If it’s Raining in your Heart…Come in to Mine

The kids enjoyed the first week of their Fall Break from school. I’m still not sure why they need a break so soon after starting school. I would rather see them have a longer summer vacation and then just wait until Thanksgiving before getting a break from school. Hello again and welcome to another edition of the Scheu Family Blog. This week we saw much cooler weather all week with lots and lots of rain. With all the moisture, it promises to be a very colorful autumn this year. We continued to see the farmers working in their fields. Matt had a couple midterm tests and then gave us a big surprise. Abby had her final dance for football this year and Luke got to spend a lot of time with his friends. It is a great time to be a sports fan: the NFL and college football are in mid-season form, MLB is in the second round of playoffs now, NASCAR is in its championship run, the NBA has started preseason games and even the NHL is on the ice again.
The week started off with a big, nasty storm blowing through the area, cancelling Luke’s football practice at the last minute. Ann worked late but got home in time to take Bu to jazz class at Dixon Studio. There was a huge rainbow on our way to work and then again later that evening when we got home. And there was a huge decision handed down by the Supreme Court that essentially lifted the ban on gay marriage here in Indiana. Although it doesn’t impact us directly, it is a huge step for the country. I think it puts the hypocrites in order since there is supposed to only be one judge of people, right??
Rain and storms again cancelled Luke’s football practice on Tuesday night. Abby had Pirateers practice and Luke walked with me later in the evening.
Wednesday was a gorgeous day and an even better evening. Abby & I were up early and out back to check out the lunar eclipse, known as the Blood Moon. Ann made dinner, Luke got his artist groove on and Bu & I went for a walk before practicing driving around the area. And it was finally time for the American Horror Story, season 4, premier…

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Luke finally got to practice football on Thursday night. We only had six kids show up that night. We scrimmaged against the 4th graders in what we called the Beast defense all night. We eventually allowed a couple of the 2nd string fourth graders to join us and the kids did great…and had a lot of fun in the process. The other kids really missed out that night. Abby had tap class that night. We had a chance to go out to Coach Evans’ house for the big Colts game that night, but Ann was tired and Luke didn’t want to go, so we cancelled. The Colts won a close one. Robert Plant was on Colbert that night and it should’ve been John Lennon’s 74th birthday. We have a ton of new social media pictures to share this week: The Messers at Kings Island; Cowboys; Abby and her friends; Barney’s grandkids; David’s daughter; Emily & Camille; the new Purdue helmet; downtown Lafayette; Sally in Italy; Nathan’s oldest; Chris’ oldest; Great Pumpkin; AHS is back; more Bu; Lynz & Jack; more Sally in Italy; Plant on Colbert; Lennon would’ve had a bday this week; an old poster I still have somewhere; Reds are out of the playoffs, obviously; a sneak peek at some new Hot Wheels coming before the end of the year; Jimmy has a new book and a couple of new Zeppelin releases this month; the Purdue basketball season promises to be better than recent years; some classic Calvin & Hobbes panels; Mindy; Uncle John & Aunt June with their family at yesterday’s Ball St game; Haley’s new ‘do; Aunt Sharon (Morgan)’s granddaughters; and others.

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Friday went very fast. Ann went scrapbooking. Luke went with Drew over to their friend Oakley’s house for a big birthday bash / sleepover. Matt surprised us by coming home for the weekend! He was a good boy and spent the first hour at Memaw & Gigi’s before coming to the house. Bryan & I had stats again that night for the varsity football team. They faced a very good East Central team and got demolished. You may remember the last couple EC games from here on the blog. Two years ago, it was in the 30s with sideways rain pelting, snow showers and a bone-chilling, howling wind. Last year we beat them for the first time in twenty years but lost Matt for the rest of his high school sports career when he blew out his knee making the last tackle of his life (so far). Abby and the Pirateers performed before the game and again at halftime. It was Senior Night and they danced to Kansas’ “Carry on Wayward Son.” Ann returned to late-night scrapping at Mrs. B’s with Shawna. It was very cold that night with a steady drizzle and a cold wind. Even Bryan & I were cold up in the booth. It was the final football performance for the girls but they’ll return during basketball season. Matt, Abby & I went out to El Chile Poblano for dinner before heading home and watching a couple shows and heading to bed before Ann returned home.

