The Year’s Gone by; I’d Say he’s Kicked Some Ass

The weather started out fabulous this week, getting all the way up in to the sixties before a harsh dose of reality slapped us in the face and reminded us that it is still officially winter. Matt ended his wrestling season in a flurry with 6 matches in 6 days. Ann had surgery on her arm and things were, as usual, always different; always something going on… On Monday, Grandma & Gigi joined us at Matt’s last home wrestling meet. They went up against Milan Middle School. They destroyed them 70 – 35! Matt’s match was lopsided as well, pinning his opponent in 23 seconds!! Gigi took some good pictures for us as well…thanks Gigi!

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Ann & I had the day off on Tuesday, as we took her in to CRH for work on her elbow and wrist. Her hand has been going to sleep at work, at home, and while sleeping – causing her much anguish and loss of quality sleep. She was supposed to be out of surgery around 9 or so; however, due to a last minute scheduling change on their end and the doctor taking his time and doing more than he anticipated, she wasn’t stable enough for me to come see her until well after lunch. I got to each breakfast with one of her docs, George, who then took me up to their private suite to watch TV, shoot the bull and try to relax. We started talking about our new video camera and looked up some of the specs of this type of file that it creates. Turns out we needed a faster computer as well. He told me about a laptop he and the other doc, Dan had just gotten at Tiger Direct. So, we looked it up and they still had a few left. It is a sweet machine… Ann’s scrapbooking friend, Karen, brought over dinner for us that night; which was very sweet of her. Oh, and Abby brought home her friend “Kevin.” 😛

aas1 aas2 BusKev mwr10.28

Ann stayed home on Wednesday to recuperate. She was still in quite a bit of pain, but managed pretty well. It was an interesting morning, getting the kids ready on my own. According to Ann, I made plenty of mistakes with wardrobe choices; but overall we came out alright. Grandma made dinner for us that night, which was really cool. Our new video camera arrived that night, so I played with it all night…the video is amazing…

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On Thursday, Ann went back to work. I surprised her with flowers shortly after lunch. She was feeling pretty crummy and laid down at the office the rest of the afternoon. We left work early that night and headed up to Rushville after picking up the little ones. This was Matt’s last regular season meet of his junior high wrestling career. He made the most of it, that’s for sure. The team won 66 – 30; a thorough spanking to be sure. We saw my best friend, Paul’s, daughter – Brooke – at the game. She saw us, but didn’t recognize us. She was with her friends, so we didn’t embarrass her. 🙂 Matt won both of his matches in a total of 39 seconds! The first one was a varsity match at 185 lbs. It ended in a pin at 19 seconds and the 2nd was an exhibition match that ended at the 20-second mark!! With these victories, Matt upped his record to 9-0 in varsity matches and 10-2 overall. The Pirates ended their year with an outstanding 10 – 4 record; the best that they’ve had in many years.

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Friday was a long day. Ann felt pretty crappy and ended up staying home. I didn’t get back home that night until after 8; so we didn’t have time for family night. However, for consolation, we got our new laptop. It is a HP Pavilion dv7-3065dx. It is by far the fastest computer I’ve ever owned or even used. It came with Windows 7, so it’ll be interesting learning a new OS after using XP for nearly a decade. It more than handled the HD video files and came in handy the next day, as we were all up early for Matt’s last wrestling event of the year. Abby, however, went to Grandma’s house for the day so she could attend her 3 hour dance practice. The rest of us headed down to Brookville for the end of year tourney. There were 8 teams invited to the invitational event. We had several boys make it to the finals and ended up taking 2nd place to the host team by only 14 points – and that is with giving up three forfeits. Matt had a choice. They did not offer his weight class, so he could either sit out and end the season undefeated or wrestle heavyweight. Matt decided to take one for the team at the tourney. In an effort to help the team gain points, Matt agreed to wrestle at heavyweight – the 285 lb weight class. These boys were very big fellas – nearly 100 pounds heavier than him. Despite the incredible odds being against him, he decided to give it go. Due to his regular season record, he was actually seeded 2nd in his class – earning him a first round bye. That brought his record up to 10-0. However, there was no time for celebration. He had a monumental task ahead of him. During the second match, he made it in to the second period before succumbing to the eventual runner-up in the tourney – a boy that was almost 280 pounds.

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In his third and final match of the season, he matched up against a boy over 250 lbs. He worked very hard and gave his all right up to the very last. He literally had to jump up to try his headlocks and other moves due to the sheer size of his opponent. He wrestled in to the third period but made one mistake and ended up getting turned (or suffocated – I’m not sure since the guy was a moose). He was pretty upset afterwards, but had nothing to hang is head about. He had a great year and showed a lot of heart. Both of his opponents gave him kudos after the match – in a true sign of respect. He earned 4th place overall in the heavyweight class. Looking at him up there on the podium with all of those huge kids was quite a site – wait till you see the picture below…he’s the smallest one! We are so proud of him and his accomplishments this year – his first full year in the sport. He ended up with a varsity record of 10-2 and 11-4 overall…both outstanding records – especially when you consider that he only wrestled in his own weight class for not even half of them… On our way home, we had an odd thing happen. We were going down the interstate about 75 mph in the pouring rain when we lost the driver’s side windshield wiper. We had to drive without wipers for about 20 minutes until we finally found a Wal-Mart (in Greensburg). It was a trip! Matt and I were heartbroken but not surprised to hear that the Boilers got spanked by Minnesota. However, we are proud of the fact that they won the Big Ten title! I told Matt 2 weeks ago that it was possible that Purdue may not win another game the rest of the year. The Hummel loss was huge for them. It’s similar to the year after Jordan left the Bulls. Sure, there are other good players on that team, but what makes them a championship-caliber team is their leader. Without him, they’re just another good team with no potential to be great… On Sunday, we turned our clocks ahead for DST. It was cold and rainy, only in the 30’s. After finally getting the pool cover drained on Monday night; it is full again after 3 straight days of rain.

