And if you Leaf Me Now…

We have another week of 2009 tucked in our back pockets. It went really fast, as normal. The weather has been typical Indiana-style, as we’ve been wet, dry, windy, below freezing and in to the seventies. No wonder we’re all sick! On Sunday, we had Alex down to play with Luke for a while as the kids and I raked up the front yard so we could jump in the piles for a few hours. We played in those damn leaves for almost half the day…

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Here’s a fun video from the day as well…

On Monday, Abby and Ann were back at the Dixon Dance Studio for tap and hip-hop classes. Ann’s car was still in the shop, so she was driving her favorite loaner car (for the third time this year!), the teal Caravan. The boys stayed home for a quiet night of DVR catch-up after we worked out in the back yard, possibly mowing for the final time this year. Mom sent us some cool pictures of her trip with Grandpaw Bryan down to Key West.

mkw1 mkw2

On Tuesday, we had attended the fall awards banquet at GJHS. Thankfully, they split up all the different sports up during award presentations, which helped to speed up the process a little. Per policy, there were no “special recognition” awards handed out this year, due to the happenings during the basketball season last year…which I still think is bull shit. Matt received his letter (pin), but asked that his certificate be re-typed, as they mis-spelled his name. I was not happy and afterwards we had a talk about couth and being thankful instead of feeling entitled… Afterward, we picked up Ann’s car (again) from Acra’s. Let’s hope we get to keep it a little longer this time!

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On Wednesday, we attended my best friend Paul’s father’s funeral arrangements in Shelbyville. We left early to ensure we had time to spend with Paul and Dayla. Although the timing and occasion was terrible, it was good to see him and spend time catching up again. Paul’s daughter (Brooke) was also there and looked all grown up. She is 13 now. The last time we saw her, she was in diapers! We left Shelbyville and came back to Mom & Gigi’s house for a small birthday party. Maryann made a delicious cake for my 41st birthday. She also treated us to cheeseburgers and fries. The little kids were away at another birthday party. Luke had been out there since noon and Abby joined them after school. It was actually Abby’s friend with the birthday party, but Luke goes to school with her little brother. When we got home, Matt’s Wii was back (for the fourth time!) and we couldn’t resist getting in a couple hours of game play. Ann got me a new scanner that takes old negatives and slides and creates a digital photo on your PC. It is a really cool gadget. The kids got me a bunch of Hot Wheels (my favorite gift of the day!).

DickDrakeObit1 t41bd1 t41bd2 t41bd3 t41bd4 t41bd5 t41bd6 t41bd7

I love my mother and look forward to this song every year…

On Thursday, Ann and I left early from work again (the third straight time this week). This time we were headed to the schools for parent / teacher conferences. Matt got all A’s and B’s on his report card! In fact, he missed straight A’s by only a few percentage points. He got glowing reviews from his teachers who really think the world of him. We were so proud of him that we treated him to Dairy Queen afterward. Abby also had all A’s and only 1 B! She has a few behavioral issues to work through in class, as she adjusts to a new teacher (she had the same teacher in back-to-back years for 2nd and 3rd grades) and new expectations. Abby is very gifted and sometimes takes her smarts for granted and just “gets by” instead of really applying herself. We were unable to meet with her high-ability teacher, due to her being an hour behind her schedule. Luke’s teacher is such a neat gal. She loves Luke an awful lot and had nothing but positive things to say about him. We are very proud of all three of our children!


On Friday, we had a great family night. We ordered Papa John pizza, carved pumpkins and then watched Drag Me to Hell…well Matt & I did…the two little kids went to bed and Ann read. We found it a little predictable and silly, but still a good one to watch for Halloween. We were going to watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown again, but the little ones were too grumpy…and besides, we watched it last week. We had a blast carving pumpkins this year. It was the first time the two older ones took a more active role in the process. Matt did almost all of the prep this year. I still did the carving on his and Luke’s. Ann carved most of Abby’s and she always does the majority of the inside cleaning of the pumpkins. Matt chose a very difficult – though very cool – skull that said Trick or Treat. Abby messed her’s up a little. It is a wolf howling at the moon. It turned out pretty good. Luke wanted one a little more complicated this year also. He chose one that had three bats flying in front of a moon. I messed it up a little during the carving process. I broke one little piece off but got it back on with a toothpick. We also lit up Ann’s little while ceramic ghosts for the first time in several years. However, due to the rain that night, nothing stayed lit for long…

