Try to Rob Us of It, but It’s No Use

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Well so much for cooler temps, eh? Whew! Not one day has gone by this work week where I haven’t sweated my butt off!! The weekend was another story though, thankfully. We had another busy week at the Scheu family abode. On Monday, we were right back in to the swing of things with Matt at football, Abby at dance practice (tap) and soccer and Lukey at soccer practice as well. Remember how I told you I wasn’t coaching this year to focus more on photography and video? …well that lasted how long? After Luke’s practice, his coach pulled me aside and asked me to help her out in practices. Apparently, they did not give her an assistant coach and none of the other parents were willing to help out; so I re-enlisted… On Tuesday, we were right back at it again with an exact repeat of last night’s practice routine. I did help facilitate practice and we worked pretty hard on our passes and shooting…oh; and staying spread out. I really don’t mind helping out…at practice. On Wednesday I picked up the kids at Mom’s after work and we ran errands around town before returning home and doing some outside chores that evening. We cleaned out the pool which had somehow been filled with what seemed like a dump truck of sand and dirt…not real sure where that came from; but anyhow, we got it sparkling clear again before jumping in for a quick dip and then calling it a night. On Thursday night, we attended Matt’s next freshman football game. This week, they played Jennings County. The game was close right up until the last 2 or 3 minutes of the game. Matt started at defensive tackle again this game. He played a little less than the last game due to a few of the players being healthy to play again. Still, he was on the field for 90% of the plays from scrimmage. He played tight end again, but knows the plays well enough and where everyone goes that he is able to swap to other positions as well. That night he also played both tackle and guard on the offensive side. I think he’s really starting to get it. He also played on all special teams. It was on a kickoff return team that he had his fumble recovery! He also had 5 near-sacks as he and other linemen were able to carve holes in their pass protection all evening (Dad was awful proud!!). Still, they had their hands full. At halftime, they were up by a touchdown, 16-8. They were able to tie it early in the 3rd quarter and clearly held the momentum on their side as they were really fired up. However, thanks to an acrobatic interception by our safety/quarterback, we were able to come back down the field. I was joking with Dick Hellmich that the offense only scored when Matt was on the field; and it actually turned out to be a factual statement! I hope the coaches were paying attention to that stat! On their scoring play on the third drive, Matt fired out and sealed the week side flat with a fantastic block that sprung the quarterback around the outside and in to the end zone, 40 yards away. This was a repeat of a play that worked well several times for them this evening, including their second score of the game. Even then, with less than three minutes to play, Jennings County had the ball, driving, inside the 20 yard line. The Pirates were able to force the ball over on downs with only a couple minutes to play. Matt had 1 solo tackle and was in on several other gang tackles. He had one pancake (!) and also got leveled himself once during a kickoff (he got blindsided; I couldn’t help but laugh as he shook his head while still down on the field and then pounced right up and starting running again). His hand is doing much better. He has a small pad and gets it taped real well each practice / game. The poor kid ended up with a really nasty blister on the bottom of his foot after the game; so we treated it and warned him about good foot protection from now on during practice and games. The Pirates’ won their 2nd of 2 games to keep a perfect record of 2-0 for the season as they won 28-14.

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On Friday, Ann came home to wait on the Whirlpool repairman again this week…with the same frustrating result – no show by the technician. They still didn’t call Ann on her cell phone like we have requested twice now. They gave her some form of an excuse after leaving her waiting for like three hours. She was not happy; nor am I… I had an eye doctor appointment for the redness and aching in my left eye. It turned out to be the same swelling of the outer layer of the white part of my eye. Not sure what is causing it, but I have to up my steroid that I’ve been applying to it. That night, Matt again dressed for the varsity football game but like the previous two games, saw no action on the field. We did not attend the game that evening. The Pirates were in a dog fight right until the very end but eventually lost the game 6-0 to lower their record to 1-2 for the year. While that was going on, Rob and Sharon called. They were planning to stay with us later in the weekend, on their way back from Lafayette. However, things played out in our favor and they were able to get their trailer loaded up (they cleared out their storage unit up there) early and headed down to see us. They got in just after sundown that evening and we got them parked over at the radio station (thanks Gigi!!) because they were pulling a twenty-four-footer and had no way to get back out of our neighborhood due to them having the back street torn up and under construction. The dogs took instantly to them both and didn’t bark more than once or twice the entire weekend. We sat out back in sweatshirts (it was pretty breezy and awfully cool – in the upper 50’s/lower 60’s) and had a couple beers before calling it a relatively early night. We were up early on Saturday morning. Ann took Matt over to Columbus to get his stitches out! Meanwhile, I took the kids and Rob & Sharon over to the soccer fields for our two games that morning. Luke started us off at 9 and played well against the Comets. Lukey played forward the 1st quarter and had three shots on goal – none of which when in unfortunately. However, his passing was the star of the show. He did very well of setting up his teammates. The whole team did a better job of passing (which is what we worked on at our practice) and were dominant the entire game. Luke played defense in the 2nd quarter and the other team didn’t even get a shot on goal. He sat out the 3rd quarter and then played goalie in the final quarter. He had two saves as they held on to win the game 2-0 (the only two goals were scored in the 1st quarter). This victory raised their overall record to 4-0.

