Every Day I Work so Hard, Bringing Home my Hard Earned Pay

This was a very long work week for me, putting in about 65 – 70 hours as we progressed through the first half phases of our floor replacement project at our facility. We have run in to a few snags along the way, but delays are inevitable with construction. What a huge difference the new Earthwerks vinyl plank flooring makes! On top of this project, we have also started our generator project this week, removing a tree, digging and laying pipe and then we also received the newest wave of computers. So between the three major projects, our normal stuff and month end; it has been ridiculously busy. Then to top it all off, we had 1 guy out on vacation all week, 1 guy out this week on bereavement for his Dad’s death and then one day had a gal walk out and leave! It has been a major disruption to everyone’s schedule and we had the joy of starting off the first day of the project with a couple gals refusing to vacate their room (we needed to get in there to replace the flooring). I ended up participating in physical interventions for both, including the big one who is 6’2”! It reminded me of the old days… Thanks to Ann for playing the role of the single parent this week; she’s been great – just one more week, baby!! Abby stayed with Grandma on Monday Matt went to weight lifting at 6 am for football on Monday and Tuesday. After being off on Wednesday, he had afternoon practices on Thursday & Friday where they tested their skills at lifting, jumping and running. On Friday, Ann went scrapbooking with her friends. I picked up the kids from her at the high school and took them to Wendy’s. Luke fell off Matt’s Stingray while trying to ride it around the neighborhood and so we had a small crisis moment with a few tears. So instead of bike riding, we hooked up the Wii through Netflix on the new big screen TV and then watched an oldie but a goodie – Look who’s Talking, Too. We all fell asleep before the end of the movie; which was a theme for me this week, as I would sit on the couch and fall asleep within in a half hour…just like someone I remember back in the eighties… I woke up with all the kids sleeping and put on Heavy Metal. It had been quite a while since I sat and watched that classic. I was so excited to see it again…so excited in fact that I fell asleep about 5 minutes in to it! Ann didn’t even bother to wake us, as she had a bad headache for the third straight day. On Saturday morning I took full advantage of sleeping in before taking Luke & Bu over to Mom and Sandy’s to do our weekly yard chores over there before heading back home and doing more of the same. It looked like rain the whole time I was mowing out back but it never opened up. After a quick shower, we headed over to Westport for Gigi’s brother Kenny’s 60th birthday party. It was a surprise party and he was speechless when he walked in blindfolded. Kenny has been very sick the past couple months, but he looked great that day. It was fun to see all the Biddinger’s again. Sandy’s niece, Ally, has a little girl that is so cute. Her boys played with Abby & Luke the entire time, outside on the playground. Sandy’s nephew Chris is engaged and expecting. Sandy worked hard on a slideshow for Kenny, but we didn’t see it. We had to leave after dinner and a couple hours of conversation to get back home for Abby. The dinner was very good: pulled pork sandwiches, chips, potato salad, macaroni salad, macaroni & cheese, veggies and dip and the some of the best baked beans I’d ever had! They were so spicy that Grandma O had to give me hers after only one bite. I had two or three helpings that really made me popular later that night and overnight in our bedroom. 😉 It was good to see Danny and Curtis, who also made the trip 15 minutes south of town. We hadn’t seen them in several months. We got home just in time for Abby’s friend (from dance class), Cara, to come over and spend the night. They went swimming, had popcorn and did girlie stuff. Luke wouldn’t leave them alone. He had a boy from the neighborhood over (Josh) – who probably came over more to see Abby and her friend then to spend time with the 3-years-younger Luke. 

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On Sunday, we again slept in (ahh, it was nice…) before bumming around the house, knocking out weekly chores and just plain having fun. The girls did makeup and whatever else girls do and the boys made Hot Wheel tracks and raced their cars. Later, they all went swimming again. Ann made her baked spaghetti for lunch that filled everybody up. During the Pocono race (where Jeff Gordon had a good day), our washer starting acting up – giving us a couple error messages again (it had this same behavior about 6 months ago); we may be losing the motor, I’m afraid… Mom & Sandy came over later that night. Ann made more salsa and the girls stayed a little while and played a couple games of euchre (we split the two games). Gigi gave me a bunch of pictures from this weekend (thanks man!). I used most of them this week; but there are a few that I’ll use in the Waybac section over the next couple weeks.

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Here’s a video with clips from the week, along from some other interesting things from the ‘net this week:


It’s time now for our Waybac feature. Leading off this week this week is my Grandpaw Brown from early 1964 all dressed up for a K of C 4th Degree event; Grandmaw Brown in August of ’66 – she wrote on the back, “Margaret & I taken at Stone Mountain;” and Great Grandma & Grandpa Morgan in March of ’74.

