Oh, What Fun it all would Be

Silly season is officially back in session. We’ve really picked up the pace around here but it makes the week go faster! Matt continues to do track each day after school and all three kids are now involved in baseball / softball. On Monday we it was beautiful as we rushed home after work. Ann took Abby to her 2 dance classes at Dixon Dance Studio. I picked up Lukey and loaded up the truck with lawn equipment before heading over to the ball diamonds for baseball practice. I hadn’t intended to stay but ended up helping facilitate practice. When we finally got done, I rushed over to Mom & Sandy’s house to mow and pick up Matthew. By the time we got home, the girls actually beat us there. On Tuesday, Ann had the day off. Luke went to school but had a field trip to Stapp’s Farm. Ann helped chaperone the event. Luke loved it because he got to share it with his best buddy, Alex. Luke’s favorite parts included feeding the bulls and camels, feeding the baby black bears and just being out on the farm. Matt had his first track meet of the year. They hosted Brookville and blew them away 80- 25. Matt competed in the discuss (he threw 78’) and shot put (he threw 32’). Unfortunately, Matt had to miss baseball practice that night. Luke & Abby had a blast hanging out and playing with Luke Hellmeich, who was there with his sister Emma, Mom & Dad (Jamie & Trevor) and Phyllis & Dick to watch big brother Jake throw with Matt. I think Jake won both events that day!

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On Wednesday, Ann headed to Florida with her co-workers for a “retreat” at the doctors’ condo in Panama City Beach. Luke had baseball practice again. It was hot out there that night, up in the mid-eighties – and very dusty. We had another ‘red flag’ warning day. That night, I couldn’t stay; I had yard work that needed to be done before it rained. So I dropped him off and came home to mow. I got the front done and let Matt take over and do the back. I finally got down fertilizer as well and Abby made dinner for us (thanks Ann Jr.!). 🙂 On Thursday, the elementary kids had spring school pictures. Matt again had to miss baseball practice due to his track meet. That night, the Pirates travelled to Waldron and weren’t very nice to their hosts – shellacking them 90-12. Matt participated in shot again and finished fourth overall, just outside of ribbon contention with a 31. Wouldn’t you know it; Matt again had to miss baseball practice. At this rate, he won’t be able to participate in baseball for a month due to track. I had planned to attend his track meet but ended up going to the elementary school for Luke’s Family Fun Night activities. Luke had a great time hanging out with Alex, playing in the gym at different stations (three bingo games via adding numbers, letters and words) and other games. We ended a little earlier than the other group in the cafeteria; so a teacher improvised by having the kids spell words in to the microphone. Although Luke didn’t get picked, he was thrilled when Alex did! Next was our turn in the dining room. Luke and his class performed several songs and recited different things. They were great! It did last a long time though; I’ve included the highlights in the video below, which is only about half of what they did but it still runs close to 10 minutes. Luke and Alex got to stand next to one another and were super cute. Also performing with them was Luke’s other buddies, Oakley & Jeslyn; as well as Kayla. We got out too late to go make dinner, so we ran out to El Reparo to get our Mexican food fix.

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On Friday, I came home early to go to my bi-annual checkup. The doctor was very happy with all my blood work. We had a good talk about healthcare and ended up running late to get Abby out to practice at 5. Grandma picked up Matt and dropped him off at the ball diamonds to catch up with Luke and I, where we were playing catch and practicing hitting. On the very first throw of playing catch with Luke, he missed the ball and it popped him right in the eye. He’s a tough kid and after collecting himself, he got right back up, wiped his tears and threw the ball back. We practiced hitting out behind Abby’s field and then went up to one of the empty diamonds and I pitched to Matt who had finally joined us. We went out to Wal-Mart to get a few things and then got Burger King drive-thru so we could come home and family night. We skipped the game and went straight to the movie, which was Alvin & The Chipmunks 2 – The Squeakquel. It was an obviously predictable but pretty entertaining. On Saturday, we got up early and got the oil changed in the Pacifica at Acra’s. There was a really bizarre woman who had her son and dog lying on the floor together. They had over half of the waiting area full with all their crap spread out like they were living there. She was very loud and boisterous. I was embarrassed for her… That car is doing one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen – the heater / A/C fan won’t shut off…in fact it is stuck on high! They weren’t able to fix it that day, so we’ll have to bring it back in later. We had dropped off Abby for softball practice beforehand and barely made it back out to pick her up and hour and a half later (God, it took them forever)…but it was free…in fact all my oil changes are free this year, thanks to a special they ran at the end of last year where you buy one and get three free. 😛 We went out to the YMCA and hit balls at the batting cage for about an hour before heading over to Mom & Gigi’s for Jamie’s birthday party. I mowed beforehand and then went in and enjoyed the cook out. We had cake & cheese cake that was devilishly good! When you don’t eat that stuff very often, it makes it really special when you get to have food like that! As I worked on the blog, I watched a cool baseball game between the Mets & Cardinals that ended up lasting almost 7 hours (and lasted 20 innings)! This week, Matt brought home is certificate for making the Honor Roll and Katie & Jake sent us a cool birth announcement for Reese. This week has been good to me, music-wise as well. In addition to Them Crooked Vultures playing on Jimmy Kimmell on Monday & Tuesday, I also got to check out some local music from an old classmate – Ray Rokicki (RayRoh). His current band is known as High Gloss Black, but it’s his last band – American Motherload that I’ve really gotten in to this week! Speacking of supergroups, another band I was turned on to (thanks to Todd at work) is Black Country. Although they haven’t released their LP yet, you can check out their live stuff on You Tube. This group has Jason Bonham on drums with Joe Bonamossa on guitar and Glenn Hughes on bass & vocals. They have a great, retro-heavy-english-seventies-blues sound that kicks ass. Other new music I’ve gotten this week include the new Slash disc (not so great), a couple of Jake E Lee albums (highly recommend the Retraced album!) – including a great Rush tribute album called “Working Man” and a bunch of obscure 70’s stuff like Cactus, Procol Harum, Free, Grand Funk, James Gang, Johnny Winter, Robin Trower, Savoy Brown Blues Band, Trapeze and a fantastic album from another super group: West, Bruce & Laing’s Why Dontcha LP – stuff you don’t hear on the radio anymore.

