I Walk the House; Keep a-Searchin’ all Around…Lookin’ for my Easter Basket

  Happy Easter to all…hope everyone was able to enjoy some quality family time as we did here at the Scheu abode.  This was another quick week, but only hinted at what lies ahead starting this coming week!  The kids all continued to get busier and busier; and somehow Ann helped to keep us on top of it all!  Everywhere on the TV, all you hear these days is people talking about the stimulus package; but hell, with the Scheu family in your town, who needs a stimulus package?  I swear…we’re doing all we can to keep the local folks in business!  We’ve already had a couple big expenses come down this year with the water main in the front yard (Ann called them back this week and they said they’d be back to fix the yard when it dries out…we’ll see how many more times she has to call them…) and then there was the water heater last week.  This week, we finally got the Grand Caravan in for service.  It had been a long time coming.  I have to say I enjoyed driving the old Chevy pickup to work again for a couple days!!  Acra’s kept the van two days to complete all the work.  It’s practically a new car now!  They fixed the water pump, a couple transmission lines, front breaks, rear breaks, valve cover gaskets, the horn, cruise control, the air bag and installed a new rear hub assembly.  Ever since Ann totaled the vehicle, she had lovingly dubbed it the “Chopper” due to the incessant noise that came from the rear end that gave you a headache and made it nearly impossible to have a conversation…unless you shouted to each other!  J  She actually took it to the store yesterday and said she didn’t mind taking it!!  That alone was worth the cost!  J 

  In other news, we took the Pacifica in as well, but they still can’t figure out why the Check Engine light is coming on…One of Ann’s buddies send us some pictures of last week’s scrapbook overnighter and Brandy sent us a couple of cute pictures of Lukey with his buddy Oakley.  I have included the one with the Mickey ears…We finally received our big shipment “from Mickey” – as Luke calls it.  We had several items personalized at the Christmas ornament store at Downtown Disney and shipped to us.  The shipment included ears for both the boys…and they were thrilled!  …Well, it’s official; I’m now the last one to mow my lawn in our little section of the neighborhood.  Earlier this year, I fixed Brandy & Jason’s computer and now Jason (who is a mechanic) is returning the favor by looking at our weed eater.  It started acting-up last September and quit working in October.   I had been waiting to get that back before starting to mow.  But our back yard and Mom / Sandy / Dee’s yard really need attention this week…  So, I think I’m gonna have to break down tomorrow and go buy a new one, as well as a new blower – which also broke down after three years of service.  It seems that even with the appropriate maintenance, I’m only able to get three seasons out of my blowers and weed eaters, as this is the third time in a row now that they’ve lasted only three seasons and then broke on me…   

LukeNOakleyMouseEars AnnAmyScrapbook

  Both Matt and Lukey started baseball this week.  Matt is on a team with many of his friends, so it should be a fun year.  I really like his coach as well; he has a great attitude towards the game and puts things in to perspective for the kids…plus he helps provide extra structure for Matthew, which he craves at this age.  It doesn’t look like I will be an official assistant coach with him; just a helper as needed.  Matt continues to gear up for his first track meet with practices every night after school.  Couple that with baseball on Monday & Thursday and he is keeping very busy these days.  Abby was drafted by a coach that neither Ann nor I know.  We were disappointed that she won’t get to play with her team from two years ago again this year.  That was not only a fun team, but also a successful one as well.  The league was calling us through the week to try and get me to take a head coaching position, as they were three short.  I considered it for a while; but with Abby doing her two dance classes, Matt in his track and baseball and Lukey’s baseball, there simply isn’t enough time to dedicate myself to one team…it’s just not fair to the other two kids…although Abby would love it, I’m sure!  Lukey was drafted by a very nice young kid.  This is his first go ‘round, so he asked me to kind of take the lead for the first practice, which I gladly did; pitching to the kids and teaching proper fielding / throwing mechanics…now if we could just find a way for them to stay focused and not play in the sand or dog pile on the ball when it gets hit, we’ll be set!!!  J  This is such a fun league…

  But let’s be honest; this week was all about family and the bunny.  Keith, Rosie and Megan came in from New York on Friday.  Ann got home early, taking Matt back to the doctor for his final follow-up.  He got the “all clear” to participate fully in all sports, so he was ecstatic!  I tried to get over to Mom & Gigi’s house as soon as I could Friday night, as she made dinner for all of us.  However, the kids at work had other ideas!  I didn’t get out of work until well after 6 and to Grandma’s house ‘till about 7.  It was great to see Keith & Rosie.  They both looked great.  Little Megan had shot up about 6 inches since the last time and has really grown in to her body.  She is so smart and very mature for her young age of seven.  She is witty and interacted very well with her cousins – better than she had in years.  On Saturday, we had the whole family over for lunch.  Ann made so many tacos that she could have opened up her own Mexican restaurant!  After lunch, we colored Easter eggs.  Grace said it was her first time.  We made four dozen pastel eggs and Luke dyed his hand green.  J  After that, we played Wii for several hours.  Megan had been asking to play Wii boxing since we saw her the night before!  She was so excited to play and beat Lukey in the first game of the day!  J  We even had a little Wii couch band!  J  The girls enjoyed playing dress-up with costumes, make-up and wigs…and the boys had fun trying to break-in to their room and get pictures.  J  