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Leading off the 2nd section is, “Bob & I at the 40 & 8 on Aug 21, 1976;” Mom B in our living room on Shortridge St. in Lafayette on Christmas Day in ’77; me with my cat Zeke and my future 1st car – the ’64 Galaxie 500 – out in Temple City, Cali in July of ’78 (check out my cool Dodger batting helmet that I got at my first Dodger’s game and how ‘bout that cool Star Wars shirt??); Rob & I (with a really stupid look on my face) with our Great Grandpa Morgan in Grandmaw & Grandpaw Brown’s living room on the infamous davenport 😛 and Ann with Deanna and their cousins in about 1981.

Waybac.1976.08.21.gmgpb.40a8 Waybac.1977.12.sss.lsslr Waybac.1978.07.tms.z.g500.tccnsd1 Waybac.1978.07.tms.z.g500.tccnsd2 Waybac.1980.10.26.tms.reb.ggpm.lesd Waybac.1981.do.ao.c

Next up we’ve got Rob on Christmas morning in LaPorte; Dad B, Rob and his Cabbage Patch Kid in the first half of ’84 in what appears to be a motel room (no info on this one; all guesses); Rob, Grandpaw Brown and Dad B on our screened-in porch in LP in about August of ’84; Mom & Dad B. with their new car (Ford LTD maybe?) out in front of our home in about late ’84.

Waybac.1983.12.reb.rlb.lpcd Waybac.1984.04.reb.reb.cpk.mr Waybac.1984.08.reb.rlb.reb.lpfp Waybac.1985.06.madbncrslp

Wrapping up this section is Brett & Tammy in August of ’85; Grandmaw Brown, Tammy, Aunt Marilou and Dad B playing euchre out in the pole barn at Kenny & Marilou’s house in Rossville in late summer of ’85; me in our living room in October of ’85; Keith & Sandy in California in about ’85; Sandy with Melvin, circa 1990; and Mel drinking a Diet Coke in about ’94.

Waybac.1985.08.bath Waybac.1985.08.reb.mlh.cb.th.ri Waybac.1985.10.tms.lplrjw Waybac.1985.skb.ko.cp Waybac.1990.skb.m.sa Waybac.1994.melDC

Well that wraps up another edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this week and we’ll catch up with ya next time. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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  • Rob

    Wow!! You did have a crazy week. I hope you hang in there and make it through this week too. I really enjoyed the Jeff Beck video with Metallica and the other greats. Kick ASs!! The old pictures were really cool too brought back lots of memories for me. So cool how pictures can take you back like that. I just wish we could go back to some of those summers on Rockwood St. What a great time back then brother. Oh that picture of Dad and Mom with the new car was the Grand Marquise they bought. They didnt keep it that long It was either too big for mom to maneauver or they had to get rid of it when dad lost his job at Bernachi’s. Oh and the Galaxy that car was cool. I had my fist experience driving a car down some country road one day with you. Thanks again bro you were the best and still are buddy. Oh I may have had my first pinch of Skoal in that car too. I just remember getting sick as a dog but I sure was cool like you!! Haha! Inever did pick up that habit thank god even though some Beechnut Chaw is ok every now and again. I think I picked up liking that in my early days at Rossville. Imagine That.. Well take care dude and have a good week. We should talk soon. Love ya man!

  • Mom

    Rob is right about the Grand Marquis and we got rid of it because of the color. That black was the hardest color to keep clean. I forget what car we got after trading that in. Oh well, I’ll think of it later. Robert Plant was here in Tampa over the weekend. I guess he did a great job according to the review. The video was great of Sandy’s brother. I think he was truly surprised!!! I am not sure where that pic of dad and Rob with his Rusty Frank doll was taken. Hope this week goes a little better for you. Our love to all and we’ll probably talk this weekend. XXXOOO’s. God Bless Rock N Roll Baby!!!

  • Rusty Frank! Too funny!! Rob, you still got that little guy?? 😛 Yeah; we had some fun times in that old Galaxie… That Jeff Beck video had Jimmy Page in it too, but he took a back seat since it was Jeff going in to the HoF. Speaking of HoF, Grandpaw would’ve been tickled to see Andre “The Hawk” Dawson go in to the HoF here recently, wouldn’t he? We still have that Cubs plaque he gave you years ago…along with a butt-load of other items in our garage still. You guys need to come visit and pick that stuff up! I am digging these old pictures too; and you’re right, the memories come flooding back. I’ll have to see if I can find any of “Aunt” Lou for this next week’s entry. I may have already posted everything I have of her with us. I know there were a bunch of when you two first met. I doubt you have much of a memory of her; she was more in our lives before we moved to Cali. I don’t remember the Grand Marquis for some reason. I also heard some good reviews of that Robert Plant & the Band of Joy show in Tampa. Mom, I think you would like the direction his music is headed here lately. It very much based in the old country blues style that you guys used to listen to back when I was little and forced to put up with all the time!! 🙂 …or was it the other way around with my stereo. I can still hear you guys shouting up the staircase – “TURN THAT MUSIC DOWN!!” I think that was when I suddenly received a nice set of headphones that were probably more for you than me. LOL Talk with you guys soon; take care and we love you all.
    Later, Tom

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