We gonna Dance and Sing in Celebration..We’re in the Promised Land

It was another big couple of weeks here at the Scheu abode. Hello and welcome to another special double edition of the Scheu Family Blog. The big talk of the past couple weeks has centered around three things: Hurricane Sandy, the election and the varsity football team. When Hurricane Sandy made landfall on the eastern seaboard it became a superstorm and devastated areas like New York City. At last count, the death toll had reached 50. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families affected by this disaster. Ann & I have the notion that the storm was named after Mom because of its intensity, much like the firecracker that was my mother! But seriously, we can empathize with the folks that have lost so much and hope they can get back to some sense of normalcy as quickly as possible. The big presidential election has been all over the television. There were debates and of course all the damn ads…Lord, don’t get me started on those damn negative ads. There are so many people undecided, including myself. In my humble opinion, neither candidate is a perfect fit for me personally so it will come down to what is more important for my family and my children’s future, which will guide my vote. And the city has gotten behind the men’s high school football team, which has made it to the Sectional final. A victory would give the school only its second Sectional title in school history!
Monday started off very cold, especially given our recent weather. That evening, Matt began gearing up for wrestling, which officially started. His attention is appropriately still on football. I am so proud of what he and his teammates have achieved – they’ve gone farther than any of my teams were able to accomplish. However, that being said; he still has 30 pounds to lose for wrestling to get back down to his 220. The hardest part of losing that weight, however; is that when he has his first weigh-in, he can legally only lose 1% of his body weight per week or risk losing his eligibility. This caused him to begin looking at his winter sports a little earlier than he would like and started working out after football practice. He works with the basketball team on conditioning. He has pushed this off a few weeks now. He should’ve started earlier but obviously feels the extra weight is an advantage for his current position. But if he doesn’t start now, there is absolutely no way he will make it. It will be extremely difficult as it is now anyhow. Luke started practice for the U-10 pee wee football all-star team. It was so cold that night. Luke was excited as he got to practice at fullback for a little while and took most of the reps at center.
It was another cold one on Tuesday. Matt & Luke again had football practice. Abby had student council in the morning and then had volleyball awards banquet that evening. Afterwards, I went next door to the Armory where Luke and his all-star team were practicing. Thank goodness they were indoors as it was even colder and very, very blustery that evening. There has been a wind advisory the past two days – remnants of Hurricane Sandy. Luke was on a truck kick this week and drew several cool pickups for me to share on here.

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Wednesday was Halloween. I got home a little late and found the neighborhood full of strangers from around town. I would say we had a couple hundred trick-or-treaters out and about. Jamie, Dee & Grace came over to spend the evening with us again as they did last year. Abby took Grace and Emma (Phyllis & Dick’s granddaughter) around the neighborhood. Luke went out with Alex & Christi. Meanwhile Ann & Dee handed out candy while Jamie and I played catch with Luke’s football out in the front yard, as we did last year and Matt & I have done in years past. Later, Abby had dance practice where they picked out costumes for competition.

