And so I Wrestle with the Angel…

We’ve had a big meltdown in our neck of the woods, as the temps have risen a bit overall. Gone is Joe the snowman – he had a nasty fall and lies in shriveled pieces in our front yard. No more trips to the sled hill this week. No more icicles or even snow on our roof; the streets and driveways are all clear again (even the slush has finally dried up) as we crept up into the upper 30’s / lower 40’s. We had the biggest and most important of surveys / inspections of my short career as EoC Mgr., as the State of Indiana returned; this time from the DFC (CCI) side. She was in-house the entire week for re-licensure of 4 of the 5 units in our facility. We scored very well on the Environment of Care (my part) side of things with zero deficiencies with no recommendations! We were so relieved and I was overjoyed. Our department went out to lunch to celebrate a job well done as we prepared for this one day for the past two months. I really have to hand it to my folks; they do a tremendous job. With the meltdown in the snowpack, the bunnies in our backyard have been out more, searching for food. This gives the dogs more opportunities for a chase, which they love. One evening, Ann let the dogs out after work when everyone in the neighborhood heard Ann screaming, “Lola! Lola! Lola!” She kept shouting that poor dog’s name at the top of her lungs with such emotion in her voice that you would have thought one of the kids was out playing in traffic! As I looked out the back window, I could see Lola hot on the trail of momma bunny, as they went round and round in circles and figure 8’s. Just as the bunny would be about to escape from Lola, Molly (who spent most of her time watching and learning from Lola) would jump in and foil the escape effort momentarily. The chase lasted about 30 – 45 seconds, but it seemed to go one for several minutes until the rabbit finally got away enough to jump back under the shed, much to Lola’s chagrin. They have tried to chase the rabbit family more this week, but none were as intense as that evening’s chase. 😛 On Monday, the boys enjoyed a quiet evening as the girls spent their night at the Dixon Dance studio.
On Tuesday, we headed over to Seymour after work to catch up with the Pirate grapplers. Mom & Gigi got the kids after school and watched them at our house that night, which allowed us to leave Columbus and go directly to Jackson County. Matt finally had a chance to wrestle someone his size (which is less common that I would’ve thought). He made weight in the 187 weight class easily and we waited anxiously for him to get back out there and compete in the correct category. He did not disappoint. All that pent up energy found an appropriate outlet as he dominated the match before finally stopping his opponent with a pin in the second period. He had several near-fall points, transitioning easily from move to move. He seriously looked dominant. So did the team, as they creamed the Owls by 40 points!!

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On Wednesday, I got George’s computer back; which was again having OS troubles. I ended up spending not only most of that night on it, but every other free moment doing research and experimenting with trial and error-ing different alternatives to get a stable operating system on his machine. After six unsuccessful installs, I finally got it right on the seventh one this morning, with the final build wrapping up just before supper. I will be thankful to get that box out of this house! 😉 I was devastated to hear the news that Robby Hummel (Purdue’s star basketball player) had injured his knee and was out the rest of the year with a torn ACL…so much for being ranked #3 in the nation, eh? 🙁 …at least it was a great ride to this point…thank you boys…but I’m afraid it’s about to get ugly.
On Thursday, the weather turned crappy again, dumping about an inch more of snow upon us. We saw three slide-offs on the way to work, as the drifting snow had been freezing rain overnight, which created an exciting layer of ice under the shallow snowfall. Gigi called us in a panic just as we were dropping off Matt. Seems there was police chase that morning which started in North Vernon and came up Hwy 3 to Greensburg’s bypass at 46 during the timeframe that we are genarlly heading in that direction (thankfully, Ann had one of her late mornings that day). The chase turned towards town, but with speeds reaching over 100 mph; the inevitable happened and the guy lost control, crossed over the median and hit a car head-on, demolishing both vehicles. The offending driver was a 19-year old, fleeing police in a stolen car. He died at the scene. Luckily the lady in the other car was miraculously treated and released. That night, as the snow began to drift again, that very same intersection was closed as there were more than a handful of accidents within a short time span around 9 pm and they closed the road for several hours; finally opening it back up in time for our morning commute on Friday morning. Thursday night, we left work early to get to the middle school for more wrestling. This time, we were hosting a make-up meet from one of our snow days – facing Shelbyville. The Bears were game opponents, as the score of the meet went back and forth. They did not have a young man for Matt’s weight class, so no match was scheduled. I finally spoke to coach Dance (our old sitter, Christy’s, husband and Luke’s best friend, Alex’s, dad) who is the assistant on the team this year why there was no weight class. We have four kids in two classes at different weights. He spoke with Coach Cochran and they finally decided after this night’s meet to add in a 185 or at least a 182 weight class to open it up a little more for more boys to get some mat time. This meet came down to the heavyweight match. Matt had qualified to wrestle this position, beating out the much larger child on our team. However, due to the sheer weight of Shelbyville’s man, Coach decided it would be in Matt’s best interest to allow the other child to take it, since they were closer in size and he didn’t want to risk injuring Matthew. Unfortunately, we lost that last match and lost the meet by 3 points. 🙁 Here is a video montage of a few things this week:

On Friday, we got a little more snow, but only a dusting. I spoke to Mom about her webcam. The darn thing isn’t even two months old and is already broken, so the kids haven’t been able to Skype Grandma & Grandpa in almost two weeks now! I will have to look up the warranty info and send in for Mom, since that was a gift this past Christmas. That night, we had family night with Papa John’s pizza and a few hours on the Wii. We broke out the Wii Fit, Sports (bowling – which Abby won!) and new Super Mario Brothers games. In lieu of a movie that night, we went to be early. We were up early on Saturday, getting Matt to the school by 6 to ride the bus up to New Castle. We followed suit an hour or so later. It was good that we got an early start, as the roads were awful. There was snow and ice everywhere as we went straight up Hwy 3 for a 5-team tournament. We played Hamilton Heights (eventual winners), Alexandria, Knightstown and of course the hosts, New Castle. The Pirates finished in 2nd place, with their only loss coming at the hands of the tourney champs. Matt worked hard to make weight for this meet at 182 and he made it! Unfortunately, there were only 3 wrestlers in Matt’s weight class…and two of them were from Greensburg! Had we known this fact, it is doubtful whether or not we would’ve all made the hour and a half trip up for the event. I guess it was still nice that we supported the team, but still; the coach could’ve given us a head’s up (at least, I assume he knew ahead of time…maybe not; IDK). As it turned out, Matt took turns with the other boy; so they had two matches apiece. Unfortunately, in the only match in that weight class, the other Greensburg kid got the turn; meaning Matt got two forfeits – and two blue ribbons(!). That looks good on paper, but does nothing for the mat time…the one thing that Matthew desperately needs, having lost the entire season last year to injury. That runs his record to 6-0 in official matches with a 6-2 overall record; including the exhibition matches at the higher weight classes. We ate at Applebee’s before heading home. Luke was such a grump when we got back! In fact, we got home about 2:30 and Luke was in bed, asleep, by 3. He didn’t wake back up until the next morning at 7!! It was great to touch base with some old Morgan family members this week on Facebook. I jokingly kidded with one of them, saying the only time I get to see my extended family (Morgan, Brown, Scheumann, Bryan) anymore is at weddings and funerals.

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On Sunday, Lukey was in a MUCH better mood with all that sleep. 😉 We did our weekly chores and bummed around the house most of the day. I finished up George’s PC, Ann cooked, read and caught up on her sleep, Matt played Xbox online most of the day, Abby took the dogs for a walk…and then a bath (!) and played Legos much of the day with Lukey and Lukey got to go out with Christy and Alex to a movie (they saw the new 20th Century Fox movie, “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” after lunch. Sporting wise, the day started out great! The Boilers were ranked # 3 in the nation, in first place in the Big Ten, hosting another top 10 team…a team they had already beaten on the road; home at Mackey Arena. Jeff Gordon qualified 2nd in the NASCAR race and led for most of the race, looking like the Gordon of old. The US hockey team had qualified for the gold medal game against the host city – which they had already beaten – and tied the game with seconds left to send it to overtime. They had all the momentum! How bad could it turn out, right? Well, the US took home the silver medal, Gordon slipped to 3rd place by race end and Purdue ended up getting spanked by 9 on their home court. Without Hummel, they don’t stand a chance in the year-end tourneys. They miss all the little things he does; like the passing, rebounding and spacing – all things he learned with his stint with Coach K and team USA. It’s like having a Peyton Manning – type of player on the court; like an assistant coach moving the ball for you. It was a great run and I hope they get most of these kids back for one more year; we’ll see…but you can put a fork in them this year – they’re done. And so am I; except for a quick Waybac feature, so let’s get right to it. Leading off this week we have “Brenda Lee’s wedding” – that’s the caption on the back – to Steve with Norma & Ralph and the Page’s (I assume) in December of ’67; 3 of Ann – first in approximately 1974 with her dog (sorry for the poor quality; the original was in pretty bad shape); Annie in about ’75 in her dance costume…”Ta-Dah!” Next is Ann with Mom, Dee & Keith in approximately ’77. I have no clue where they are here; I assume on vacation (Maryann, any ideas?). Then there are three from ’78-ish: Nathan from March, Brenda & Uncle Ralph at an August Morgan family reunion (Mom, any clue who the other man in the picture is?); and Ann with Dee (who seems to have had a drooling incident??). ;P