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We had a short layover before Abby’s game started at the U-14 field. Abby’s team played Batesville’s All about Water team. As with most of the Batesville teams, this one had some very good talent. Ann had to leave at halftime to get Matt picked up from football practice before joining us for the 2nd half. Abby got the start this game at far side midfielder. She had a very good game. Again, their team could’ve probably benefited from a late-week practice, since they last got together on Tuesday…and it showed. They have a young team that again showed their age. They did play better but still ended up dropping their fourth straight game. Abby played all over the huge field, doing everything well…from taking three shots on goal, to playing good defense all the way down on the other end of the field to improved passing and becoming the preferred throw-in player (she had five or six). Although she was obviously tired – especially late in the 2nd half – she looked to be in better shape than any previous game. She played nearly the entire game, subbing out only once each half for only a few minutes at a time. They gave up a couple of early goals and never could get back in it. They lost 3-0, but played much closer than the score would indicate. This loss dropped their overall record to 0-4.

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Once we got back home, Ann made a big lunch with hot sandwiches that featured her adobo sauce (this batch was especially hot!). Afterward, we took a short nap and then got up and played a couple hours of catch with the Frisbee and a couple footballs out in the street and front yard. We ran to the store to pick up a few refreshments…and no, we didn’t go sailing with Jerry; though we did hop on board with the Captain! 😛 We watched the Boilers We threw more Frisbee and then played a competitive game of kickball. We played until dusk when Ann called us in for a great dinner of homemade lasagna!! For dessert, she made a delicious chocolate chip dip with some nilla wafers…yum! After dinner, we watched some more football for awhile before we dug out the glow-in-the-dark Frisbee and headed out back to the field and street in the new edition out behind the fence and played for another couple hours of nighttime disc! We had a fun time but were extremely sore that night and especially when we woke up on Sunday morning! Ann made homemade French toast that hit the spot as we struggled just to move around the house. Ann said that’s what we get for acting like we were still teenagers (thanks hon!). Later that morning, we dug out Rob’s boxes of his old cards & collectibles as well as some of Grandpa Brown’s old decanters, pitchers and old Tavern Beer cans and bottles, which are quite collectible and should be worth quite a bit of money in the superior condition they are in, currently. While we had the garage torn apart, we got out the Green Machine and took turns on it! We eventually got all of Rob’s boxes out and loaded up and got them back on the road about lunchtime. It was a great visit and although we were sad to see them leave, we knew they had a long drive and hard work unloading that huge trailer when they finally got home. Everybody took a nap that afternoon, except for Bu who ended up going over to Megan’s house to spend the night. Luke and I tried to go out play catch with a Nerf football but after only 5 minutes, I had to stop because too many sore muscles. Even a heavy dose of ibuprofen couldn’t snap my body back in to shape. God; am I old…I wonder if Rob feels as awful as my body does… On Monday, we did our weekly chores around the house as we watched the truck NASCAR race, the USA basketball game, a couple college football games and the Reds battle the Rockies. How ‘bout those Redlegs?? They were up by 8 games the last time I checked!! How cool would it be to see a triple crown won by a Red? Go Joey Votto! We welcomed home Abby who brought Megan with her to spend the day with us. We also had Mom & Sandy over for a couple hours during lunch. We had them over for a small cookout. Ann had burgers and dogs as well as her red potato fries, curly noodle mac & cheese, home made salsa with chips that hit the spot on a lazy day that saw a small warm-up. After a weekend of gorgeous fall-type weather in the seventies, it jumped in to the upper eighties and may have hit 90 at one point. At least we got a small reprieve from the air conditioner bill for a few days with the house opened up for the first time in several months. Our neighbor Christy called shortly after lunch and Luke ended up spending the afternoon and early evening over at her house with his best friend Alex. It was a lazy Labor Day and we only watched the Jerry Lewis Telethon a few times. We noticed that it wasn’t on as long as it had been in previous years and that they were spending less time in Vegas and more at the local stations. The only time we even saw Jerry was in a few goofy pre-taped promos. We wondered where he was and if he was sick again…

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Here are three videos from the kids’ games this week as well as a few clips of Uncle Robby with the kiddos mixed in. In addition, I have several Zep-related videos that surfaced on the net this week. Enjoy!