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Luke is also on a travel team basketball squad this winter. He was supposed to have his first practice on Thursday but it was cancelled due to Family Fun Night. He had weigh-ins for this weekend’s pee-wee football tourney where he is playing on the U-10 all-star team. He also picked up his jersey as well. In homage to his brother, Luke will wear Matt’s # 63 this weekend. Abby had dance class and Matt had football practice. Matt was pretty upset when he came home that evening. Seems he caught grief over doing extra workouts after football practice. I think he was embarrassed in front of his peer group and lost some respect for certain people in his life. He did a lot of soul searching that night and in fact it framed his thinking the rest of the weekend. He will have some decisions to make in the coming week(s). Gigi’s PC stopped working. I narrowed it down to her power supply. She wasn’t interested replacing the power supply on her HP.
Friday was emotional. We finally filled the stands at Shiver Field. Seeing as to how it wasn’t being filled the past few weeks, it was good to see the support the city was giving to the boys. It helped that we finally had a night that wasn’t wet! It was much better that night – it was still very cold, but no wind and no rain! The Drakes joined us again in the stands as Matt & his varsity football Pirates took on the Indian Creek Braves in the Sectional final. It meant a lot to Matt & I that Paul was there. This is a match up of last year’s sectional final that was held at Indian Creek and the Pirates lost. This time the Braves came out ready to play and scored on the game’s opening drive. Channel 8 (CBS Indy) had a helicopter circling the field early in the game which was pretty cool and captured the moment. The Pirates fought right back and scored on their first possession as well. The game was close the whole way and both teams played well. Greensburg seemed to be the team that was able to make the big play – both offensively & defensively and that was the difference in the game. The play of the night was a phantom penalty called in the closing minutes of the game. With the Braves driving for a tying TD, their QB was called for intentional grounding. The only problem was that he was outside the tackle box and the ball made it well past the line of scrimmage. Not sure why that was called, but that turned a 2nd and goal inside the 10 in to 3rd and goal from about the 25. And when they came up short and turned the ball over on downs, we ran out the clock and the kids stormed the field! It was a very neat scene to watch the boys win the big trophy. They celebrated with the student body as well as parents right there on the field. What a cool scene it was! We must’ve had 300 people on the field. We got several pictures and stayed on the field for close to an hour after the game, enjoying that special moment. We got some once in a lifetime pictures. After the game, we met Matt out at Wings & Rings to celebrate the big victory. Luke had to ride with the Drakes. We came back to our house for a night cap afterwards.

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Meanwhile, Abby was returning from Louisville’s KFC Yum! stadium where she and her friend Maddie went to see Justin Bieber (she got the ticket for her birthday, you might recall). She had a blast and took a few pictures of her favorite artist. Paul & I held down the fort with the boys while Dayla rode with Ann to pick up Bu over in Columbus. Greensburg is now ranked 9th in 3A division with a 10-2 record and the #4-ranked defense! Next up is the Bishop Chatard Trojans. Since they don’t have an actual place to play, we need to play at a neutral site. So we will be travelling up to Lawrence North to play our game.

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We were up early on Saturday. Ann & Abby were out the door first, heading to dance team practice. Next, Luke & I headed out to North Decatur for the inaugural Bucket Bowl tourney. This was obviously Luke’s first all-star football tournament. It was still dark when our first game started. There was frost on the field and in the stands. We faced Lawrenceburg’s travel team under a crisp morning. The game was close, tied 6-6 with 5 minutes to play in the game when we scored a 2nd TD and then the defense forced a fumble and picked it up/ran it in 60 yards to put the game away, 20-6. The game ended with Luke sacking the QB and the boys were fired up!! Luke got to wear Matt’s number (63), playing center on offense as well as tackle on defense. He also kicked off and played special teams. He had a great kick that went all the way down to the 35 and had a beautiful on-side kick that went 10 ½ yards that we recovered…but the referee made a bad call and said it didn’t go the required distance. During the game it sleeted, snowed & rained (boy that seems familiar!). We were off for about an hour and a half so Luke & I decided to stay warm inside Burger King and enjoyed a quiet breakfast together. We returned to more lovely conditions as it continued to rain and sleet as we faced the Dragons from New Palestine. They were a very, very good team that would go on to the finals. They were big, strong and intimidating to our little guys. They scored 21 unanswered points in the 1st quarter alone! Luke played center all game on offense and played tackle and even safety on two plays! We were overwhelmed and a little scared, I think… However, the boys picked themselves up and played for pride the final three periods, losing 7-0 during that span. However we could not score at all, much less move the ball and were shutout 28-0. Unfortunately, the seedings for Sunday’s tourney were not based on won/lost record, but rather on points given up. And with that 1st quarter, they knocked us out of contention. Sure enough, we were seeded 5th, just barely missing a shot at the championship tourney. We went back home and found that Abby was gone yet again. This time, she was spending the night with her good friend Megan up in Indy. We watched lots of TV and took naps the rest of the gloomy, rainy day.