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On Saturday, we bummed around the house until the afternoon. Abby’s best friend, Megan, came over to spend the night. The girls and Luke got dressed for Trick-or-Treating, which began at 5 p.m. This year, Lukey dressed as a ninja from the new GI Joe movie. Abby was a pirate. Amy, Rob and Baili came over, as well as Deanna & Gracie and they all went out together. Luke went out with Alex and his parents, Christi & Terry. Baili was a hippie, Megan was an egyptian princess and Alex was Rambo. Matt & I stayed home to pass out candy and play catch with his football. Dee and her friend Jamie hung out with us. I had trouble finding a portable CD player, so I ran some extra speaker wire from my PC out to the front and blared our annual Halloween mix for the neighborhood. It was a little chilly, but not bad for this time of year. We had a steady influx of kids and closed up around 8. Matt gave out too much candy at the start (literally handfuls) and we ran out about halfway through…so I grabbed the whole snack drawer and we made it last! 😛 Ann made popcorn and we watched Ichabod Crane & the Headless Horseman.

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On Sunday, we turned our clocks back an hour. It was cool to gain an extra hour this morning, allowing us to sleep in without losing any time! Ann went with Amy to Batesville to attend a craft show for most of the day. We sent Megan home before the Colts game started. Maryann & Sandy were supposed to attend today’s NFL game, but Sandy was feeling under the weather and prevented them from making the hour road trip up north. Of course Matt & I didn’t know that until after the game. We were scouring the stands looking for them the entire time. The Talladega NASCAR race was on at the same time, but it was so boring that we didn’t turn over until there were 15 laps left. It was just in time to see the two big wrecks. Luke woke up from his nap and went over to Alex’s house until after dinner time.

Here’s a fun video from the weekend…

So, all in all, it was a better week than last. We said goodbye to October and started looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday, which is quickly approaching. Speaking of turning the clock back, let’s switch on the Waybac machine and take a look at some classic pictures…
Leading off today, we have three from the early sixties. The first one is Mom in her kitchen on Elmwood in February of 1961. …your guess is as good as mine on this one… The second one is Mom in August of 1962. Mom, is this the old Morgan farmhouse? Do you remember this dog? The third picture is Grandpaw Brown in May of 1964. Not sure where he is or why he’s dressed up.

Waybac.1961.02.MomKitchenSack Waybac.1962.08.MomDog Waybac.1964.05.GpawBrownTux

The next three are from the late sixties. The first one is of the Morgan gals at Christmas, 1965. The picture says it was taken at Norma’s house. This is a classic picture of Aunt Sharon, Aunt Norma, Grandmaw Brown and Great-Grandma Morgan. The second one is a great one of Mom, Karen & Cathy in July 1966. …Mom, any idea where it was taken? The last one is Grandmaw & Grandpaw at Mom & Dad S’s wedding reception in ’68. I think this is at the K of C’s.

Waybac.1965.12.XmasMorganGals Waybac.1966.08.MomBrendaCathy Waybac.1968.MomandDadWedding

The next three are from my first couple years of life. They are all from Grandmaw & Grandpaw Brown’s house. The first one is Mom & I in February, 1969 in the living room. After Grandpaw passed away, I inherited this davenport and eventually donated it to Gino & Tina when they still lived in Columbus. The second one is in the dining room in December 1969. We had that wooden high chair at our first house in Greensburg for Matt & Abby, but gave it back to Mom when we moved to Russell. The last one is from January of 1970 and includes Grandpaw Brown and his music collection.

Waybac.1969.02.MomTommy.Browns Waybac.1969.12.MomTommy.Browns Waybac.1970.01.GpawTommy

The next four are from the early seventies. The first one is a mystery. It reads Mrs. RL Brown, 1882. Mom…any clue? I thought it was interesting. The second one is Great Grandma & Grandpa Morgan, circa 1972-ish. I think this is one of their anniversaries. I wonder if it is their golden one. The next one is from Norma & Ralph’s house in March 1973. It has Mom & Dad S as well as Uncle Ralph and probably Cathy. The last one is Grandpaw Brown in his policeman uniform in October, 1973…not sure of where this one was taken.