During the week, I was able to spend a few minutes here and there and got a couple hundred Waybac photos scanned, which is only a small fraction of what I have pulled out for this year’s batch. I have a few to share with you this week and have to tell you that there are dozens of priceless photos that will be posted here in the coming weeks! So without further ado, let’s get on with this week’s Waybac features… Leading off this week, we have a couple from Dean’s Kodochrome slides. Maryann gave us several slides to copy. I’ve got about half of them done and the colors are very vivid. The 1st one is of the football field with the marching band. Maryann can’t figure out if Dean was in this picture or took the picture, since he played trumpet in the band, it could be either ’55 or ’56. This field is where the kids played soccer this past weekend, Washington Field. Of course back then there wasn’t even the school there, just the field. You can also see the old train track in the background, which has since been torn out. The other one is of Grandma Owens’ old house where Dean grew up, in Greensburg. The next three are from Grandma Mary Bryan’s home in her living room. The two are from Christmas of ’74 with Sharon & Dan. The third one is a year later in December of ’75 with Sharon introducing her new arrival (Nathan) to Dad B (love the hair, Uncle Ron!!). 😛

Next up is a couple crops of Robby out in our backyard shortly after we moved in to the Rockwood St. home in LaPorte. He loved those damn sunflowers! This was our old original, 1-car garage in 1983. The next summer, I would take on the task of re-painting it. The next picture is from Kokomo in the Smith’s kitchen. I was still relegated to the kid table, obviously!  I would assume this was during the holidays, late in the year. The next one is from the following summer in ’84, back at the Smith’s home on S. Waugh St. This was just as everyone was leaving at dusk and includes Vird & Belinda before children, Dan & Sharon with a young Nathan & Katie as well as Dad B with Rob & I…and Mom taking the pictures. The last one from this era is of Grandpa Brown and Rob in what I believe is Thanksgiving of ’85 with a wishbone in our living room up in LaPorte.

Waybac.1983.08.reb.lpi.ogsf1 Waybac.1983.08.reb.lpi.ogsf2 Waybac.1983.reb.tms.ns.ks.kiki Waybac.1985.reb.rlb.lpi.tdw

The last section starts with a picture of my gorgeous wife in about ’92. The next three are from early August in 2000 and features Matt & Abby. Matt would use the remote control to take Bu around on the train in our living room when we lived on Main St. in Greensburg. The final picture of the day is from late August of 2000 with Matt & I at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana in late August of 2000. Waybac.2000.08.ags.msgi.rt2 Waybac.2000.08.ags.msgi.rt3 Waybac.2000.08.mns.ags.msgi.rt1

That wraps up another edition of the Scheu Family Blog. As always, thanks for hanging out for a while and catching up with us this week. We’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one…
Later, Scheu

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  • Rob and Sharon,
    It was really hard to put in to words how important it was to us that you guys came down to spend time with us and the kids. You two are so much fun to be around. The time we spent playing ball and hanging out was really cool. I know that I really enjoyed it. The kids haven’t stopped talking about it either. We love you guys so much and wish we could spend alot more time together. Even more than for myself, I think it was really good for the kids to spend time with you both. I know the pictures show the genuine love and affection they have for you two and I’m sure you felt it as well…although it probably felt more like an overbearing wall of adrenaline-fueled neediness, mixed with a touch of whininess and a strong dose of attention-seeking competitiveness. …like I said; it was hard to put in to words! 🙂 We were glad to hear you made it safely with that big trailer behind you. …and was glad to hear that Dad didn’t get out to the clubs after that unintelligible voice mail he left on my cell phone late on Sunday night! LOL!! Sorry I missed that call! 😉 Well; better get; time to eat dinner and get the kids to bed. Tomorrow’s a school day and it’ll be a long night with Matt playing a special Tuesday night game. Love you guys and talk with you soon.
    Later, Tom

  • Mom

    Great video’s of games for all three of my kiddies!! That little blond girl sure did give Abby some trouble and the rest of the team too!! All I want to know is…did your home escape the wrestling match between Rob and Matt? I sure hope so. Luke kills me with his comments and the one where he was playing catch with Uncle Rob. Very cute!! Looks like the weather was sure pretty this past weekend and I hope the next one is pretty for you too. Good Stairway to Heaven too…. Love you and XXXOOO’s.

  • Yeah; it survived! I did have to referee a little bit; but it was cute that Rob (the little brother) was sticking up for Luke (also the little brother). They formed a little bond at that moment and it lasted the rest of the weekend…it was pretty neat! 🙂 You’re right; the weather was gorgeous. It’s really cooled down this week. It’s 49 degrees right now as I type this before work. I was glad to hear everything was OK yesterday and only a “senior moment!” LOL! Love you Mom. Have a good week…
    – Tom

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