…There’s a Girl out there with Love in her Eyes and a Brush Stuck in her Hair

  We had a pretty good week with a few laughs as we struggled through our first full week back to work.  Deanna came over for dinner on Sunday evening and cut the boys’ hair (thanks Dee Dee!) and had to make an emergency return trip a little later to get a round doll brush out of Abby’s hair.  We’re still not sure how exactly she got it stuck; but Ann was pretty upset with her and ready to cut her hair after messing with it for a good long while.  Abby was in tears and was obviously embarrassed.  Thankfully, Deanna had the knowledge, skills & patience to finally got it out after about an hour’s worth of work on it!  The kids also returned to school (eventually) this week.  They had Monday off due to a scheduled teacher’s work day and were to go back on Tuesday.  However, we received more ice that cancelled school until Wednesday.  Before the deep freeze, we had a brief thaw-out on Sunday.  Lola loved it, as she could go digging for rabbits in our backyard.  She got so muddy that afternoon that she actually looked like she had gotten in to Abby’s chocolate stash!  She didn’t appreciate the bath afterward…  To make Tuesday morning more hectic than what it already was, Ann discovered a hole in one of the drain pipes under the kitchen sink, causing water to go everywhere.  We got it dried up with a towel and then ran a fan all day to knock out any residual dampness.  That night, Luke and I went to the hardware store and came home to repair it.  I paused about halfway through the project and looked at Luke and Matt.  As Luke was playing with my tools and trying to figure out what else we could “fix.”  I said to Matt that it’s funny to look back on it now; but 10 years ago, he didn’t get to have opportunities like these…  That’s because I would’ve called a repair man to do it, instead of having the knowledge of how to fix it myself nowadays.  I told that to my boss/friend/mentor Dennis and he got a big kick out of it.

BuBrush1 BuBrush2 BuBrush3 BuBrush4 BuBrush5 LolaGrubby1 Grubby2 LolaGrubby3

   Speaking of school; the kids received their report cards for these 9 weeks and also the big semester grades.  Abby got all A’s and B’s (the first time in quite a while she didn’t get straight A’s).  Matt would’ve gotten all A’s and B’s as well, but missed it by only a few percentage points in Social Studies (he got a C+).  To his credit, he is doing well in the enriched classes.  The enriched classes are a little more advanced and go farther than just the basic, required curriculum.  He is in the enriched versions of Math, Language Arts and Literature.  Although Matt was glad to have Tuesday off, it also meant that his basketball game in Columbus would be cancelled.  However, they did play on Thursday, going up against another Columbus team; this time it was Northside Middle School.  Unfortunately, the Spartans shellacked the Pirates – crushing them by 30 points, 47-17!

  Matt has worked hard at practice all year, getting better each week.  This week was no different, as he earned a starting position at center, beating out his good buddy, Bryce.  Matt made the most of his starting status, getting his first points of the year!  He finished 1-1 from the floor with an assist, a couple rebounds and good hustle up and down the court.  We were so happy to seem him score, but as it happens, Ann had just left to go pick up Abby from dance class when Matt’s big moment occurred and missed it!  The game was never close, but that didn’t stop us from having a good time.  A couple of Matt’s female friends were also at his game.  During halftime of the game, Brandy’s (our sitter) dance squad performed, including her daughter Makayla.  The pep band performed and so did the cheerleaders, including Mallory, who now is a full-time cheerleader.

MattCNS1 MattCNS2 MattCNS3 MattCNS4 MattCNS5 MattCNS6 MattCNS7 MattCNS8 MattCNS9 MattCNS10 MattCNS11 MattCNS12 MattCNS13 MattCNS14 MattCNS15 MattCNS16


  Matt has started hanging out more outside the house recently.  He met up with his friends at the varsity basketball games on both Friday and Saturday night.  Also on Saturday, as the boys did guys stuff (worked on the cars), Ann and Bu did girl stuff.  They met up with Amy & Baili and they all went out shopping and then went ice skating.  While they were at the rink, they ran in to Chad & Grace too and had fun hanging out together.  I also wanted to thank Aunt Sharon for another cute round of photos she sent.  I have included one of her first grandson, Brody, below.

Icey1 Icey2 Icey3 Icey4 Icey5 Icey6 Brody1


  Now its time to get to the Waybac feature for this week (Mom, these might look familiar…and you may need to help with putting them in to the proper contexts as well…).  The following pictures are all taken from a photo display that currently hangs on our wall in the play room but had previously hung in the past three homes where Grandma & Grandpa Bryan lived…

First up, is a great picture of Grandpaw Bryan at 7 months of age on October 2nd, 1948; presumably in Lafayette?



Next is a picture of Grandpaw B with Great Grandmaw & Great Grandpaw Brown in the living room of our home on Rockwood St in LaPorte in the spring of ’85:



Here we have a couple pictures from Christmas in the early eighties…I’d say circa December of ’84.  These were taken in the same general area as the last picture:

WayBackMachine283 WayBackMachine284


Here is a picture of the little queenie, Peanut; in the fall of ’84 on Grandpaw’s chair…in that same living room (that was a great place for picture-taking, eh?):



Next we have a couple from (I believe) June of ’78.  The first is taken just after Grandmaw & Grandpaw Bryan’s initial wedding, outside the courthouse in downtown Lafayette. Notice that weird looking item in the back…it is not only a strange looking piece of art, but also a clock as well!  I know it has a name, but I can’t remember what they call that thing!  It used to sit in the parking lot of Purdue National Bank (as shown in that picture) and now has been moved further out of the downtown area…  I believe the second one is taken shortly afterward, from the cruise ship they were on during their honeymoon.  I don’t recall the name of their ship, just that I got one of those fashionable shirts that said something along the line of, “Mom & Dad went on a cruse and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!”  Mom, if I am correct, do you have any clue where the ship was near at this point in the voyage??   It would be cool to say you celebrated your b-day in St. Thomas or whatever!  J:

WayBackMachine286 WayBackMachine287


The next one is a picture of the Bryan clan in the summer of ’84, outside the Smith’s home on S Waugh St. in Kokomo:



Here is a picture of Great Grandma Bryan on the front porch of her home (on…is it 16th St??? – I know I have to be wrong on that street name, but I think its close!) in Lafayette.  I know it was only a couple blocks away from my old elementary alma mater, Oakland!  I have no idea what year this was taken…anyone have any good guesses?



We wind up this installment with two very cute pictures from the fifties.  The first one is of Grandpaw Bryan in 1957.  I will assume this must be a school picture, as the back says Ms. Henderson’s class.  Would this be at Oakland Elementary?  The final picture is of my beautiful mother.  I believe this to be her kindergarten picture, which would put this one at St. Boniface (?) in Lafayette, circa a1953.  Am I close here Grandmaw??  J

WayBackMachine290 WayBackMachine291


Thanks for keeping up with us this week.  After talking to mom on Saturday night, I was saddened to learn that my Aunt Judy Lackey (Uncle Chuck’s ex), lost her husband, Dick, to cancer earlier this week.  Our thoughts and best wishes are with you, sweetie…  Until next time, have a good one.

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