Waybac.1970s.MrsRLBrownTomb Waybac.1972.GGM.50Ann Waybac.1973.03.Normas Waybac.1973.10.GpawBrownPool1

The next four are from the latter seventies. The first one is the Morgan Great-grandparents again; this time in the Brown’s backyard on Elmwood in August of 1974. The second one is Grandpaw, Dad S and me on Father’s Day in 1976. I think this one might be at Uncle Ralph & Aunt Norma’s house. The third one is Ralph again, this time with Connie & Bob Brown in their living room on May 1, 1977. I think the last one is Grandma Morgan again. If it is, it’s one of the last ones I have of her. This one is dated May 14th, 1978 and was taken in the kitchen of Grandmaw Brown’s house in Lafayette on Mother’s Day.

Waybac.1974.08.GGM Waybac.1976.FathersDay Waybac.1977.05.01.Browns.Ralph Waybac.1978.05.14.MothersDay.GGMorgan

The final three are all taken after Mom married Dad B. The first one is at their wedding in downtown Lafayette in June of ‘78. It features Dad B, Mom, Vicki Crum and Uncle Dan. The second is a month later and 2,000 miles away. This was just after we moved in to our S. Moreno Dr. house in Temple City, CA in July of 1978. I have my Star Wars shirt and Dodger batting helmet on display. 🙂 The final picture today is of Grandpaw was taken on June 13th. It looks to be at the 40&8 club. The back simply says, “The wreck.” I’m certain there’s a story there somewhere….

Waybac.1978.06. Waybac.1978.07.TomCaliHome Waybac.1981.06.13.GpawBrown40.8

Well, that’s it for this edition of the Scheu Family Chronicle. Thanks as always for keeping up with us. We’ll catch ya next time. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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  • Mom

    Couldn’t get any video’s as none were there. Loved the old pics Tom. The first one is Grandma Brown on Halloween dressed up like a potato. She was going to a party. The one of Karen and I and Cathy was at Grandma & Grandpa Morgan’s in our “pool” on the farm. Grandma used an old wash tub for us in the summer to cool down in. Yes Tom that is the old Morgan farmhouse from the back and that is their dog “Susie”, a black cocker spaniel. She was the sweetest dog. Grandpa Brown is dressed in his 4th degree K of C uniform and they are at a motel for some function. No idea on the cross….never saw that one!! Yes, it was Grandpa & Grandma’s 50th wedding anniversary. The one of your Grandpa doing his bartendering duties was an annual stag (for men members only) at the 40&8 and they got pretty well “wrecked” thus the name for the “gathering”. I think the one of you and your dad and Grandpa Brown in a back yard could be at Lou Atha’s home. You played jarts and croquet there alot when we visited. Not sure though. I hope I answered some questions and see if you can get the video’s up again. Love and kisses…..

  • scheu

    Hi Mom. I just checked the videos again and they’re all working fine on this end. I even checked it on our laptop. I was able to get all three up and running. Try again and if it still won’t go, try refreshing your page. What do you think of the new look of the blog? I was tired of hearing how hard it was to read the font on the other page so I spent most of Saturday working on this newer version and tweaking it here and there. I’m still working on it. This is the debut of the new look. LMK whatcha think!!
    Love ya…

  • scheu

    …something else I didn’t think of earlier. If you are viewing it on Facebook, you’re don’t get the full experience. It only has a feed to Facebook. You actually have to come to the site to get the audio / video goodies…
    Have a good day,
    – T

  • Mom

    Got it all now, don’t know what happened but I laughed and laughed at the kids in the leaves. Good one and I really like the website Tom and the streaming pics at the top. Thanks again kiddo and give me love to all. XXX000’s

  • Robby

    Hey I absolutely love the new look on the website. It took me awhile to look at this weeks and now its late. I will catch up with you next week.

  • Thanks bro! Yeah; I was tired of the old look. In addition, I had received numerous comlaints about the font and the difficulty rading it because of the font. I tried to figure it out; but in the end I found this basic theme that was totally modifiable. I’m thinking of changing the background. The white is a little too plain. I’ll see what I can come up with…any suggestions??
    Thanks for the feedback.
    Have a good one…

  • Aunt Sharon

    Look at Uncle Dan’s hair do. too funny, thanks for sharing.:)

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