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Luke had a consolation game on Sunday. We again faced the Lawrenceburg team. The boys played good but not good enough. They gave up two long pass plays for TDs and never got anything going offensively and we lost 12-0. It was another cold one and we were again bundled up. Luke ran the ball twice and gained 5 yards as the fullback. He was so excited that I wasn’t sure his head would fit in the van afterwards! He played center the rest of the game. He played the entire game on defense as well. He played tackle and nose guard, recording numerous tackles and one big sack! The Colts had a big win with a record-setting day from Luck along with an inspirational speech from Coach Pagano. We watched football & took more naps all afternoon and early evening; We watched the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football, where we saw Jason Witten pass Michael Irvin for all-time leading receiver in franchise history (750+) but lost another close game to drop their record to 3-5 on the year.

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It was a cold start to the week on Monday. It was the one and only day for me at work this week. Matt had football practice, Abby had dance team practice at school and Luke had his first basketball practice! He is coached by Phyllis & Dick’s son, Trevor. It should be a good little squad.
It was a frosty start to the day on Tuesday morning. We had to defrost our cars for 10 minutes! We both voted early and then I was off to Greenwood for CPI’s Advanced Physical Training. It was exhausting but it also renewed my interest in learning. That night, we took our traditional drink down to Gigi at the courthouse. She was thrilled as always and we hung out with her and her crew for a little while as results started to trickle in. We met up with Gma there as well who had just got back from trying to visit with “Grandpa” Joe, who had to have an emergency surgery. Matt had football practice and stopped by the courthouse on his way home, which Gigi really appreciated. She commented he had not missed one in 15 years! We were up late watching the returns from Election Day. Obama got a 2nd term with 303 electoral votes but only 50% of the popular vote. The House belongs to the GOP but the Senate will remain in control of the Democrats – so it’s status quo. Locally, Mike Pence (R) won the governor’s race. The SEMA show started today out in Las Vegas which features a huge Hot Wheels display and several very cool cars. I would love to one day make it to this show as well as the annual NY or Seattle Toy Show…

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I went back to Greenwood for training on Wednesday. Abby’s dance class was cancelled due to the teacher being sick that night but she had dance team practice at school earlier. Matt had a cold football practice and Luke managed to get grounded due to being on Ann’s last nerve. We have lots of new Facebook pictures to share, including Abby and her friends at school; our friend Chris with the state trophy for soccer; Katie & Jake; Megan; more Moorlock; Abby in her room; Kimmy’s kids; Conner & beau; Wayne & Shannon; Haley & family; Matt w/ trophy; my cousin’s kid Brody; my fraternity brother, Dave; an old picture of Matt on the football field; David Scheu’s picture of Peyton Manning at the Broncos/Panthers game; Pirate’s senior center Andy H on his way to the OR after breaking his leg during the Regionals game; Pat, Geno & others at Pat’s cabin in KY; Matt’s 1st play at center on Friday night; aftermath from the Indy gas explosion; Gordon’s crew fighting with Bowyer’s crew; and the new look of Disney’s Star Wars.