ColoringEasterEggs1 ColoringEasterEggs2 ColorinEasterEggs3 ColoringEasterEggs4 ColoringEasterEggs5 ColoringEasterEggs6 ColoringEasterEggs7 ColoringEasterEggs8 ColoringEasterEggs9 ColoringEasterEggs10 ColoringEasterEggs11 ColoringEasterEggs12 ColorinEasterEggs13 ColoringEasterEggs14 ColoringEasterEggs15 WiiFun1 WiiFun2 WiiFun3 WiiFun4 WiiFun5

  That night, we headed back over to Gigi & MaryAnn’s for Easter dinner.  We had a huge meal of ham, mashed potatoes, noodles, homemade macaroni & cheese, homemade pasta salad, and of course several desserts (I’m sure I’m forgetting a couple things).  We were up pretty late that night because the kids wouldn’t go to sleep (due to being so excited that the Easter bunny was coming!).  Then, we were up early the next day, as the kids wanted to search for their Easter baskets and Ann was cooking egg casserole (Grandma Scheu’s recipe) for Easter brunch.  Abby ended up finding Luke’s basket on the fireplace mantel and Lukey found Bu’s basket in the shower.  They got lots of candy, of course; but they were most excited about the Webkinz, gliders and sidewalk chalk.  Matt, however, had no basket; or so it seemed…  Instead, the bunny had left him a note in front of the living room TV.  It read that the Bunny was aware of a couple recent behavior issues that he’d been having (picking on his younger siblings and getting attitudes with his parents).  …sound familiar, Mom??  LOL!  Anyhow, it went on to say that overall, he was still a very good kids, so he was getting a basket…he was just going to have to work for it!  Taking a nod from Grandmaw and Grandpaw Bryan’s book of tricks (like they did to me on my 10th birthday with my bicycle!), he had to follow a trail of clues throughout the house to find his basket.  So, Ann and I laughed as he went from room to room in the house, figuring out the riddles and finding all five of the clues before eventually locating his basket in the dryer.  He got a new baseball mitt with his candy; so he was pretty happy with his quest.  He had a lot of fun and smiled / laughed the entire time during his treasure hunt.  After eating candy for two hours, we made our way back over to Grandma & Gigi’s house one more time; this time for Easter brunch.  Ann made a bunch of egg casserole and Mom had a bunch of cinnamon rolls, so everybody was happy…we even broke out the ham!  After brunch, Gigi pulled everyone together for a special presentation she had made today.  It had pictures and a little story that told a fairly accurate (and funny) tale of our holiday weekend in a nutshell.  The humorous story ended with everyone leaving, Grandma going to bed and Gigi going to the riverboat!  J  …and we actually remembered to get an updated grandchild picture.  We stayed and visited for a couple hours until Keith and Rosie had to head up to LaPorte to see Rosie’s family.  Poor Megan was already going through Grandma withdrawals, as she didn’t want to leave and developed a stomach ache… 

EasterDinner1 EasterMorning1 EasterMorning2 EasterMorning3 EasterMorning4 EasterMorning5 EasterMorning6 EasterMorning7 EasterMorning8 EasterMorning9 EasterMorning10 EasterMorning11 EasterMorning12 EasterMorning13 EasterMorning15 EasterBrunch00 EasterBrunch01 EasterBrunch02 EasterBrunch03 EasterBrunch04 EasterBrunch05 EasterBrunch06 EasterBrunch07 EasterBrunch08 EasterBrunch09 EasterBrunch10 EasterDayChalk

OK; time for a quick Waybac feature:

Leading off, we have a couple pictures from my childhood; the first is me with my best friend Mark Crum on his bunk bed in his room in Lafayette, circa 1976.  The other one is my brother Rob in approximately 1981. 

WayBackMachine493 WayBackMachine494

Going next are three pictures from Ann’s childhood.  These appear to be from the mid-eighties and feature Keith, Dee w/ MaryAnn and finally Dean in a rare picture.  This may be the last one I have for him…I’ll have to hit up MaryAnn for some more pictures!

WayBackMachine495 WayBackMachine496 WayBackMachine497

Next up, we have four from our college days.  The first is Ann’s freshmen year (‘88) with sorority sisters.  The second one is my sophomore year (’89) at Mike & Laura’s house in LaPorte.  The third one is graduation day with Grandpa Scheu in the Phi Delt house in ’91.  The last one is Ann with her buddies (Nat is taking the picture) during Spring Break of ’92 in FLA.

WayBackMachine498 WayBackMachine499 WayBackMachine500 WayBackMachine501

The final picture I have is one I discovered on Sandy’s computer room wall.  It’s a beautiful picture of Dee Dee and Gracie.  I am guessing it’s from last year; but I love it.


  I have no idea how we’re going to manage everything this coming week; but somehow I’m sure we’ll figure it out (or Ann will and she’ll tell me what to do!).  Actually, I hope it rains everyday.  I just planted grass seed today (thanks for the straw, Aunt Linda!) and I need it to fill in the muddy patches that Lola has created!!  Have a great week and we’ll catch up with you next time…

Later, Scheu


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