Last Sunday, it really started to feel like Christmas as we had not one but two visits from old jolly guys with white beards! Grandpa & Grandma Scheu surprised us by making plans earlier in the week to make the trip down to see us. It is hard to believe it has been a year since we last saw them. This year, we were especially bad as we only talked to them a couple times this year and didn’t even make it up to Lafayette in 2010…that is a first for us… They rolled in to town about mid-morning. Thankfully the weather was decent, and although the back roads were still pretty treacherous, the highways were clear and safe. We had coffeecake and a nice visit for a couple hours. We exchanged presents (I absolutely love my zip-up Purdue hoodie – thanks Barb!!) and then decided to go out to eat. We ended up at El Reparo (Mexican food) where we could have a couple drinks and relax. We had a long lunch and had a lot of laughs. I had anticipated having them come back to our house afterwards, but Dad wanted to get on back so we said our good-byes and went home alone. I was bummed that we didn’t even get a group picture…

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We weren’t even home an hour before we heard the sound of jingle bells on our front porch. Abby opened the door to find Santa who had come bearing presents. The only problem was that Lukey was now deep in sleep. So we had Santa wake up Lucas. The look on his face was priceless… Luke had a nice visit with Santa and the other kids were gracious as well and posed for pictures and generally put on a good show for their little brother. We were proud of them. Santa stayed for about half an hour before he had to get back to the North Pole. Luke saw him to the door and tried to watch him leave. Dad and big brother decided to have a timely wrestling match however and Lukey was upset that he didn’t get to see a reindeer… That night, after his shower, Luke was going to the restroom when we heard a blood-curdling scream. Ann rushed back to find him sobbing and yelling incoherently, trying to explain what had happened…but there was not way of figuring out what he was trying to say to us. Finally, Ann figured out that he was trying to say that his private parts were burning. Eventually, Ann was able to do some detective work (all those TV shows are finally paying off!!) and put together the events of that evening. It seems that Luke decided to use a different body wash during his shower that evening. Instead of using the product that he and I use daily, he decided to use one of Matt’s…that of his acne facial scrub! He had used that scrub all over his body and most of his skin was now beat red and when he went to urinate, I guess there was some form a chemical reaction. He learned a valuable lesson that night…at least he said he did; either way, I know we learned one ourselves – with all the misadventures he’s had in the bathroom this year, we’ve decided to have him go back to showering with me until further notice.

