un-freezing all the mud in the back yard.  So, whenever Lola came in from outside, she had to be given a bath due to being so grubby!

Riley1 Riley2 Riley3 Riley4 Riley5 LolaMud

  Wednesday night was New Years Eve.  Our good friends Mike and Natalie (and their three kids) were unable to make it down this year, for the first time in several years.  Instead, we just had a small, quiet party with family as MaryAnn and Sandy, along with Deanna and Gracie came over.  Ann and I schooled Grandma and Gigi in several games of euchre while the kids ran around the house.  Ann made a mountain of food again; including polish mistakes, meatballs, Shallo’s dip, artichoke dip, sausage pastries, pizza, toasted bagel chips w/ green-onion dip, dirt pudding and taco dip.  Abby & Grace decided to do their own make-up and Matt & Luke made it their business to get spy pictures of the event.  J  They all played very well that night; including Lola, who got a lot of attention as well.  The eldest two ended up leaving around 10 or so, missing the ball-drop again…although we made sure to call them at midnight to ensure they didn’t totally miss-out!  We had to watch Dick Clark (who looks pretty good, all things considered – although his speech is still difficult to understand) again this year (it wouldn’t be the same without him!) and all the kids made it to midnight this year (although Matt got mad at Ann and refused to come out of his room for the celebration and group picture…he thought he could get away, but you see the evidence below!  J

NewYearsEve1 NewYearsEve2 NewYearsEve3 NewYearsEve4 NewYearsEve5 NewYearsEve6 NewYearsEve7 NewYearsEve8 NewYearsEve9 NewYearsEve10 NewYearsEve11 NewYearsEve12 NewYearEve13 NewYearsEve14

  On New Years Day, we had to keep tradition alive by eating cabbage for good luck.  As we have for years (even back to when I was a kid), we had an old Bryan-family recipe – rebel dogs!  Ann has gotten really good at fixing these yummy treats.  Matt and I have watched so many bowl games this week…it has been great, but I’m afraid we’ll go through withdrawals next week!   On Friday, Ann went to Indianapolis with Amy for half the day to go scrap booking.  Unfortunately, late Friday evening / early Saturday morning, MaryAnn was taken to the hospital with severe stomach aches.  Initially, she went to the ER, but was later admitted for further testing.  Ann spent most of the night out there with her and only got about two and a half hours of sleep before going back out again Saturday morning.  We were supposed to attend a hog roast with Ann’s work on Saturday afternoon, but instead she spent most of the afternoon with her mom.  MaryAnn was released from DCMH early in the evening and she is supposed to call her doctor on Monday if things continue…we wish her a speedy recovery from what they are calling a very nasty virus.  With the Cowboys out of the playoffs, Matt & I cheered on the Colts Saturday night while Ann helped Abby do some scrap booking.  On Sunday, we fought off the impending depression that our two-week vacation was reaching its inevitable conclusion by having filet mignon on the grill and prepared to get up early on Monday to get back in to our routine…which is a good thing, as I gained 15 pounds in the past three weeks of parties!!  Now it’s time to get back to reality.  As for a New Year’s resolution; mine is to lose another 15 pounds and get down to 205…we shall see…

  Let’s get to the Waybac machine installment, shall we? 

First up, we have one last classic photo from our wedding day with the whole crew, Sept. ’95.



Next is a family picture of us on Main St in Disney World, shortly after our arrival in 2004.



Here is one more picture of Luke’s 1st birthday party in June of 2004 in our kitchen.



Next is another from 2004; this time right after the 4th of July parade at Grandma and Gigi’s house.



These next two are also from the 4th of July parade; this time back in 1997.

WayBackMachine104 WayBackMachine106


Here is a picture of Ann & Abby’s BFF’s:  Amy and Baili at Bu’s birthday party in 2001.


Here is a cute one from 2002.



I hadn’t seen this one before; this is at Grandma and Gigi’s house on Christmas Day, 2001 while enjoying strawberry ice cream!



This is a classic.  Here’s Grace & I in the family room in our house on Main St., November of 2000.



Another classic; this was taken downtown, November 2000 when Santa came, shortly before the first Christmas parade, organized in part by Sandy.  It has continued to grow in popularity each year and although she isn’t involved any longer, it is now more popular than ever…



Here is a fun one from Grandma and Gigi’s back porch, shortly before the 4th of July parade in 2002.



Here’s Abby in December of 2000…she still gives me that face to this day!!  J



We wrap up this edition with a triple play of pictures from our kitchen, the day after Christmas, 2001.

WayBackMachine272 WayBackMachine279 WayBackMachine280


Hope you are as ready to get back to work as we are…NOT!  Until next time, have a good one…

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