Dream Until your Dream Comes True

Things really picked up this week for us…and what a special week it was! It’s officially fall – the kids started back to school and they all had their first fall sports games. It was an exciting week that actually started last Sunday. After only a few hours of sleep, the girls were up and primping in preparation of attending a concert up at the State Fair Grounds in Indy. They went with Amy & Baili to see the young Disney star, Selena Gomez. Abby danced to one of her songs last year (“Tell me Something I don’t Know”). She also stars in one of Abby’s favorite Disney Channel shows – The Wizards of Waverly Place. Selena Gomez & the Scene got high reviews from Ann and several other attendees at the show (you can read more about the show, including the reviews here). The coolest moment of the show for Ann?…There was a severe heat advisory that day due to high temps and rough humidity…and during her show, this teenage girl – with all her fans screaming for her – takes a moment right in the middle of her set and gets a cool, wet towel for one of her physically challenged fans in a wheel chair. She’s not a diva yet! After the show, the gals waited in line for a couple of sweaty hours to meet and get autographs from the opening boy band Days II Difference. The gals got several autographs and a couple pictures and said it was worth every drop of sweat and bitchy pre-teen hormone in that line! Abby came home with a signed shirt, signed CD and a picture with her favorite band member.

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On Monday, the girls took the day off and slept in. They made it a special day by getting their hair done and doing more back-to-school shopping. That night, Matt was back on the football practice field. Ann ran Abby to her jazz class and then on to soccer practice, where Ann caught up with Lukey. I got home just in time for popcorn and bedtime. On Tuesday, Bu & Lukey went to Brandy’s for the final time this summer. That evening, I took them both to soccer practice. Luke’s coach & team didn’t show up, so I called her and found out that the practice had been moved to the night before (Monday); we didn’t know about it, since we missed practice and the first game last week while we were on vacation…so we just hung out until Bu was done. Wednesday was the first day of school for the 2010 – 2011 school year (sound weird, huh?). 🙁 Matt’s first day of high school went well as did the first day back for Abby in her “senior” year at the elementary school. Lukey just loves 1st grade and his teacher even though none of his close buddies are in his class this year…

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On Thursday, Matt went to football practice but Matt & Abby had to miss soccer practice yet again and Bu had to miss her other dance class as well as the elementary school held their annual open house. I went with Luke and Ann went with Abby. Luke had a couple of neat pictures as he showed me all around his class and the school. Luke’s teacher is Mrs. Wagner. She seems very nice. It is amazing how many people Luke knows – both kids and teachers. Abby’s teacher is Ms. Emly. I have not met her yet, but Bu seems to like her very much. Abby is also very popular in that school. It was fun to see all the people out at the school but it’s hard to believe that it’s really school time already…

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On Friday evening, Matt experienced a small part of his dreams coming true… I came home from work long enough to gather everyone together, grab some Wendy’s drive through and head up the highway to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indy for the annual Peyback Classic XI, hosted by Peyton Manning. Greensburg High School was lucky enough to gain an entry against Shelbyville in this year’s second game. The early game was Mt. Vernon vs. Kokomo, who eventually won the opener. We met Natalie and her kids up at the game (Brayton now goes to Mt. Vernon after their last move). Matt and the other freshmen actually got to dress and perform pre-game warm-ups; although they would be on the sidelines for the game. Peyton spent some time with the kids on both sides and was very cool. He was joined before the game by Colts WR Anthony Gonzales. Matt was under strict orders to pay attention to the game and not Mr. Manning; and he did a good job with that, even though Peyton passed within less than 5 feet of him! He stayed on task – even though I was hoping he’d jump up next to him so I could snap off a quick picture! 😉 Abby went down to the student section and helped root on the team with her long-time friend and soccer teammate Emma Hellmich. We had some killer seats – 10th row, right on the 50 yard line. We could’ve gotten closer but I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to see everything behind the boys so we sat with the Kelso’s and had a great time. Luke hung out with his girlfriend Kayla Kelso and they entertained each other through this extra long night. They were so cute together! Although Matt was really hoping for a chance to play, all the freshmen were relegated to sideline patrol – even when the game was out of reach. I was calling for the coaches to play the freshmen over the last minute and a half – but to no avail…and wouldn’t you know it; the starting running back and quarterback got hurt on the last two plays of the game…such as shame; not only about the players who got hurt unnecessarily during plays that would have no effect on the outcome of the ball game – but also for the youger kids who would get only this one chance to play a down on the Indianapolis Colt’s football field – a chance that will never come again in their lifetime…and for what? I thought it was a really cool move to have the kids dress but a shame that they couldn’t have at least 1 play each…just another wasted opportunity in Greensburg. The games were televised on WNDY, channel 23, in Indy. We taped the game and watched it back later – seeing both Matt & Abby a few times. I took some bootleg footage of it off the TV screen, but I’m trying to figure out a way to get it transferred from our DVR in a higher quality way… I have a few ideas; but if anyone has any other proven ways to bring the video files from our Comcast (Insight) Motorola DVR to our laptop, please speak up! Greensburg lost 21 to 6 in the end. It was much closer than the score would indicate as Greensburg squandered away several chances. Overall it was a very cool opportunity for Greensburg and all the schools. Our heartfelt thanks go out to the generosity of Peyton Manning and his foundation for the tremendous opportunity.

