…Dancing as we Fought the Crowd

…Dancing as we Fought the Crowd

We started off the week a little cooler and ended it a lot wetter. On Monday, Ann left from Florida and made the long, sad trip home. It’s always hard to leave the warmth and freedom of a vacation (c’mon Ann, don’t call it a work retreat!) and come back to the cold reality of a make-up work week. I came home that night and had to run Luke out to baseball practice. However, with the chance of rain later in the week and the hectic schedule we were to have, I had to take advantage of the beautiful weather and come back home to mow and fertilize. Matt helped out with mowing the back which allowed me to put down the crab grass preventer. However, after viewing our lawn later in the week, it was apparent that we should’ve put down dandelion killer instead. …and it’s not just our yard this year (although they are by far the worst we’ve had in a few years), but I’ve seen several lawns this year that are just inundated with this weed. After getting Luke picked up, dropped off and fed; it was off to the dance studio to pick up Abby. I got a chance to watch some of her practice for the new dance they are working on for the end of the year revue coming up. It looks to be pretty cool and very intricate. Ann sent a cool picture of the beach and a cooler with the simple text, “Wish you were here…” Later, we went through the camera to see if she had any other cool pictures only to find she had only taken a total of 5 snapshots. She hopes to have some more from her friend Judy. It was good to hear that Rob started a new job this week. We are very proud of him and loved the pictures he sent from the museum his team is currently working in – upgrading the electrical wiring. The two I liked the best were Davy Crockett’s first rifle and the 1902 Cadillac – very cool man!

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Ann came back early Tuesday morning, at about 3 or 4 in the morning. Obviously, they kept the office closed that day to let the girls get a little rest. That night, I picked up Luke and went to Sunman-Dearborn to catch Matt’s track meet. Although I left work early and hustled the entire time, I was still late getting there and missed the discuss throw. We did make it in time to watch the shot put, which Matt placed fifth in. The kids had a tough meet and ended up losing the for the first time in two years. However, there ended up being a controversy with one of their runners participating with illegal jewelry or something, which disqualified him and they were to lose all points for events that he participated in; so there is a dispute over who won. Ann took Abby to softball practice that night and Matt had to miss yet another baseball practice due to track.

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On Wednesday, I helped facilitate Luke’s baseball practice. I had a couple parents make some very nice comments to me and Ann even said that a couple talked to her about trying to have more of an influence on the coaching staff due to my attitude being more about teaching and learning than being geared more towards winning. So, I will try to be as active as I can; even though I made it clear that I didn’t want to do this anymore. 😛 Our team should be pretty competitive this year, as we have an older team for this league. I finally finished up the video of Abby’s dance with the judge’s critique here:

By Thursday, it was starting to get pretty cool and I even had to break out the big, heavy sweatshirt for the mornings that were starting in the upper 40’s. That night, Matt had to miss still another baseball practice due to the Pirates hosting the North Decatur Chargers, which is where Abby’s good friend, Baili, attends. Greensburg destroyed them that night. Matt participated in his normal discuss and shot put but also surprised us by putting together a team with his throwing buddies (these are big guys!) to enter the 4 x 100 meter relay!  He did pretty good, holding his own – considering he doesn’t know how to stretch before he runs, know how to sprint; much less actually practice sprinting. I hope he sticks with it. They went up against the other entrants, sure; but really their race was against the other thrower’s team. It was neck and neck between the two of them and finally pulled it off, finishing 7th out of 8. Ann tried her best to get the boys on video, but it didn’t turn out so good…

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Friday night, I left early to go to my friend JT’s house for him to work on the van’s front end. It is making loud popping noises when I turn the wheel. He diagnosed it as bad tie rods. However on my way home that night, it became very clear that it was not tie rods making that noise. I just hope the wheels don’t fall off it when I’m going down the road. Ann took Abby to softball and picked up Luke & Matt. I joined them at the ball diamonds a little late, but we still practiced for another hour after I got there. Her coach had asked me to help her team as well. We had a good practice but our team is very young. We have some good talent but we have a lot to learn. We may be able to win games by the time the tourney starts up, but we’re gonna lose more than we win early on this season. Ann was out scrapbooking till late that night, finishing up her project for Mom & Sandy. She put together a scrapbook for them based on their trip to Vegas back in January. It turned out really nice. Although it rained all night, it did stop long enough on Saturday morning for me to get Gigi and MaryAnn’s lawn mowed. JT is working on my weed eater this weekend, so I couldn’t get that done. Amy & Baili came over shortly after noon and we all headed up to Franklin in Mom O’s mini van (thanks, Mom!) so we had plenty of room for everyone. Abby and her dance teams participated in a new competition this year called StarQuest. It was held at Franklin High School, up by our old alma mater – FC. They have built a new school, farther north and west than the old one. It is amazing!! Its campus is roughly the same size as the college! We were in the performing arts center and it was very impressive. Abby’s first dance was the jazz dance to “Tell me Something I Don’t Know.” They earned a gold medal for their performance.