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We slept in on Saturday morning before I got up and ran a few errands around town. I came home and Ann went out to get Luke. Meanwhile, Abby & Molly helped me to do a few chores around the house and outside as we began prepping the house for winter. Matt & I got his car door temporarily fixed (he got hit at school and now the door pops when it opens). We still want to knock the dent back out of his fender when it gets warmer. Luke came back from Oakley’s and was very grumpy. It turns out he didn’t get to sleep until about six in the morning! Ann made spaghetti and so he ate and went to bed. He got up for about 30 minutes and Ann ran him out to Drew’s house to spend the night. Abby & I ran to Wal-Mart to get a few things and Abby drove home! She did great. Purdue was on TV facing #8 Michigan St. Purdue and Coach Hazell made it a dog fight but eventually lost. That led in to the Baylor / TCU game and it was a thriller – 61-58, Bears. I taped the NASCAR race so Ann could have some TV time and the kids and I stayed up late watching the new Godzilla and Edge of Tomorrow movies.
We slept in again on Sunday. Matt went back to school. We did our weekly household chores while watching football and racing all day.

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Next up is our Waybac section, which features two more new precious pictures of Mom. We lead off in October of 1979 with Grandpaw Brown and his mustache in his home in Lafayette and then out to Temple City in sunny southern California for the 1977 Olds Ninety-Eight, the front of our home after Dad landscaped (Mom would later say that she originally refused to go in the house when she first saw it!) and then Rob’s nursery as well; then it’s on to Christmastime in LaPorte with Mom, Dad, Rob, Peanuts & I in 1983; Rob at home on Easter morning in April ’84; more pictures of our April 1986 Spring Break vacation in Orlando with Rob at Wet & Wild and Rob & I at Disney World; then Grandpaw & Rob during our visit in June of ’86 on Elmwood Ave in Lafayette; Grandpaw at a 40 & 8 event called the Grand Promenade in Anderson in June of ’86; Grandmaw & Grandpaw all dressed up for a special occasion in July of ’86; Grandpaw’s birthday in July of ’86 up at our house in LP; Peanuts at Christmas in ’86; and Paul at his apartment and at the Burdine home in Franklin and then at Brown County State Park, all circa 1991.

Waybac.1979.10.21.gm4 Waybac.1979.10.dnc6 Waybac.1979.10.tch1 Waybac.1979.10.tch2 Waybac.1979.10.tch3 Waybac.1979.10.tch4 Waybac.1983.12.26.cilp12 Waybac.1983.12.26.cilp13 Waybac.1983.12.26.cilp14 Waybac.1983.12.26.cilp15 Waybac.1984.04.22.eilp5 Waybac.1986.04.dsb47 Waybac.1986.04.dsb48 Waybac.1986.04.dsb49 Waybac.1986.04.dsb50 Waybac.1986.04.dsb51 Waybac.1986.04.dsb52 Waybac.1986.04.dsb53 Waybac.1986.04.dsb54 Waybac.1986.04.dsb55 Waybac.1986.06.05.vtk2 Waybac.1986.06.05.vtl1 Waybac.1986.06.gbgpai1 Waybac.1986.07.05.gmgpb2 Waybac.1986.07.18.rlbb1 Waybac.1986.07.18.rlbb2 Waybac.1986.12.26.cilp14 Waybac.1991.patfc31 Waybac.1991.patfc32 Waybac.1991.patfc33 Waybac.1991.patfc34

For the Shit that Luke Says section, I again forgot to write down the two or three gems he spouted off this week. 🙁

Our final section is our video segment with one new family video and a bunch from around the internet this week.

And I had great Colbert Report videos with Robert Plant but they wanted to auto-start whenever the page loaded and so instead of that chaos, I have provided links to the videos (all great)…enjoy.


…And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

And just for laughs, click HERE to see what happens when your Mom finds your phone unlocked and is out for payback for taking 50 selfies on her phone earlier in the day… :0)

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