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After getting home very late (early) Saturday morning, we were right back at it again at sunrise on Saturday morning. Abby & I went to Sunman for her first soccer game of the year (the team’s second). They played a pretty talented Sunman team that was a very entertaining and provided an evenly matched game. It went back and forth but Bu’s team eventually lost 3-2 to lower their record to 0-2. Abby had a couple shots on goal that just missed. She didn’t see much action. The first half she played maybe 5 minutes. She was pretty pissed as was I; but I can’t blame the coach – she missed lots of practices and will continue to miss practices each week with her dance classes unless we can get something changed. She played defense the first half and started the second half at defense again before being pulled after playing yet another 5 minutes. We’re talking about 20 minute halves, so she saw a lot of bench time. She did get back in for the final 5 or 10 minutes at midfielder and had her two shots on goal. She played very well the second half though she did look a little winded at the end. Even though she is in phenomenal shape, she still has some work to do to get in to soccer shape. Still, all things considered; she looked pretty good for a gal that has had such limited experience this year going against players that have likely double the playing / practice time as her. It was also her first game on the U-12 field (much bigger!). Luke played simultaneously here in town. He still hadn’t gotten his soccer uniform yet, as he didn’t see any practice time before this week’s game. He played 3 of the 4 quarters, however. He started at defense, then played goalie and finally forward. He did not make any goals but if the video Ann took is any indication of the entire game, Luke did dominate the field of play without being a ball hog. I was impressed and can’t wait to watch him next week in person! His team won their second in a row this year to begin the year 2-0. We had lunch when we got home and then it was off to mow Grandma & Gigi’s yard and ours for the first time in two weeks. I had to pull the dogwood tree up, as it was completely dead and dry as firewood. I think the culprit was a mix between the extreme rainfall, followed by the extreme heat and finally a fungus that zapped all of its moisture. I think the same thing is happening to all our trees actually. We probably need to have a specialist take a look at them before we lose them. We also had issues with our new Whirlpool Gold refrigerator. There is no ice or water. I took the water line and plumbing all apart and discovered that the entire intake supply is running fine, so the issue must be internally with the fridge. I know that the filter needed to be changed a couple months ago, so I don’t know if that is the issue or what is occurring (wouldn’t you know that we couldn’t find one locally, so we ordered one off the internet); but we’ll need to look closer at this issue next week and probably get someone out to look at it, since it is still under warranty. Abby had Gracie over to spend the night as we had pizza and zonked out early. On Sunday, we did our weekly chores – thankfully the washer had another good week. It was very warm today so the girls played outdoors most of the morning, going for a couple bike rides and then jumping in the pool in the afternoon for a cool down swim. They got to play with the new boogie board from Mr. Surf’s Surf Shop finally! The water was fairly dirty so I vacuumed it out and rebalanced the chemicals once they got out. Grandma called and was all excited that she saw Matt & Bu on TV on Friday night! We visited with Deanna & Jamie for a little while when they came by to pick up Grace. Luke & Ann went to see Phyllis & Dick and brought home a bunch of veggies for another batch of salsa! It was a sport-less game day due to no race (I can never remember those darn Saturday night ones!) and no football (what was up with that?)…so we watched movies all day and took naps.

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Here are four videos of all the action this week along with my weekly music-related one as well (what; no Zep??):

The Final Frontier – Director’s Cut

Iron Maiden | MySpace Music Videos

OK; let’s take a look at some Waybac pictures. This batch will be my last. I’m gonna have to dig another box out of the closet and warm up the scanner this week in order to restock my archives! 😛 Leading off this week’s early years feature we have a couple from Grandpaw Brown’s tour of duty in Europe during World War II in the early fifties and one of Grandmaw & Grandpaw Brown in their living room in Lafayette for some sort of anniversary date in May of ’64.

Waybac.1940s.gpb.wwIIa Waybac.1940s.gpb.wwIIb Waybac.1964.05.gmgpbapeslrlipp

The middle years of the Waybac feature has Mom & I in August of ’76 at Aunt Norma & Uncle Ralph’s house in the side yard in Lafayette playing jarts; Ann in her kindergarten picture in Greensburg in the fall of ’76 (a couple crops); Ann with her dance partner in approximately ’77 at the Dixon Dance Studios in Greensburg and Rob in Wisconsin in ‘89/’90 after a long day on the lake catching fish!