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Her second dance was her tap routine to “Itty Bitty Pretty One.” They earned a very tough “High Gold” score. Their dance also earned them the #1 overall for their division (recreational)!! We are very proud of her. She looked so beautiful up there and so grown up. She is an old pro at this whole competition thing and looked very relaxed up on stage. Afterwards, we all went out to Chili’s for dinner, as it was close to 7 pm by that time, making it a very long day. We had tried to get Matt up to join us today, but he was a lump of mush in his bed and refused to get up the half dozen times we tried to arouse him; so we left him. After dinner, we took a quick cruise around campus to check out our old haunts. It was amazing how much work they have done to the FC campus. There are several new buildings and it looks great. They were in the process of upgrading the football field as we toured last night. We got home in the pouring rain as the wind was starting to really pick up as well. On Sunday, I was thrilled to finally watch a NASCAR race. It has been over a month since I was able to watch a race due to inclement weather delaying the races twice, having a couple of Saturday night races that I can never seem to remember and they took Easter off. What a great Talladega race it was this year! I hated to see Jimmie Johnson screw up Jeff and force him to be at the wrong place at the wrong time when he got caught up in someone else’s wreck; but I was cheering when he got wrecked a few laps later.  It was cool to see a triple ‘green-white-checker’ finish for the first time.

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Well that’s it for this week’s new info. Let’s take a look at the Waybac feature this time. Leading off, we have Grandmaw Brown from Easter Sunday back in May of ’64 in her dining room in Lafayette; Aunt Norma with Kathy and Uncle Keith & Aunt Sharon with their kids; the Owens kids in approx. 1974; Ann’s kindergarten school picture in the fall of ’76; and a shot of our home in Temple City in ’79.

Waybac.1964.05.gbed Waybac.1968.04.Ksnkk Waybac.1974.okp Waybac.1976.09.Aspbwg Waybac.1979.nsdtcch

Next is Ann in her tap outfit from about ’81; Aunt Sharon and Uncle Dan in October of ’83 at Showbiz Pizza party in Kokomo; the Bryan Christmas in LaPorte from about 1983; I think the next one is our baseball team (maybe football?) with the cheerleaders from about ’86 (I have no memory of this event – Mom, any ideas?); and a Brown family reunion at Aunt Marilou & Uncle Kenny’s pole barn in the late summer of about ’88.

Waybac.1981.AnnTapOutfitc Waybac.1983.10.sdsbdcc Waybac.1983.12.BCLPvrsdnkbr Waybac.1986.et Waybac.1988.09.brffegbgdtm

The last round includes Deanna in the newspaper in about ’89 for a Christmas musical performance; Mom & Rob at Christmas in LaPorte; Mom & Dad…or should I say Lil’ Winkie!! 😛 (and George & Terry) during the annual (6th, judging by their shirts) Week 19 Welcome back party at the Sand Pebble in Treasure Island – that is a great party!!; Mom & Dad’s land before they built their home in about ’94; Melvin in Mom’s home in ‘a tuxedo (poor cat) in about ’95; Matt in Mom’s old wooden high chair (yes, it was at least a third generation high chair), upstairs in Mom’s Rossville home in 10 of ’96; and Matt at Christmas in ’96 at our Columbus townhouse.

Waybac.1989.12.dbfgnp Waybac.1989.12.rmb.lpxmas Waybac.1994.05.mdbw19.6abwp Waybac.1994.srdhf Waybac.1995.Meltux Waybac.1996.10.mrvhc1 Waybac.1996.12.25.Mxmas

Well that’s it for this edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up for us this time around and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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    Great job this past week Matt & Abby!!! Loved looking at the pics and seeing the video’s. Abby you are looking like your legs are 5 feet long!! On the old pic of the cheerleaders??? somewhere??? It almost looks like an egg toss in a way but I have no idea Tom. Again, loved the journal for all it had. How did your van ever get?? What do you think it might be? Love you all…..til we meet again….XXXOOO’s

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