Waybac.1967.12.Brenda.Wed3.jpg Waybac.1974.Ann.Dog.jpg Waybac.1975.Ann.DanceV.jpg Waybac.1977.OwensFamily.jpg Waybac.1978.03.08.Nathan.jpg Waybac.1978.08.13.Brenda.MFR.jpg Waybac.1978.Ann.Dee.BR.jpg

Next, we have Mom & Rob at Aunt Norma’s in January of 1980; Rob almost a year later with me in December at Sharon & Dan’s; Sandy dressed as Pocahontas at some point in the 80’s (I think?); Rob at Christmas in ’83 in our living room; Rob with one of his neighborhood buddies (Rob, who is that?) on what appears to be Rob’s first day of Kindergarten at Riley Elementary in LaPorte in September of ’85; and Ann again with her sissy, circa ’85. I assume the gals are on vacation somewhere (Maryann, again, any comment?); and finally me at my confirmation ceremony at some point around ’85 as well.

Waybac.1980.01.06.Mom.Rob.Normas.jpg Waybac.1980.12.Tom.Rob.BryanXmas.jpg Waybac.1980s.SandyInjun.jpg Waybac.1983.12.Rob.Xmas.Snorkleler.jpg Waybac.1985.09.Rob.FDoS.jpg Waybac.1985.Ann.Dee.Fountain.jpg Waybac.1985.Tom.Confirmation1.jpg

We finish up with a great batch: Dad B with Homey, circa mid-to-late-eighties at Kenny & Marylou’s barn in Rossville. I don’t think this is a fish fry, since they’re in long pants; it may be Marylou’s retirement party; Rob with his “biker buddies” out in front of our home on Rockwood St., in the summer of ’87 (notice my old Schwinn bike…Rob, where is that bike now…and my Hot Wheels and Star Wars figures?? 😛 ) – Rob, I recognize Andrew but do you still remember the rest of this crew?); Rob with most of Mom in our living room at the end of the 80’s decade; Dee & then Mom O in ’91 in their home on Main St.; Ann outside the apartment she shared with Stacy in Franklin, circa ’92; Rob w/ George on Sept 1st, 1996; and finally Mom B with Mr. Money at Three Springs, AL.

Waybac.1986.Dad.Homie.BFRFF.jpg Waybac.1987.07.Rob.BikerFriends.jpg Waybac.1989.Rob.MomMouth.jpg Waybac.1991.Dee.ws1.jpg Waybac.1991.MomO.Dws.jpg Waybac.1992.Ann.FranklinApt.jpg Waybac.1996.09.01.Rob.George.TOW.jpg Waybac.1997.Mom.MrMoney.TSA.jpg

Well, that’s it for this week’s edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for checking in with us and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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  • Uncle Robby

    Hey guys how’s everything in “Greentucky” Things are not bad here I am hoping to go back to work with the union in a couple of weeks I believe I have moved up to forth on the list of unemployed so maybe things are turning around a little here. Matt you looked great in your latest match. Way to go buddy!. I think mom was so happy in the one picture of her in the Bears sweatshirt because she is holding my report card. Haha ya I bet! The biker crew was of me and Andrew and his brother Steven is on the yellow bike and I am not sure about the other kids. The one kid looks a little older so I am not real sure who he is or the younger one. The picture outside of Riley is of me and my best friend growing up Jeremy Turner. You may have wrestled with his cousin Troy Turner or he was younger can’t remember but you might have known his other cousin Rocky Turner also but not real sure. Well I will talk to you soon guys take care and love Uncle Robby.

  • Hey Rob; Jeremy! Yes; now I remember him. You are correct, I did wrestle with Troy and I knew Rocky, but he was a little strange and a couple years older; so I only knew him because he lived a block away from us. Report card eh? That’s cool; that’s exactly what I’m looking for with these pictures – stories that help bring these old pictures to life. Thanks for that… Things are starting to warm up “up here.” It’s supposed to be in the lower 50’s on Saturday! It’s a heat wave!! Watching the Purdue/IU game now on the Big Ten Network. Go Boilers! Kramer really has to step up his game…not that he doesn’t normally play hard, but with Hummel out, someone is going to have to do all the little things…Glad things are starting turn, economy-wise, for you guys. We need to get together again sometime soon!! We love and miss you guys. Have a good one. Later, Tommy

  • Mom

    Way to go Matt!!! You looked tough and ready to rumble!!!! The dogs looked like they were on a real mission to get that wabbit!!! Thanks for the picks too on the kids and WayBac machine. The other guy in the picture with Brenda and Uncle Ralph….I’m not sure of. Maybe Brenda can answer that question or Karen. Anyway, I loved all of it again. Love, Mom

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