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As I headed back up to Greenwood on Thursday for another day of training, the visibility was near nil as a freezing frost advisory engulfed the whole area. It was a quiet night that saw us all get to bed early. I was wiped-out from the training that had us on the floor all day long. My knees are still sore from that day when we tested out on several floor holds. The Colts won that night, as did the Ball State Cardinals…unfortunately, I was asleep before kickoff!
Friday was a big day for us. I finished up my APT training early and grabbed lunch at a greasy spoon I haven’t visited in a couple years – Waffle House. 😉 We had a big send-off for the boys at the high school as the varsity football team headed up to Indy for the regional final vs. Bishop Chatard. I would say there were about 100 fans at the “rally.” Ann ran Luke over to Columbus for a doctor appointment. I picked up Bu from Grandma & Gigi’s house and met up with Ann at home as we headed up to join the boys. Since Chatard does not have a home field, we had to play at a neutral site, which ended up being at North Lawrence on the north-east side of Indy. It was a nice field with an artificial turf playing surface. #6 Chatard is a perennial powerhouse in the 3A division. Both teams came in with identical records, 10-2. I’m sorry Mom wasn’t here to see this; she would’ve been so proud of her grandson. Matt surprised us with a start on the defensive line in the most important game of the year! We are so proud of how hard he has worked and battled to get to this point. He would end up in on several tackles but did not record a solo tackle. They were very tough but the defense held on the opening drive. The Pirates drove right down the field and kicked a long field goal to get on the board first for their only lead of the game, 3-0. Although we knocked out their starting running back in the opening drive, their back-up was equally strong and ran over us all night long. They jumped out to a 28-3 halftime lead. We weren’t able to make any feasible adjustments and it was more of the same in the 2nd half. Early in the 4th quarter, our injuries started to mount. Two of our best offensive/defensive linemen got concussions, our star running back/safety was badly beaten and bruised and worst of all was the injury to our senior center. He suffered a terrible fracture to his leg in two places when he was rolled over by the pile on a running play. Both his fibula and tibia were broken and he was carted off the field and taken by ambulance to the hospital. The coach would call it the grossest thing he’d ever seen in a game. The kids and crowd were all very respectful and the boys on the starting offense went out and talked to him before they took him off the field. It was very cool. As is the case in football; next man up. This time, it was Matt who got the call to start warming up as he would now be the varsity center for the rest of the year as well as next year. We were so proud of his play during this game, especially considering he still has that torn labrum. It showed a couple times on defense, but he has learned to compensate for it in other ways. On offense, he was spectacular. His first snap was spot-on and it looked like he had been doing it all year. What was particularly impressive was on the 2nd play the asked him to snap the ball in the shotgun formation. Again, he hasn’t done this in a game in a long time. However, it was executed perfectly and he never missed a beat. His blocking is second to none (you may remember, he won an award – one of about 6 out of a few hundred boys – for his blocking during lineman camp up at Anderson this past summer) and tonight was no different. He easily handled their inside guy. The Pirates scored a late (garbage) touchdown at the end of regulation but missed the PAT to make it a 49-9 game and that is how it ended. Of course it also ended a great run by the Pirates that saw them equal the best record in school history at 10-3. The Pirates end the season ranked 10th in the state in the 3A division. We are very proud of what they have accomplished this year. What a ride! We met Matt back at the house where we had Little Caesar’s pizza waiting on him. He was obviously discouraged about the loss but pumped that he finally had a chance to show what he can do from both sides of the line. He said those boys were very aggressive and a little dirty as well. I was impressed by how hard they hit. They were very well coached. Their players are basically an all-star team. Bishop Chatard is a catholic school that is able to recruit boys from all around the region. They aren’t from just one area of the city and they have boys driven in to school by parents from neighboring counties as far away as Shelby. It is hard to compete with that and they don’t have much competition as they are heading for something like their 18th straight semi-state game. At halftime, they recognized their varsity volleyball team that won the state title recently. I have to hand it to the Pirates crowd; I know we had more fans there than they did! Channel 6, 8 & 13 all made appearances at the game with ABC & CBS landing their helicopters but they only engaged the “home” crowd. That was a little shitty, but whatever. Our fans were loud and encouraging the entire game. The officiating was very spotty as they missed several obvious penalties for holding and blocking in the back that were very advantageous for the Chatard offense. They scored three long runs on obvious missed calls that send the visiting fans in to a stew. I swear there were more people at this game than at last week’s sectional final at home. It was very cool to see the great turnout. Matt was on TV on all three channels in the highlights (or lowlights as they were) that evening.

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We were up early on Saturday. Abby had dance team practice at school and then spent the afternoon with Emma Helmich. Matt had his first wrestling practice that morning. He was very sore from the previous night’s battle. He would like to lose another 20 pounds and get back to last year’s weight class. He will likely wrestle heavyweight next weekend at their first tourney, though I am encouraging him to sit it out and make his season debut at 220 in three weeks. Obviously it is his decision to make with his coach. Luke had basketball practice out at the YMCA in the early afternoon. Shortly after the finished, we headed out to our friends’ house (The Messers) for pee wee football awards banquet. It was a pitch-in dinner that lasted until well after dark. The kids played in a long pick-up game in their backyard. We later had a fun after-party at the Messers’ main house. This earlier party was at their 2nd home on the other side of their property. The after-party was for the coaching staff but even the team moms joined us as well. We had a great time, laughing harder than we had in a long time. The women were in at the bar all night while the men were outside on a gorgeous night, enjoying some top end rum, even better cigars and great conversation. We wished Angie a Happy Birthday before we left and we thanked Brian for another great party. We have so much fun with those two over there… Also, we have a few pictures of Luke at his friend, Jeremy (“Germie”) birthday a few weeks back.