Waybac.1976.08.tms.sss.anurh.li.jg Waybac.1976.09.aeo.gesp1 Waybac.1976.09.aeo.gesp2 Waybac.1977.05.aeo.dp.dd.gi Waybac.1990.rebfiw

The final section and latter years era starts with Keith and Rosie at their wedding in LaPorte with the whole wedding party in LaPorte in ’93; Dad B (or shall we say Little Winkie?) at the Sixth Annual Week 19 Bash in what I believe was May of ’95 in Treasure Island, FL; Matt in our townhouse in Columbus in 1996 and Rob with our cousins Nathan & Katie and Dena Marie at Mom & Dad’s house in Rossville at the ’97-ish Bryan Christmas.

Waybac.1993.karowpwwpaa.lpi Waybac.1995.05.reb.lw.sawnsb.ccacob Waybac.1996.08.mns.bbocva.ci Waybac.1997.12.bc.nsdmbksrb.rifh

Well, that wraps up another edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this week and we’ll catch ya up next time. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

5 comments to Dream Until your Dream Comes True

  • Robby

    Hey man looks like you had a very cool week. The videos from Indy were really cool. What a thrill that must have been for Matt. That will be something he will always remember. I wish I could have been there with ya’all. I ended up note going on the solar panel job so I remain working in schools updating HVAC controls. the bummer is I have had to go to nights but we work Mon- Thur so I have 3 day weekend so that is good. It is hard on Sharon not having me around in evenings. So whats your guys plans for Labor Day? Last big holiday of the summer right arround the corner. Oh the picture of me with the fish is taken one summer I went to stay with Uncle Kenny and Aunt Marilou we still lived in Laporte. They took me fishing at this private pond that was full of catfish. I still remember Uncle Kenny smacking them in the head with a mallet to kill them so he could clean them. they were mighty good as was all the fish he cooked over the years. What I wouldn’t give to go back to a fish fry playing frisbee in there yard and watching Homer fly wanna his planes. Well love ya buddy..Rob

  • Sorry to hear the solar panel job didn’t work out. I can only imagine how hard it would be to work different shifts than my spouse/significant other at my age…that would be tough. We don’t have any plans for Labor Day at this point; I don’t think either of us have even thought about it…maybe rest?? 🙂 LOL What are you guys doing besides watching the Jerry Lewis Telethon? Do you remember us watching that with Mom & Dad & Grandma & Grandpa? I remember we were in California when I finally made it all the way through the night for the first time when you were still ineutero! Thanks for the info on the fish picture. I love that picture…and I agree with the fish fries at Uncle Kenny’s – those were always good times. I need someone to throw a good disc with sometime!! Matt is getting better each year and Bu & Luke are learning; but sometimes I just wish I had someone with a little more skills. 🙂 Miss ya bro.
    Later, Tom

  • Mom

    Well…where do I begin??? I had to laugh when I saw Luke riding his bike in street and drive. Reminded me of another little boy a while back doing the same thing and I actually think you had a pair of red shorts with the white stripe on them just like the ones on Luke. The video of the game which Matt was part of was awesome as were the pictures. Abby’s game video was good too. Good going kiddo and keep it up!! The kids are getting bigger and bigger so quickly. Someone put a lid on their heads!!! I can’t figure out what dad is carrying in the Week 19 picture. The picture of mom and dad all dressed up is a dance or something with the Knights of Columbus in his uniform that they wear. He looked good all dressed up huh??? It was one of the first outings that mom went to not long after her cancer treatments. She had lost alot of weight at the time I remember. One last thing….it looked like Lukie had to either go to the bathroom or his shorts were bothering him at his Soccer game. Tee Hee!! He looked good also though. Give all XXX & OOO’s and I send my love…..

  • That’s scary; I think I remember those shorts…except Luke’s are a tad longer, I suspect. LOL You’re right; the Lucas Oil Stadium experience was very cool. All the kids promised me when they were young that they would, “Stay little forever.” Dad is carrying the old Sony camcorder that you eventually passed on to us. It used 8mm tapes. He also has a disposable foam cooler…no doubt full of Bud Light! 🙂 I never realized Grandma underwent cancer treatments back in 1964…I didn’t even realize they had treatment options back then! I thought they just did a “blood-let” back then…in that they would let out a pint of blood for all the major illnesses like in the middle ages! 🙂 We love you mom; have a good week! Tell Dad we said hi and Luke wants to know how he is feeling! (Ann & I kind of want to know as well!!)
    – Tom

  • Mom

    Tell Luke Grandpa says he is doing good but he misses him!! We are getting new tile on the floor in both bathrooms tomorrow so I am excited. Just what poor dad wants to supervise the day before he goes back to work huh? Also, I wanted to tell Abby she sure is special getting to get to go to such a concert. What a thrill!!! Looked like they were having fun. Yes, back in Grandma’s day, the treatment for cervex cancer was colbalt and radium. It was very painful I believe and people even thought that you could get cancer from another person and even drinking after them or breathing the same air as they did. It was very hard on mom when she went back to work as some people were very cruel to her. Bless her heart. I miss her every day. Well, better go give my love to all. XXXOOO’s

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