…On the Eve when You Set Sailing…

What a great week we had here at the Scheu abode! We spent a lot of time outdoors, swimming nearly every night in our pool and playing ball every night of the week. Matt had a ballgame on Monday versus the Phillies. It was a close one, but the Brewers pulled one out, winning 9-8. Matt went 0-2 from the plate with a walk. He played right field and second base and handled the only ball that came his way. We picked up Lukey out there at the diamonds, as he stayed Sunday night with his good friend Alex. Abby got to hang out and run around with Megan and a couple other kids, taking my phone to touch base every so often. She also spent time with one of her dance teachers from Dixon Dance. Abby left the ball diamonds with her buddy Megan to stay the night at her house, so we had them coming and going. Abby started (daily) tennis lessons at the high school with Gracie earlier in the day. She is using Ann’s old Wilson racket (which is a Chris Everett model) from the seventies/eighties. She asked why it didn’t look like “a normal one?” We couldn’t figure out what she meant, until she said that everyone else’s looked like metal…this is an old wooden racket! LOL
Tuesday was Grandmaw & Grandpaw Bryan’s 31st anniversary (is that right Mom?)! I called her when I got to work and it was nice to talk for a while. That night, Matt had another game. It was an away game to Brookville, where they lost 6-4. Matt went 0-1 with a walk and a groundout and a run scored. He rode with his old friend Bailey and family, who graciously took transported him an hour away, while we were at work. Ann went over to watch him play and took Abby with her. That left Luke & I to go out to his ballgame. When I picked him up from Brandy’s house, he was pretty groggy, having been in the pool earlier in the day. He came home and grabbed a quick bite to eat before crashing out on the couch. He slept for about an hour or so. With 15 minutes left until we were due to leave, I decided the only way to get him motivated was to go for a quick swim. So we stripped off his clothes and he went for a quick dip…in the buff! He woke up real fast!! 🙂 That night, he went 2-2 with double and single. He also played well defensively, making several good plays. He received his baseball pictures that night as well. His are really cute this year…
Wednesday, it was Abby’s turn at the ball diamonds. She played pretty well, finally hitting the ball harder. She went 1-2 with two hard-hit balls. Defensively, we made a change in gloves. I gave her my old glove from when I was in Jr. High School (yes Mom, the one with the black circle burned in the palm from the light globe in my room on Rockwood St. 😛 It made a big difference, believe it or not. I don’t know if it’s a confidence thing (using Dad’s glove makes me better?) or just a natural development, but she held her own in the field. Her team played well also, winning easily. Abby received her softball pictures that night also. They are equally good this year… That night, we went out to Acapulco for dinner and enjoyed a nice relaxing evening out for a change.
On Thursday, we were back out to play with Lukey. He really played well this night. He made several big plays on defense (although we need to work with his throwing). He went 2-2, including a homerun to the grass! Uncle Robby would’ve sure been proud to see him playing defensively, especially with his tags. Let’s just say they got a little aggressive. After he put the third kid down with a hard tag in the chest or face, not only were Coach Derrick and I telling him to tag lower, but their coach was beginning to get upset and encouraged to tag more “gently.” I told him to keep it under control, but told he did a great job just the same…Afterward, we were able to go get ice cream, thanks to Lukey’s big hit!
On Friday, Grandmaw Bryan turned 59 again… As it was earlier in the week, it was again good to sit and talk with her for awhile. That night Abby and Matt both had games at the same time. Ann & I went back and forth between games, trying to catch as much as we could from both kids. Abby played very well, as she went 3-3! Her team had a big lead going in to the last inning but choked; losing by 2 runs. Matt went 0-2, but hit the ball well – just right at the defense. He also had a couple good plays at 2nd base, including turning a routine pop up in to an adventure that nearly saw him turn a backwards summersalt! However, his team also blew a lead and ended up losing late in the ball game. That night, we went out for ice cream in celebration of Abby hitting the outfield grass! 😛 Yes, we look for any excuse to get ice cream around here…
Saturday was our big day this week, as Uncle Robby and Aunt Sharon came up to visit from Tennessee!! Luke, Matt & Ann were up early to go get the boys’ haircut and go grocery shopping, while Bu & I headed over to Grandma & Gigi’s house to mow. By the time we got done over there, came back and did the same thing at our house and got a shower, Rob was nearly here. We had just enough time to do a quick pick up job around the house and by that time, Ann & Matt were heading back to the ball diamonds for a doubleheader! Woo! Hoo! Today was also the day that the city of Greensburg celebrated it’s 150th birthday. There was a big festival and parade up town. Mom & Sandy were in the parade. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend, but Deanna said she got some pictures. I’ll put them up on here when she emails them to me… It was a very hot day out at the ball diamonds. By the time the second game started, we had found a shade tree down the left field line to crawl under. Matt again played well defensively, with 4 assists in the second game alone. In the first game, he played 2nd base as well as all three outfield positions. Offensively, he went 1-2 in the first game and 1-2 with a walk in the second game. He also scored a run as well. Ann took Lukey to Brandy’s house to attend his good buddy Oakley’s birthday party around 3. The kids were enjoying helping in the concession stand up to that point.
It was funny how much Rob reminded me of Grandpaw Bryan. I imagine he was about this age when I first met him in ’78. …well except for missing the lamb chop sideburns, he was a spitting image of our dad. This was the first time we had met Sharon. We were very impressed at how well she fit right in with us. She is a perfect fit for Rob; they compliment each other nicely. She was very, very nice and funny. We had a good time sharing Robby insights with each other. 🙂 This was actually really cool; it is kind of the first time we’ve gotten together as adults. I mean, we’ve obviously gotten together before; but not really something where we didn’t have any other family around or met at a third party’s home or whatever; it was the two of us with our own little families and we had a great time. After watching Matt play a couple games, we came back and played outside in the back yard the rest of the day/night. We played several games of cornhole and went swimming (the midnight swim was especially cool…and cold!) and of course listened to good music. We even had a few of the neighborhood kids running around the yard with our kids. Rob & Ann made some delicious BBQ chicken on the grill. Matt got out the fireworks and shot off all our old stock of fire crackers, bottle rockets and anything he could find. All was fine until we went sailing with Jerry… Rob brought this rum with him called Sailor Jerry. By the time we finished off his half gallon and the fifth that Ann went and bought, the beers were going down really easy. Needless to say, I remember going out to sea with Jerry, but woke up the next day washed up on shore. Perhaps one day, I’ll share with you what really happened that night, but for now, it will remain a mystery. Let me sum it up by saying there was 3 a.m. nudity and we’ll leave it at that…
Sunday was a day of mourning…I told Jerry I wasn’t going sailing with him again any time soon. We said good-bye to Rob & Sharon, as they headed up to Lafayette to do some business then it was back to Tennessee. I hope they can come back soon, as we really enjoyed our time with them. The kids especially love that uncle of theirs… I was pleased to watch Jeff Gordon come home 2nd due to fuel mileage (I wonder if our friend Pat made it up to the Michigan Speedway this year – he used to go every year to that race) and excited to watch Kobe & the Lakers bring home another championship to L.A. And finally, as promised, I have put together little movie clips from our family in 2004. Some are better than others; but all are from five years ago. My, how the kids have grown!!
Enjoy the movie and we’ll catch you next time. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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  • Administrator