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On Monday, the weather was funky. We woke up to some snow fog, which was very heavy in spots – making driving very difficult. The day flew by for me at work. Abby was again selected to do morning announcements at school. She had jazz class that afternoon and Matt had wrestling practice. I spoke to Mom O on the phone. It seems that JC Penney’s has screwed her again. She had ordered a go-kart for Lucas several weeks ago from their catalog. A couple weeks ago, she called them back to inquire about the status of the order only to find out they had cancelled the order. So, they re-ordered the item for her and today she again called to see where the item was and was told it was now on backorder and would not be delivered before Christmas now. She was furious and had me to find what was available online. I found several but the shipping was just outrageous and we encouraged her to either let him get it afterwards or find something else for him. In the end, she agreed with us that the shipping was way too expensive. Luke had another issue that evening when we again heard him presenting with his “whiney bubbles.” He came out and again was unintelligible with crying and blathering on Mom’s lap. Finally, he blurted out, “My blood is bristling and ‘buzzeling’…it’s sizzling like soup!!” 😛 We still aren’t sure what the hell he was carrying on about, but Ann made it all better. I still say he was just tired and out of his mind.
On Tuesday, we woke up to another 2” of snow on the ground. We had a 2-hour delay again, which just kills us. Ann had an important meeting, so I stayed with the kids and Ann headed on in to town. When I finally headed in, I made the mistake of going the back roads which had not been cleared yet and it was a slow, hard drive in…at times, I had to go about 30 mph because the van was jumping left and right and was all I could do to maintain control. It was again a fast day at work as I finished up my monthly report in between getting things in place for me to be gone on vacation. The snow fog returned for our rides home. We let Deanna & Jamie borrow the mini van because Jamie’s car was in the shop. Wouldn’t you know it…we received a phone call from Mom that evening. Seems she was out shopping at Wal-Mart for Lukey and you won’t believe what she found setting on the shelf – yep Luke’s blue go-kart. I had just checked it online the night before and it was listed as not carried in Greensburg…nice, huh? Anyhow, she was thrilled and we know that Luke will be as well. Abby had announcements again at school and was thrilled to donate her time to buying presents for a needy family that she and her class had “adopted.” Ann & I are so proud of her for getting involved in philanthropy. Matt & I were glad to see that the #13 Boilermakers easily beat IPFW – in fact we turned the game off when they opened up a 20 point lead midway through the first half.
On Wednesday, I was saddened to hear that another 60’s icon had passed away. Don “Captain Beefheart” Van Vliet died of complications from M.S. at the age of 69. I have included a few videos of this wild man. His avant-garde psych rock with his Magic Band is rivaled only by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention. Abby had one more day of doing announcements and we had her take the camera in to get some video for us. Afterwards, we had her take the camera down to Luke’s classroom. Luke went to school dressed in his pajamas as his class celebrated the holiday season with a Polar Express Day. He had a blast and the teacher took several good pictures. Mrs. Wagner is very nice and does lots of fun stuff with the kids. I received a cool hot sauce from Dennis & Lenny at work, called Whoop Ass Hot Sauce. I also received several bags of hot fries & pork rinds from my guys at work. Ann sent me to work with several packages as well (thanks babe!). Matt wrapped up his first finals week and had a chance of bringing up his grades substantially with good marks on his tests – we won’t know the outcome until next year. Luke came home and was a little discouraged with his day at school. When Ann asked him why – he quipped, “They had a fake Santa at school…he doesn’t have the right boots or any jingle bells!”