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We slept in on Sunday morning. It was Veteran’s Day. It was the first one since WWI that we didn’t have a living veteran from that war. Thank you from the entire Scheu family to all our soldiers – we appreciate everything you do/did for this country and our freedom. Matt returned from staying the night at Joel or Chaz’s house (I can’t remember where he actually ended up). We actually enjoyed a Sunday off this week!! These will be few and far between in the coming weeks – all the way through February. So we made the most of it by being total couch potatoes while still doing a few weekly chores around the house. I found several photos of the damage done by the Hurricane Sandy out east. There was another disaster that occurred last night up in Indy when a suspected gas line exploded and blew up a neighborhood. It was horrible watching the footage. Although we don’t have gas service at the house, the main feed to this end of town runs out behind our property line – scare stuff. The Cowboys won a big game over the Eagles to move in to 2nd place in the division, two games behind the Giants behind two scores for the defense!! Peyton Manning and his Broncos won again, beating the Panthers – a game that my cousin David attended. And NASCAR had some late-race drama. Clint Boyer ran into Jeff Gordon, which caused him to cut a tire and slam in to the outside wall. When he returned, Gordon got payback, wrecking Boyer. When the cars made it back to the infield, the teams started fighting and both men ended up at the NASCAR hauler. Then the race ended with a green/white/checker but should’ve had a second one when Danica Patrick wrecked in turn 4. She laid a lot of oil on the track but they left it green and when they came back around on the last lap, everyone slipped coming to the finish and there was a huge wreck. What a mess!! We wrapped up the weekend with the Bears playing at home in the rain with my old friend Matt Boardman in attendance. Earlier in the day, Luke helped Abby with her science fair project outside. It was a gorgeous day and we opened up the windows to air out the house, knowing that it is supposed to be in the 20s with possible snow tomorrow…great…and on a final note, Lucasfilm sold the rights of the Star Wars franchise to Disney for 4 billion dollars! Disney has wasted no time in announcing they will be releasing a new film, Episode VII, in a couple years.

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Next up is our video section, which features ten new family videos (is that a record for us?) as well as many from around the internet this week…

The Zone: Greensburg vs Chatard

13 WTHR Indianapolis

You can see several pictures of the destruction that Sandy has caused in the New York area by following this link:


We finally have an entry for the Shit Luke Says. At the end of the 1st game, Luke had a sack to end the game. When he got up from the tackle, his teammates said, “Way to go, Luke – you got a sack!!” He looked at them inquisitively and said, “What’s that?” When they said that he had tackled the quarterback, he responded loudly, “OOOHHHHH!!!” 😉

Next up is our Waybac section. As has been the case for most the past few months, we are still featuring photos from the Gil Hutton collection. Leading off this week are several photos of Aunt Judy from ‘63/’64 and then Cathy from March, April and September of ’64.

Waybac.1963-1964.jas10 Waybac.1963-1964.jas11 Waybac.1963-1964.jas12 Waybac.1964.03.25.c5mo2 Waybac.1964.03.25.c5mo3 Waybac.1964.03.25.c5mo4 Waybac.1964.04.c3mo11 Waybac.1964.04.c3mo12 Waybac.1964.04.c3mo13 Waybac.1964.04.c3mo14 Waybac.1964.09.03.c11mo23 Waybac.1964.09.03.c11mo24 Waybac.1964.09.03c11mo25

The second section features David from September and December of ’65; Cathy from ’65; Aunt June from December of ’68; Cathy and David from June of ’70 and then our good friend of Kevin Burdine’s senior picture in ‘85/’86.

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That wraps up another edition of the Scheu Family Blog. As always; thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time out. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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