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On Sunday, we woke up to 50 degree drop down to the freezing level, as we had a frost advisory. 🙁 Thankfully, it did warm up and was beautiful. The kids played outside this afternoon after we cleaned up the house. This evening, Abby and I went out back and practiced pitching. I spoke with Bu’s coach who asked me to help out with coaching. I told her I would help out as I could, but that we were extremely busy. Abby & I practiced for about 45 minutes in the field out back. Luke went over to his best friend Alex’s house for about a half hour before Abby made popcorn for dinner! Mom has taught her well… They’re calling for another frost advisory tonight. OK; now it’s time for our Waybac feature. Leading off this time, I think we have a picture of Grandpa Owens in the early sixties / late fifties (but there is some dispute of who this actually is a picture of); Grandma Bryan with her friend Steve in June of ’65; Ann’s dog Lulua, circa ’72 with a very cool Pontiac LaMans; me with Schnapps on Elmwood St in Lafayette and also Grandpaw Brown at the same location; Grandma & Grandpa Bryan at the 40&8 on June 9th, 1978 and Dee Dee in kindergarten at about the same general time frame.

Waybac.1950s.GPOmow Waybac.1965.06.Mom.Steve Waybac.1972.Lulua Waybac.1974.12.TomSchnapps Waybac.1975.08.gtw Waybac.1978.06.09.mdbwc Waybac.1978.09.Dee.SchoolPic.PT

Next up we have; Ann from around ’81 or so; my cousin Nate & I at Showbiz in Kokomo in ’83; the Bryan household from the same time period at our Rockwood home’s living room; Sandy and the crew at WTRE in about ’85 or so; Rob & Santa, circa 1985; Rob from about 1986 with our birthday cakes in our kitchen in LaPorte; Dee in a very 80’s sweater around 1987; Ann with Stacy, Sandy and others in her house in about 1988 or so and Robbo in a nicne red suit in our kitchen in December of approximately 1989.

Waybac.1981.09.Ann.SP.ss Waybac.1983.10.Tom.Nate.SBPgl Waybac.1983.12.BryanFamPicLP Waybac.1984.GigiWTRE Waybac.1985.12.Rob.SantaMic Waybac.1986.10.robkbdcs Waybac.1987.Dee.ss Waybac.1988.ASS.Gburg Waybac.1989.12.Rob.Suit2LP

Wrapping up the pictures, we have Rob in his school picture from about 1994-ish; Rob with his new puppy Joe (Kujo) at their new home in Rossville; Mom & George with friend at the welcoming party at the Sand Pebble on May 14 or 1996; Rob helping to clean the boat on June 19, 1996 out by the pole barn of the dream home in Rossville; George again, this time with his wifey-poo Sue (Why don’t we get drunk with Sue?) at the docks in LP on September 1, 1996; Grandma Owens with Matt in his first home in Columbus in October of ’96; Matt with Mommy doing one of my favorite moves on her (atta boy!) in November of ’96, still in our apartment in Columbus; Matt with Grandpa Bryan in the fire place room in the first Rossville home in December of ’96 and Grandma Owens in the living room of her home in Ryle Edition, only a couple feet from where I am typing this now.

Waybac.1994.RobJoe.Rville Waybac.1994.SchoolPicRob. Waybac.1996.05.14.Mom.George.SP Waybac.1996.06.19.Rob.Bayliner.Rville Waybac.1996.09.01.George.Sue.Boat Waybac.1996.10.matt.gmo.cth Waybac.1996.11.Matt.Ann Waybac.1996.12.Matt.gpb.Rville Waybac.1997.MAO.srdlr

Well, that does it for another edition of the Scheu Family Blog. We want to thank you for spending some time with us and hope you enjoyed reading and watching as much as we did living it. We’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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  • Mom

    Tom, another interesting edition of the “Life with the Scheumann’s” with pictures and all. The pic of myself and Steve Tyrell is interesting not only because of the fact that he is dead now but also my finger is broke and taped in the picture and splinted. Brenda broke it when we went bowling. She dropped a ball on it!!! And, of course with her “different” sense of humor, she stood there and laughed and laughed. Finally,I joined her and laughed and laughed also. Oh well, such is life when you get two cousins together who were also very good friends. I miss her and all the history we had together. I am now going to watch the video’s but I also wanted to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to Matt for his making the honor roll!!! Way to go Matt!!! Also the pics are sooo cute of Luke. He is soooo cute!! Abby sounds very busy now and hope everything is going well with all of you. Love always.

  • Oh my gosh, Mom; I didn’t even notice that!! 🙂 That story is great! …well not that Steve is passed away, but the finger part anyhow. Ann called this afternoon at about 1:30 pm, while I as at work and said they were heading out for thier 13 hour cruise. That would put her here very early tomorrow morning…yeah; Luke is a cute little stinker!! Enjoy the first video; that’s the cute one – especially the one where he points. I love the ending to that song!! 🙂 Love ya Ma; talk to you later,
    – Tommy

  • Rob

    WOW I dont know how you do it Tom especially with Ann gone last week. Sounds like Abby likes the role of helping out though. Luke was adorable in the pictures and video. I loved it. The waybac photos were really cool those brought back alot of memories for me. Well I am gonna keep this short had a very long day and half to get up early. Take care and take it easy love ya

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