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On Thursday, we enjoyed our first day of vacation by getting up at 5 am in preparation of Matt’s wrestling tourney in Fishers (north side of Indy). Although Matt made weight, he ended up bumping up one weight class to 215 to get more matches due to the log jam at 189. He was by far the smallest man in that weight class. Before the first match even began, I received a phone call from work. Unfortunately, it would be the first of about 25 that day. At 8:00 a.m., we again had the air compressor (a temporary one this time) on our sprinkler system fail, allowing water to fill our dry system. As it did the last time, it was again too much for piping to handle – this time however it wasn’t just a small fissure…this time the entire elbow was blown off. Now this is a 3” pipe of flowing water. Even though it was discovered and turned off within a few minutes – that’s all the time that was needed to flood the entire front of our building. Not only was I away on vacation, but so was my boss and my maintenance coordinator as well as half of the senior management team. Thankfully, my maintenance tech was in-house that day, as he was able to handle it for me and allowed me to stay at Matt’s wrestling tourney. JT was a godsend for not only me but for the facility. Gary also came in from his vacation to help out. I received reports that the entire staff helped out with the cleanup. We lost a couple offices and had to call the insurance company to help get us dried up before we get any mold issues.
Meanwhile, back at Fishers High School, Matt first match had him pitted against a giant of a man – complete with Mohawk and several tattoos (good God, how old was this guy?). Matt barely came up to his shoulders (a scenario played out several times throughout the day). Matt was tossed about by the giant and was turned to his back when he found the intestinal fortitude to reverse the young man and put him on his back where he was able to stick him – much to everyone’s surprise…including the opponent who was so upset that he shoved Matt off of him and cussed at the referee. He was promptly ejected from the competition. Several competitors congratulated Matt on the upset of one of the favorites for the day. He had a bye in the 2nd round, after which they took a lunch break – which allowed him an extra long time to think about his next match. He came out a little flat against a superior opponent. This guy was not only huge but also very quick. Once he finally figured out he wasn’t going to pin Matt, he decided to out-point him by taking him down and letting him up (“cheating” according to Ann!). Matt did eventually lose that match but had a couple of close moments where he almost had him turned… In the third match (fourth round), Matt faced the tallest guy he has ever faced. This guy was easily 6’4.” This was a very evenly paired match that went back and forth but the referee and score keeper got the score wrong. Although we eventually got it corrected, for some reason they came back and changed it incorrectly again. Matt again nearly had this guy turned and pinned but ran out of time twice. In the end, he lost by two points but it should’ve been tied. You watch the video below and keep score yourself if you think I’m just being biased. But whatever, Matt is looking more for good competition right now rather than easy wins and he got them at this tourney.
By the time his match ended, the fifth round had already began and due to not enough kids in the lower weights, had about 10 minutes before he was back at the mat, prepping for yet another match. He was so spent from the previous match that he had nothing left in the gas tank for the final match. He gave it a go but this kid was just too much for him. He used up everything he had at the end of the first period, staving off a pin attempt. But when this big ol’ kid got him turned again, he simply didn’t have anything to fight with any longer and succumbed to pin, ending his day. He did have a shot at a fifth match against his teammate, but they decided to call it a day due to both kids being so tired. Matt ended up going 1-3 on the day and finished in 6th place out of 12 in the larger weight class…not too shabby for a little 14-year old kid against bigger, stronger, older young men. Ann and I were very proud of his efforts on the day. Even though his record didn’t show it, he actually looked better than he had all year, considering the caliber of talent he was facing. He needed a day like this and will be better because of it.
While waiting for him to return to town, I went out and attempted to get Sandy’s sports car freed from the icy parking lot at the radio station. However, it turned out that she had buried it below the snow and ice, down in to the gravel underneath it. Even adding kitty litter to it, I was unable to do it solo. While trying to push it / rock it with it in neutral, I was lifting up on the front of the car when I felt a sharp pain and three loud pops. At first, I thought I had accidentally broken her grill and had gotten cut by it or the flywheel or something. However, upon further examination, the car was unscathed, but my arm was throbbing. The best I could figure out, I had pulled (or worse?) a muscle / ligament, etc in the elbow area where the bicep and tricep attach. It hurt so bad that all I could do was laugh and think about how old I felt at that moment. I usually feel pretty invincible. I am not accident prone; I have good balance and have a high threshold for pain. I wasn’t even over-exerting myself…but man did it hurt pretty badly. About that time, Matt got home so I picked him up and we went to Mom & Gigi’s house to put together Luke’s go-kart. Matt was a huge help. The directions were pretty crappy but we were able to figure it out and eventually got it going. We charged it a little and took turns going around the house in it (yes, it is electric but is rated at 15 – 20 mph!). I also had just enough time to put on new antivirus / antispyware on Gigi’s computer. Her prescription to McAfee had run out, so I put on the new Microsoft Security Essentials software since it was free, quick and easy. Anyone have any feedback on this product? It went on easy and if it works out, I might use it on a couple machines around here to check it out.

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On Friday, we were up early again (hey; I thought this was supposed to be a vacation??!). This time, Matt and I met up with the wrestling team at the Trackside Café for breakfast before all heading over to the K of C’s to donate a few hours of our time to the Cheer Fund, which delivers food, toys and supplies to needy families at Christmas time. I was very proud of Matt and all the wrestlers who I spent my morning with. It felt good to give back to the community – well spiritually it felt good…physically, my arm was screaming and a huge bruise developed along my tricep…which is weird since it wasn’t hit on anything…that kind of freaked us out a little. By the time Matt & I returned from running kids home, Ann & Bu were busy in the kitchen cooking all of our seasonal favorites like: Chex Mix, fudge, gingerbread man cookies, crinkle (or as Bu called them, “wrinkle”) cookies, chocolate chip pan cookie and others. We ended up surprising Mom & Gigi by showing up at the Nazarene church – despite some of the past issues they created with Deanna – who was also there, along with Jamie & Grace. Ann and I were again very proud of the children – Matt & Abby were very well behaved (Bu even put her head on Bubby’s shoulder for about 15 minutes!) and Luke…well Luke didn’t burn down the church during the candle light ceremony! 😉 We all posed for a family portrait afterwards, so I hope to get a copy of it at some point in the next week or so…