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That’s it for new stuff; let’s take a moment to check out some Waybac photos. First up, we one that I think I’ve featured before; Maryann in a mid-50’s school picture; Grandpaw Brown in July of ’61. Mom, do you know where this is? Speaking of Mom B, here she is in 1963…the time stamp says July, but I think this may be more around Easter; next another one of Ann’s uncle’s ’64 Mustang from its initial year; then a picture of Stone Mountain in the summer of ’66 (Mom, where is this?) and the Timm family around ’69.

 Waybac.1950s.MaryAnn.SchoolPic Waybac.1963.07.MomB  Waybac.1964.MPAGG  Waybac.1966.08.StoneMtn  Waybac.1969.TimmFam

Next up is another picture of Ann & Keith with their fish around ’73; Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa Morgan with Aunt Norma in March of ’74; Ann in her church at about the same time frame; Ann & Dee in the mid-seventies; two of Keith in his school picture in ’75 & ’76; Mom & Dad B’s wedding with Vicki & Dan outside the Lafayette courthouse; Vird in our living room in Temple City for Christmas in 1979 and Dee in her school picture from the same year.

 Waybac.1973.Ann.Keith.Fish2  Waybac.1974.03.Ggp.Ggm.AN  Waybac.1974.Ann.Church  Waybac.1975.Ann.DanceUni.Dee  Waybac.1975.Keith.School.Pic  Waybac.1976.Keith.SchoolPic  Waybac.1978.06.DadB.MomB.VickiC.UDan  Waybac.1979.12.VirdBC  Waybac.1979.Dee.SchoolPic

Next is Ann’s Grandma Townsend in the early eighties; Grandpaw Brown, Dad B & Rob on our front porch in the summer of ’83; Rob in our dining room for Thanksgiving lunch; Rob in the living room by the trundle beds in December of ’83; another one of me at confirmation in ’84; Dee & Mom O at the beach, circa ’85; Rob taking nap in our living room from about the same time period; Ann in a couple of school pictures around ‘87/’88; Keith in the early nineties with a kitten and then with Rosie at their wedding in ’93 and then behind the scenes at the same place with Gigi & Ann; and finally Rob w/ his first nephew at our townhouse in Columbus in October of ’96…Matt was roughly 6 months old at the time.

 Waybac.1980s.GmaT  Waybac.1983.07.GpaB.DadB.Rob.RFP  Waybac.1983.11.RobTGD  Waybac.1983.Rob.footies  Waybac.1984.TomsConfirm2  Waybac.1985.Dee.MomO.Beach  Waybac.1985.Rob.CouchNap  Waybac.1987.Ann.SchoolPic  Waybac.1988.Ann.SchoolPic  Waybac.1990s.Keith.kitten  Waybac.1993.Keith.Rosie.Wedding.Kiss  Waybac.1993.KRW.Ann.Gigi  Waybac.1996.10.Matt.Rob

Well that’s it for this edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time around and we’ll check in with you next time. Until then, have a good one!
Later, Scheu

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  • Uncle Robby

    Way to go Matt! You have done really good great job buddy now your on to bigger and better things. Stone Mountain is in Georgia Tom and I guess it is quite the show especially at night for this laser show. I think about 45min outside of Atlanta. Sharon and I have talked about going before about a 3 hour drive for us I think. I loved all the old pictures of the house on Rockwood I can look at those and all the background stuff in them and it brings back so many memories. We ate many of summer meals on the front porch at that picnic table. Gosh and the euchre games when grandma and grandpa where in town what a great time in life, that seems like a lifetime ago these days though. Oh I bet you do like your computer I think that is the newer version of mine I got mine just over a year ago and yes they are very good machines. Well talk to you later….Love Rob

  • Mom; I thought you’d appreciate a comment Aund Judy left on Facebook:
    Judith VonSeggern Lackey said, “Tom, I remember your mom in that Easter suit and hat. I had a navy blue dress and a hat with a big rim. We were quite stylish.” 🙂 Love ya, Tom
    Rob; I also love the Rockwood pix. I purposely crop them to include certain background features. That’s cool how you also pick up on that! Yeah; I think back to those days of sitting on the front porch and you’re right, that seems like a lifetime ago! 🙂 I only wish that at some point Ann & I can play as much euchre as Mom & Dad did with her parents…but it’s doubtful. They played a lot of cards and drank a lot of burbon!! LOL
    Later bro…

  • Uncle Robby

    Oh yes Tom the Early Times was flowing back in those days.

  • Mom

    Oh I loved the matches of Matt’s. Matt, you did great for the season guy….til next year when you can GO ALL THE WAY BUDDY! Keep up the great attitude and you’ll go a long way!!! Luke looked sooo cute with his buddy and the little girl. What a kid he is!!! Loved the dogs too. In the old pics, that is Ike who was married to Aunt Midge Her first husband up at the lake cottage that they had when I was about 8-11 yrs. old. We spent alot of time up there with them. Loved everything about this week and yes, it was Easter that I was all dressed up for. What a hoot….we were “styling”. Love you all……..Mom and Dad Also, the Stone Mountain picture was taken by mom when we went on a visit to see Grandpa’s good buddy in the service. He lived outside of Atlanta and we went to Stone Mountain before the laser light show. However, after mom died, I drove Dad again to see Elton and his wife and family in their home and again we revisited Stone Mountain. This time with the laser lights and it was gorgeous. What an experience. Again, take care

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