    Matt is the best at cornhole from tom

    EDIT: That’s nice Matt; stay off my computer! You know that Sharon and I ruled on Saturday. How many games did we win against you & Uncle Rob??? Now; who’s your daddy?? 😛

  • Rob

    Well worded bro! It was a great time Sharon and I look foward to seeing you again soon.

  • Administrator

    Thanks Robby; we had a fun time too…just wish it had been longer. Although, I must say that I believe we made the most of our time together…

    Next time, if you bring Jerry back though, I’m staying on the pier…or at least in the harbor; but I am not sailing with that guy again anytime soon, man!

  • Mom

    Loved every single moment of this!!!!! Yes, dad and I were married 31 yrs on Tues. Man, it seems like only yesterday. Yes, Rob does look like dad. Dad was just 30 yrs old when we got married…so, Rob is close to that now. The picturs were hilarious!! I knew you and the kids would like Sharon. She is just such a great gal. The older clip was great to see the kids at a much younger age. Watch out for anything that Rob makes you as far as an alcoholic drink!! It can have a tendency to get you DRUNK!! Dad and I have been the recipicants of some of his “hospitality”. Take care and we love you all!!!!!!!!!

  • CHad

    Enjoyed reading the update and looking at the pics. I think I have been on the boat with Jerry once as well. I fortunately stayed close to shore though! lol! You guys take care.

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