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We left there and gathered at Mom & Gigi’s house, as has become tradition for a couple decades now. They had supper ready for us: ham, chili, cheese meatballs (Gigi, those were awesome!) that didn’t last 10 minutes, along with several other things – including a chocolate fountain! Luke discovered that he liked chocolate-covered ham! We finished up dinner and got on to the good stuff…presents! Gigi opened the ceremonies with another great presentation that you can hear somewhat “see” on the video below, but that I will have more info to read next week. It as very sweet and the best one she’s done yet. Thanks Gigi, that was the highlight of the evening man… Again, the look on Luke’s face when I brought that go-kart downstairs was absolutely priceless. Ann got a great picture of his reaction, although Matt dropped the ball getting it on video. We came out with a car load of goodies. Although I loved the Holiday Hot Rod Hot Wheels, my favorite gift was a new external hard drive (1Tb!!) for our family picture back ups. I also have a couple new gadgets to play with – a new digital picture frame and one of those new charging pads that I’ll tinker with next week. Matt got a Kindle device (an electronic book that can hold a bunch of books that can be downloaded directly from Amazon). Abby got a bunch of clothes and bedding. Ann got some cooking stuff. Luke was getting in to trouble riding his go-kart in the house, so I took him across the street to a small parking lot to ride his new toy. I couldn’t help but fondly remember a similar situation 11 years ago to the day when Matt received his Power Wheels Hot Wheels Lamborghini car and Uncle Chad & I took him over to the same parking lot and let him ride it in the dead of winter. Luke let me ride it as well. It is really cool!

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We finally forced ourselves to leave around 10 or so and headed back home to perform our traditional Christmas Eve routine. We began with the distribution of new PJ’s then headed outside for the spreading of reindeer dust in the front yard followed by the annual pajama porch picture of the kiddos. Next we moved inside and got Santa’s snacks ready: Matt did his cookies and milk while Abby did her version, which was cubed cheese and a bottle of Coke (she came up with that when she was two, I believe). We ended the night with me reading of the Clement Clarke Moore poem Twas the Night before Christmas to the kids. We then put the kiddos to bed and began wrapping presents and waiting for Santa to come…and as we headed to bed early in the morning, it began to snow and dropped about an inch on that magical night.

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Can you guess how late we got to sleep in on Saturday? We may have finally gotten about 4 hours of sleep – a first in several years. We missed not getting our annual picture of Mom & Dad sleeping at midnight. Actually, we first heard Abby around 2 am. Matt was up around 4:30 and Luke first got up around 5. We made all the kids stay in their rooms, but the peeks had already began, as did the excited whispers of hopes confirmed and anticipation of the coming moments. We finally allowed them to get up around 6 and called Mom & Dad on Skype so they could join us for Christmas Day morning. It was a typical Christmas for us with toys, clothes and wrapping paper everywhere! The kids all made out like bandits. Luke & Bu got new bikes from Santa. They both also received lots of new clothes. Luke got a bunch of new toys. Matt got new clothes, some really cool headphones and several Xbox games.

