…Take out the Garbage and Clean out the Garage

What a strange week it has been…it started out in normal fashion, as all three kids had games on Monday. Luke started us off, playing better in the field than last game – though he seemed lethargic at times. He said he hadn’t been in the pool at the sitters, but I wonder… He did hit the ball very hard both times, going 2-for-2 with a double, single and two runs scored. Abby went next. Her team also looked lethargic, as they lost their second game of the year. Abby went 1-for-2 with a single and ground out. She had no interest in the game defensively, as she played left field. It did allow her to get some dance practice in though. 🙂 She had a couple balls come out to her and she did a good job of getting them back in…however, there were one or two of the parents who apparently thought she should do more and began making comments. There are several parents who are very competitive on this team. To her credit, Ann was able to sit through it; however there was no way that I would be able to, so I removed myself and went out along the left field line. One of the other fathers was out there as well…for the same reason it turns out! He is a simple man and for whatever reason has lost all of his teeth but does not wear dentures. …anyhow, Luke – as innocent and brutally honest as he is, was fascinated with the fact that he had no teeth… Thankfully, he was very gracious and despite my interventions, he and Luke held a very long conversation, regarding teeth loss, “cavity creeps,” and the necessity of brushing your teeth every day. 😛 Matt went 0-2, playing 2nd base and right field, as their team lost again. 🙁 Abby also began a week-long cheerleading camp that (thankfully) Deanna took her to (with Grace) each day for a couple hours…thanks Dee!!
On Tuesday, the temp topped out in the lower 90’s and was Ann and I’s last work day, as we prepared for a huge yard sale this weekend. We haven’t weeded out our stuff in many, many years…and now is the time! Our goal was to get a car in the garage when we’re done. We relaxed that evening and had to jump in the pool to cool off a while, preparing for our monumental task that lie ahead… However, Wednesday was a complete washout as it rained from the moment we got up until the time we went to bed, raining out ball games for the night… We were bummed that we now had to cram three day’s work in to two…Abby had her friend Mackenzie over to spend the night. She is the daughter of Matt’s and Abby’s coach Don. They had a blast, playing with the boys, playing dress up and just being girls. It was fun to watch, as they got along very well. Luke had fun trying on Great Grandpaw Brown’s Lafayette police & Tippecanoe Co. sheriff hats and playing cops & robbers with the gals. I also found out through a good friend on Facebook that a classmate had passed away. The number of deceased from our class of ’87 is getting longer and longer. They said it looked like homicide, so the investigation is on-going.
Thursday was gorgeous and 20 degrees cooler as we got well over half the work done on that day. When it was all over, I counted 36 bags of toys – most in black, 55 gallon can liners. Ann had about 25 large storage totes of clothes to sift through as well. We had toys and clothes dating as far back as 1995 – and nearly everything since then! Needless to say, we were big fans of Advil that evening and had fun poking fun at how old each other looked and acted. On Friday, we were up early to get out and get a jump on things. We continued setting up and going through our toys & clothes, but had so many customers we decided to go ahead and open up for business while we were still preparing for the big crowd on Saturday. …and even though we weren’t officially “ready,” we still made good money! However; the down side of that was that we spent way too much time with customers and didn’t get everything set up, meaning we had to be up early again on Saturday to finish up. Friday night, Abby had a makeup softball game at 8 pm, which put us farther behind schedule… Matt helped out immensely by mowing the backyard while we were gone to the game. The gals played good, but only had 6 players. Thankfully, they were able to pickup two other (younger) girls to field a team of 8 (minimum needed to play). Abby went 0-2 officially from the dish, getting walked twice, grounding out to first and struck out looking to end the game. She played catcher and did a descent job back there considering it was her first time playing…except when she stopped catching / knocking down the ball and started dodging everything! 😛 I don’t know what inspired her to do it, but it began to perturb the ump, as the ball kept hitting her. She was very gracious with Abby – both during the game (giving her little pointers) and afterward, kidding with her about having bruises up and down her shins. 🙂 Bu kept her spirits up and seemed to enjoy the game. She said she got tired of trying to catch the balls and thought it would be easier to just get up every time and get them from the backstop…
On Saturday, everything just exploded – we had another two makeup games…one for Matt at 10 (we found out two days ago) and one for Luke at 11 (the coach found out at 10 pm, Friday night…shame on Larry Ricketts and the other leaders at GYB). On top of that, Abby had a cheerleading presentation at 9 and an emergency softball practice at 3 that the coach decided we needed last night…nice, huh? Aunt Dee graciously picked up Bu and took her to the final cheerleading performance…and even took pictures / shot video for us to boot! Afterward, she allowed me to borrow her camera to get the pictures off of it. What a woman! While I was transferring the dance pictures to our computer, I found some really good pictures of Grace & Gigi on her camera that I had to steal and share with you here on this forum. Of course, this was all bad timing because of the annual Ryle Addition garage sale happening all day and we had a yard full of sale items that we had been working on for three days… So, I ended up dropping off Matt at his game, Bu at her practice and we had to just skipped Luke’s game altogether. 🙁 This was the first time in a long time (ever?) that neither one of us were there to see a game from any of the kids. On the bright side however, we did excellent business and got rid of lots of our old stuff while making a little cash!! We ended up donating several items to Brandy our babysitter, the neighborhood kids, as well as a vast majority of our leftovers to Goodwill for a juicy tax write off… I’ll tell you what; we worked our asses off from dawn ‘til dusk that day…about 14 hours all said (on top of all the hours we spent on Thursday & Friday), ordered Dominos at 9 pm, and melted into the couch.

Sunday was just as busy, as we continued cleaning up the garage and began our weekly chores around our home. Luke, Bu and I got an early start, getting to the homes on Main & N. East St. by 9 am. I was really slow and we didn’t get back until after 11:30. As I mowed our front yard, the kids all played out front and eventually the neighborhood kids came over to play. At one point, there were about 15 kids running around the yard – which I thought was pretty cool. It has been like Animal Kingdom around here again, as we have a bird nesting in Ann’s hanging flower basket on the front porch (Luke is fascinated by the little blue eggs) and Momma bunny giving birth to a bunch of little floppy-eared toy things for Lola in the backyard. That dog has been going nuts every time she goes outside and she finally caught one of the babies. The kids were devastated. Lola was now a killer Westie! Luke has completely gone through the rear tires of his Power Wheels ATV. He rides that thing all time (he even took it with us to Grandma’s house to mow and rode it around her yard this morning!). The wheels came in a few weeks back, but I finally got around to putting them on this afternoon…only to find out they sent the wrong ones…man, Luke was bummed… The kids got out their bikes and finally went for a bike ride – just the 3 of them (first time, I think)…and guess what…they got to park them in the garage! 🙂 It’s not quite cleared out enough to park a car in there yet (I could re-do it and we could get a car in there if needed), but we got a good half done. I’ll work on the other half later in the summer / early fall when we have our next Ryle Addition yard sale…maybe.
I also came across some old video clips from several years ago. Some of them are classics! I hope to be able to figure out how to combine them and get them posted by next week. To tide you over, here is one I pulled from our old website – entitled, “Matt’s European Yodel Dance.” …Enjoy…

Until next time, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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