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Even though we were up so early, noon came up on us very quickly, when we headed over to Mom & Sandy’s for lunch. Ann brought her green bean casserole & rolls again this year. Mom had turkey, ham, noodles, mashed potatoes and a bunch of other stuff, including pumpkin pie, cookies, etc. In attendance this year were the five of us, Mom & Sandy, Deanna, Jamie and Grace and Joe. After lunch, we watched the Disney World Christmas Day parade and then played the Luke-inspired series of Bingo games. I think all the kids won a game and of course Sandy had all the prizes ready. Ann ended up winning the final game and taking home the grand prize. We came home for naps with plans of returning for a euchre tourney and watching the Cowboys game (which they ended up losing) on the NFL Network (we don’t get it any longer). However, we all slept pretty late and never did hear from Dee & Jamie (Grace left during Bingo to go stay with Chad…it was the first time I’d seen him in about a year or so, I think). So, I ended up taking Luke & Bu out to the high school to take turns driving the go-kart. It was pretty cold, but we had still had fun! We came back and ended up having cold turkey sandwiches, watched the Charlie Brown Christmas special and played Wii…and ended up falling asleep on the couches together. On Sunday, we finally slept in to about 10! We played with our gifts and did a little cleanup around the house, but mostly enjoyed being couch potatoes. Luke decided to experiment with his ham again, this time warming it and adding syrup…Matt – always the clever one – dubbed them “hamcakes.” It stuck… 😛 We enjoyed watching the Colts win another close one on Sunday afternoon and played more Wii before getting to bed early. My arm felt better, but is really bruised up with lots of cool colors of purple hues and even some gross yellow. I don’t know…I might have to get it looked at this week – maybe we can have dual surgeries on Wednesday! Yes, we are also prepping for Ann’s foot surgery, which will put her down for awhile…but we’ll talk more about that next week. As we headed to bed late on Sunday night, it began to snow again. We are expected to get two more inches….

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Well that was our week in a nutshell. We had so many pictures, as you might imagine! There are several other miscellaneous ones that I’ll need to scan in for next week. On top of the tons of pictures, there was an equal amount of video. Although I weeded out a bunch of them we still had a large amount left over to share this week, so here are 10 new family videos (a new record for us here at the Scheu Family Blog) as well as a slew of assorted other videos (including some cool ones from Captain Beefheart). If you are reading this feed on Facebook, you will not see the videos nor will this page display properly. To see the blog in its original form, please go to and click on the Blog link:

Now let’s get to our Waybac feature. We have a bunch to get to, so let’s jump right in! Leading off, we have a cute picture of Mom B nearly a year old; Mom’s Christmas tree in ’61; three pictures of Christmas on Elmwood St in’64, including her new record player; Mom & Dad S before the prom in ’67 (I think); two from Christmas in 1975 at Grandma Mary Bryan’s with a new rocking chair and then one of Dad B with Nathan at his first Christmas; then Nathan at his 2nd birthday party with Uncle Dan and a note saying to note the good looking guy in the back (she must be talking about me…actually I’m surprised I even knew Nathan at this age…I didn’t think I met that side of the family until the following year…but whatever…pictures don’t lie!; my final Christmas in Lafayette, 1977; a Polaroid of me entering a Cub Scouts meeting (the front shows me walking up the steps and the next one is the back of the picture; then we have a slew of pictures of our new family during our first Christmas in Temple City in ’78; Sharon & Dan at Halloween in ’79; our second (and last) Christmas in Cali in ’79; and me under Mom’s “weed” in back of our home in Temple City on Christmas morning…turned out to be a Poinsettia bush (she caught such hell from their friends for nurturing that weed of hers…):

Waybac.1949.04.matmil Waybac.1961.12.coes Waybac.1964.12.cdoes1 Waybac.1964.12.cdoes2 Waybac.1964.12.coes3 Waybac.1967.06.madsp.esli Waybac.1975.12.mirc Waybac.1975.12.ranibhil Waybac.1977.10.nbdup Waybac.1977.12.cdoss1.tal Waybac.1978.01.tcs1 Waybac.1978.01.tcs2 Waybac.1978.12.fctic1 Waybac.1978.12.fctic2 Waybac.1978.12.fctic3 Waybac.1978.12.fctic4 Waybac.1978.12.puctitc1 Waybac.1978.12.puctitc2 Waybac.1978.12.puctitc3 Waybac.1978.12.puctitc4 Waybac.1978.12.puctitc5 Waybac.1978.12.puctitc6 Waybac.1978.12.puctitc7 Waybac.1979.10.npbikdassic Waybac.1979.12.cdic Waybac.1979.12.tonsditcumw

Next it’s on to the eighties! We start with a picture of Nathan, Katie, Rob & I in what was at that point Vird & Belinda’s house in Lafayette; a couple crops of Rob & I at our first Christmas on Rockwood St. (Looks like Robby is searching for an extra present!!); Rob and I at the Bryan Christmas in Kokomo in ’81; and then a couple pictures of Santa’s visit in ’81; all of us kids under the Christmas tree during the Bryan Christmas in LP in ’82; Rob in the kitchen in ’82; three pix of Santa’s visit in ’82; Rob & I in ’82…I first thought this was at Disney World, but I now think it might be at a hotel – either the Merrillville Star Hotel or the Holi-dome in LP; me opening birthday presents (Atari case – I still have it!)…dressed in my record-breaker Boston Jr. High shirt (we set the record for the 4×100 and just barely missed the one for the 4 x 400); then one of all the kids and one of Vird & Katie at the ’83 Bryan Christmas in Kokomo; a couple of pix on Christmas Day of Dad B & I in ’83; a bunch of the Bryan Christmas in Indy in 1984; Christmas Day dinner in ’84; a couple crops of me opening gifts on Christmas morning in ’84; our family picture at Christmas time in ’84; Grandmaw Brown opening presents in ’84; Bryan Christmas in ’85; Grandmaw & Grandpaw at our house on Christmas Day in ’85; Tammy’s graduation party (?) around ’86; Bryan Christmas in ’87 in Kokomo with Mom, Dad & Rob; a few crops of a rare picture of me back home from college for Christmas in ’87; Mom in the backyard with her snow friends; Mom with a Garth Brooks book in ’87; Rob & I at Christmas in ’88 and then a couple of Christmas Day in ’88 – I still remember that multi disc CD player!; Bryan Christmas in ’89 in LP; Grandpaw, Rob & I in ’89 and Rob with a snowman in the front yard, circa 1989: Waybac.1981.12.cdilp1 Waybac.1981.12.cdilp2 Waybac.1981.12.rat.bkik Waybac.1981.12.svilp1 Waybac.1981.12svilp2 Waybac.1982.12.nkrt.lpi1 Waybac.1982.12.nkrt.lpi2 Waybac.1982.12.rasbikorsilp Waybac.1982.12.svilp1 Waybac.1982.12.svilp2 Waybac.1982.12.svilp3 Waybac.1982.ratimhsh Waybac.1983.10.tbd.acilp Waybac.1983.12.bcik1 Waybac.1983.12.bcik2 Waybac.1983.12.cdrbilp Waybac.1983.12.cdtop Waybac.1984.12.bcii1 Waybac.1984.12.bcii2 Waybac.1984.12.bcii3 Waybac.1984.12.bcii4 Waybac.1984.12.bcii5 Waybac.1984.12.bcii6 Waybac.1984.12.cdl Waybac.1984.12.cdors.lpi1 Waybac.1984.12.cdors.lpi2 Waybac.1984.12.cfpilp Waybac.1984.12.gmbocdilp Waybac.1985.12.bcilptkrpn Waybac.1985.12.gmgpbilpwnm Waybac.1986.05.tgpir Waybac.1987.12.bcikmdr Waybac.1987.12.cilp1 Waybac.1987.12.cilp2 Waybac.1987.12.cilp3 Waybac.1987.12.mibywsp Waybac.1987.12.mwgbb Waybac.1988.12.cilp0 Waybac.1988.12.cilp1 Waybac.1988.12.cilpwmap Waybac.1989.12.bkilp.rsk Waybac.1989.12.gpmaracorsilp Waybac.1989.rwsm

Next we have a couple of Christmas Day in 1990 – which would be Grandpaw’s last one with us; Rob & I in my fraternity house on graduation day in Franklin; Nate & Kate at Bryan Christmas in ’92 in Indy; a couple of the Bryan Christmas in ’93 in LP; three from the Brown Christmas in ’94 in Rossville at Kenn7 & Marilou’s; a couple pictures of Christmas Day in Rossville in ’94 – the first Christmas in the Dream House; Dad’s new boat from earlier in ’94, up in LP; a couple pictures of Matt with Grandma & Grandpa in Columbus at Christmas; Matt at the Bryan Christmas in Rossville; Marilou at the Brown Christmas at Tammy & Brett’s house; three from the Bryan Christmas in Indy in ’97 (?); a couple pictures of Matt during his first Christmas in Greensburg in ’97; the Brown Christmas in what I think is the new house on the hill in Rossville in ’97 (?) out in the garage maybe; three from Christmas on Main St in Greensburg (featuring the previously mentioned Hot Wheels Lambo!); and Dad & Rob in Rossville in ‘98

Waybac.1990.12.cdl.tgdr.rslp Waybac.1990.12.gbcslc Waybac.1991.05.tgffc.ratipdth Waybac.1992.12.bcii Waybac.1993.12.bcilp1 Waybac.1993.bcilp2 Waybac.1994.12.bcir1 Waybac.1994.12.bcir2 Waybac.1994.12.bcir3 Waybac.1994.12.cdir1 Waybac.1994.12.cdir2 Waybac.1994.dnbilp Waybac.1996.12.cictmmd Waybac.1996.12.madbwmic Waybac.1997.12.27.bcir Waybac.1997.12.29.bcir Waybac.1997.12.bcii1 Waybac.1997.12.bcii2 Waybac.1997.12.bcii3 Waybac.1997.12.mbct.msgi Waybac.1997.12.mfcig1 Waybac.1997.bcir Waybac.1998.12.cig1 Waybac.1998.12.cig2 Waybac.1998.12.cig3 Waybac.1998.12.cirr2

We wrap it up with a handful of pictures from 2000: five pictures of us on Christmas Day in Greensburg and then four of our trip earlier in the year to Holiday World – ending appropriately with a classic picture of a young Matt & Abby with the big guy…

Waybac.2000.12.cdig1 Waybac.2000.12.cdig2 Waybac.2000.12.cdig3 Waybac.2000.12.cdig4 Waybac.2000.12.cdig5 Waybac.2000.hwt1 Waybac.2000.hwt2 Waybac.2000.hwt3 Waybac.2000.hwt4

Well that wraps up this edition of the Scheu Family Blog and the last one of the year. Our next post will be in 2011. We want to thank you for keeping up with us this week and all year and we’ll catch up with ya next time. Until then, have a good one. Merry Christmas from the Scheu family and here’s to a safe and prosperous New Year!!
Later, Scheu

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  • Anonymous

    Wow these pics are awesome., Now those are way bac when Memories. Good job Tom. Tons of family fun. Loe to all take care.Love Aunt Sharon.

  • Aunt Sharon

    Forgot to write my name.LOL

  • Mom

    Tom…you out did yourself….GREAT videos and wonderful waybac pictures of some very special memories. The Christmas ones were the best!!! What wonderful memories of Christmas’s past. I loved every one of them. I remember the scouting ones…you were so cute in your uniform. That was good for you at the time. Got a kick out of Rob and how many pictures when he was little that he had his finger in his nose. I laughed and laughed at some of them remembering the fun times we had at Mary Ann and Giggy’s. What a wonderful booklet she put together for all of you on Christmas Eve. Tell her that I think that was just wonderful of her. She is very talented that way. Both of them look good and tell Jamie that he reminds me of a dark haired Tobey Keith. Deanna looks happy and so does Grace. Here’s hoping that 2011 brings many, many special memories and much health and happiness. Hope you bought extra wheels for Luke’s car as I can see you will be replacing them in the future. (Maybe sooner than later). Again, thankyou for the great memories!! I loved it all!!!! We love you all!!! XXXOOOO’s

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